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When you send an e-mail, you have to wait for the person to receive it, read it and respond. With Yahoo Mail for Mobile, you can send and receive e-mail, as well as access your e-mail messages, attachments and contact list. RSS technology lets you subscribe to content from Web sites -- such as news, weather, sports or stock reports -- through RSS feeds. There's plenty more to Yahoo Mail -- and Yahoo continues to add features as new technology evolves.
You can choose how you want to communicate a message -- by e-mail, chat or text message -- or have mobile access to messages, your contact list and other folders.
For more than we've provided here, the Yahoo Mail Help section offers tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions and other advice to make Yahoo Mail easier to use. You can use RSS feeds to receive content from Web sites with constantly changing information.

If you see a friend is online, for example, you can convert an e-mail message to chat and get an immediate answer.
A message window will open where you can type the person's name or mobile number and a message of up to 158 characters. For lots more information about Yahoo Mail and related topics, follow the links on the next page.
In order to share minutes both phones must be usinga  prepaid SIM card such as Smart Buddy. Your contact will need to have a Yahoo ID or Windows Live Messenger ID and be signed into Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger or a compatible instant-messaging program.
Load expiration varies.Smart Pas-a-load InstructionsThis is how to pasaload from one Smart cell phone to another.
An orange icon next to the feed indicates that you have new, unread information in the feed.

The amount shared is up to the user sending the load but the expiration varies by amount sent.
To get the latest load expirations text [HELP] to 2916.How to Share-a-load or Pasaload with GlobeText-in the load amount you would like to share. Use it to protect your phone against unauthorized loading.Starting with your next load, text in amount and 4-digit PIN.
Does the load expiration date change based on the amount of globe load I purchase?ReplyRolando says: March 18, 2010 at 4:28 amcan i share a load from my glove line (postpaid) to smart phone (prepaid)?

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