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To send a free SMS messages online please fill in the form below with the mobile number and message and click send - EASY!
There are hundreds of online services out there that’ll get the job done, but none of them are as quite as simple and reliable as the seven methods outlined below. If you simply want to send an SMS to any mobile phone, there’s no need to use third-party services. To ensure that this process works, you should limit your messages to less than 160 characters. The most effective way to reach customers across the world is SMS Text Messaging and a standard mode to send messages that comprise multimedia content to and from mobile phones is MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).
A customer engagement & mobile marketing solutions company, TextServ has provided this service. Registered users can start sending free message of 700 characters and up to 5 people at a time globally through Text4FreeOnline. For assurance that Text Reminders get delivered, sending vital messages & Text Blasts and for inviting friends when you are not familiar with their carrier network, use premium messages. These days carriers charge more than required to send a simple text message and that’s why you should consider sending a text message online.
If you go over this 160 character limit, the message will be sent as an MMS rather than a SMS, which sometimes requires a different gateway address. One of the core goals of Text4FreeOnline is to make their Free SMS & Group SMS service readily accessible to as many users as possible. These wonderful looking Apps let individuals and small businesses to leverage all the authority of the Group Messaging and Bulk SMS features of the online version through their handsets with complete support for real-time Text Chat, Text Blasts and Text Reminders. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.
Our service is completely free of spam and no marketing information will ever be sent to any number entered. Instead of using a service you don’t know or trust, you can deliver a short email in the form of a text message by using an email to SMS gateway. Annoyingly, there are different addresses for regular messages (SMS) and those that include photos and other media (MMS).
To find SMS gateways for carriers not listed here, and carriers in other countries, check this list on Github. Furthermore, although this method is entirely free for you the sender, standard messaging rates may still apply to the person receiving these messages. Text with your family, friends, co-workers and customers right from your computer as well as view their responses as they text you back.

Many other options are available on the site including Text wall, Text reminder, Text blast, etc. Anyways along with Gmail here are some other sites you should definitely try to send SMS over the internet for free.1.
Whatever the case may be, we’ve put together this super simple guide on how to send free text messages online.
So long as you know the person’s phone number and the name of their service provider, you can easily find the appropriate gateway address that will forward your message. No third-party service will have access to your telephone number, or the person you’re messaging, and replies will go directly to your email inbox. Also send and receive pictures but you have to usually send a picture prior to receiving one, though this differs by network.
One can even block their number by filling up form given on the site if they want to stop receiving text via Text4FreeOnline. If you wish to send unlimited messages then go for any plan you like the most: Our family plan, Basic plan or Our pro plan. GmailIf you think Gmail is just meant for sending and receiving emails over the internet, then you are probably living in the stone age. This process also makes it easy to send the same text to multiple people, since you can add as many addresses as you like to the recipients box.
Most of these online free SMS providers support most of the countries such as India, US, Australia, China, Taiwan, UK and more.Using online free SMS text messaging services will be a pleasure since enjoying the free charges to send free international SMS. Their free international SMS service allows you send unlimited text messages to your friends and family members whenever you like. All you gotta do is to enable SMS (text messaging) app from Google Labs -> Enter the number you wish to send text to in the Google Chat box and hit the Enter key! I’ve compiled a list of free SMS services via internet, the following services allows you to send sms messages from your computer to most countries such as India, Australia, China, Taiwan, UK and more. However, not all carriers in 56 countries are supported and you should check the supported country SMS carrier first before you sending free SMS text messaging to any recipient. For every message you send you lose one credit and for every reply you receive you earn five credits. No registration required.Beside that, you can receive SMS replies using TxtDrop service if you install their TxtDrop Windows Vista or Mac OS X gadget by specify your email address and receive replies.
You can alternatively use your last credit to send a text to yourself and then reply it using your phone to earn 5 more credits.2.
However I’m not a big fan of theirs since they support only US carriers which means you can send text only to phone numbers registered in the United States.

You do have to agree to their terms and conditions and enter a security code to verify that you are a human. Ahsanit a very good site for sms vinui need it i hope it is very helpful yo me smssevasend free sms to any mobile in india.
It allows you to send any number of messages to any number in the world for free of course. I did see a slow delivery speed, but that’s fine as long as they are sending it without charging me!
TXT2Day It does allow you to send text messages from your PC worldwide, but it does not support all the carriers.
However TXT2Day is good if yo wish to send SMS to USA or Canada because it supports all the carriers there. The only thing different is that TextSendr has a Chrome app using which you can send SMS directly from your browser without going to their website every time.
OFSMSLike many of the above services OFSMS allows you to send free text messages to anyone anywhere in the world. However they recommend mentioning your name somewhere in the SMS so that the receiver comes to know that you have sent it.
If your messages are longer than the prescribed limit, simply divide them into multiple messages.8. PUMPSMSThough a nice site, I really had a tough time finding the page from where I could actually send SMSs. The site allows you to send free SMS to over 200 countries with a character limit of 100 characters. They even allow you to send multimedia messages (MMS), voice SMS, makes free voice calls and more!9.
Unlike other services we covered above, they ask you to enter your phone number (if you want to). In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Android: Stock ROM vs Custom ROM 4 Ways to Delete All Tweets at Once for Free WhatsApp Ticks – What Do They Mean?

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