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A Cheque book request letter is written by a bank customer who requires a new set of cheques from the bank. When you download the app and you register an account it can then tell by looking at your phone’s contact list which of your friends are on snapchat.
In this parents guide to Snapchat we will explain why kids like using it, what dangers you need to be aware of and how to advise and protect your child. They share photos of themselves pulling  funny faces, random  things that  they see, funny photos of their pets. The fact that the photo disappears so quickly means they can share something stupid or something that makes them look stupid without them having to worry that they are going to be made fun of. Parents can see images that the teen has been tagged on in Facebook and Instagram but Snapchat images that are sent directly to someone (not shared to all contact via the “Story”) are not visible to parents. Even though Snapchat has been associated with “sexting” in the news, the vast majority of kids are not using Snapchat for that purpose.  If your child is using Snapchat it is wrong to assume that they are “sexting”. Many parents think that sexting involves 2 people sending either risque or explicit text messages to each other.
These photos are then typically sent to the persons boyfriend or girlfriend and usually sent either by text message or via a messaging service such as Whats App, Kik messenger or Snapchat. Social media is increasingly being used  by bullies to torment victims and the main social networks that are used, because of their sheer size, as Facebook and Twitter.

Because the message and therefore the evidence, disappears within 10 seconds it is a perfect medium for bullies. Bullies often send images of ugly animals with text comparing the victim to the animal or if they can take embarrassing photos of the victim they then send them to a large group on Snapchat – again, knowing that the image will disappear. Many kids deliberately post photos to their “Story” of themselves doing activities or at a party  with their friends, in part to show who is there and who was not included. In addition,  members have access to all of our Digital Parenting Manuals covering Snapchat, Instagram,, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Technology Addiction, Cyberbullying, Sexting, Online Grooming and blocking access to adult content.
If you are involved in a parents group or association we can deliver a “hands on” workshop for up to 15 parents. Evan is a digital marketing lecturer and trainer and also delivers digital parenting workshops throughout Ireland for schools and parent groups. Buy, Sell New & Used Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, Gaming Devices and other Electronic Gadgets.
You can then request to connect with your friends and  you can send invites to anyone else in your address book to connect with you on snapchat. You can then send the snap to a friend or group of friends and it will self destruct within a set period of time (Between 1 – 10 seconds). The other option is to post the photo to “Your story” where all your snapchat friends will be able to see the photo for 24 hours before it self destructs.
It basically allows them to take the photo, add the drawings and doodles but they cannot then send it to anyone.

All messages and images shared in the app disappear and cannot be viewed by a parent who picks up the phone. However, sexting does happen amongst teens and it is something that you should be aware of as a parent. Lots of these images existing on the internet where teenagers take the shot facing the bathroom mirror and these are referred to as either nude selfies, mirror selfies or underwear shots.
Studies done in Ireland, the UK and the US indicate that a significant percentage (60%) of teenagers are being asked to take images of themselves with many going on to take images or videos of themselves (40%) and  then between 20% – 25% actually sending the images on.
For the victim is adds to the torment because they cannot show their parents the message and how they are being bullied. This is a step by step workshop which explains how to use Snapchat and also Twitter and Instagram,  so you can better understand how to advise your child. Also, if you have parental monitoring software on the phone it cannot monitor what is shared on Snapchat.

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