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Last week, Glenn told radio listeners about a disturbing story out of Plano, TX, where a high school student with special needs was being tortured by her peers through vile text messages.
Coming back from break, Glenn explained that the school had issued an official statement claiming they took “all appropriate actions.” Keri disagreed, explaining that the school did not inform her of any of the text messages when Shea had brought them to the Vice Principle. We must reached out to my generation and below or this country is lost to a weimar republic where people can care less where we lost our very souls to our own egos.
Wow I didn’t think McNobody could out dumb ass himself, talk about sheltered and ignorant.
There are children that do not want to cause a problem with others, and had rather keep some things to themselves. There is no doubt at all this is a rampantly-growing global movement of targeting anyone and everyone who isn’t in the Shadow Government Mafia Cult Kinderocracy and absolutely extends into the classrooms of even the smallest children. I have a sister, and a former fiance of six years, who both had grand mal seizure disorders, and the abuse the fiance endured is unbelievable. He was ABUSED in that jail, had a second seizure, was taken to the hospital, then I showed up.
If I hadn’t shown up and argued for him, he actually would have been charged, and been forced to go through their hideous injustice system.
Now it’s time to stand up for our able-challenged, our vulnerable, and our elderly, because these are who are being targeted by The New World Order. Like another commenter said it DOES sound like it’s her sister who is sending the messages. Bullying, in great measure, is projection of the bully’s inner deficiencies onto others. It’s actually the emotionally deficient people who send these texts who have special needs.

Bullying will never end but it is always nullified when teachers, pastors, priests, Rabbis and parents teach their own children, who are not at risk to seek out, support and make friends with children who are at risk. A good men (1992) - quotes - imdb, A few good men (1992) quotes on imdb: memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more.
Find megabus promotion code - 1$ tickets, Working megabus promotion code 2016, cheap 1$ tickets, amazing bus service outstanding experience. Plusvouchercode - discount code coupons, Where find groupon promo code groupon destination buy anytime , . Empowered by the accomplishment of the steadily common Yeti, Skoda set by itself an endeavor of stretching its SUV vary, with a 7-seater as the respectable future venture in the organization’s improvement. Glenn wanted to visit the school and teach them the consequences of such behavior, and he wanted to share the Shea Shawhan’s story with the country. It just kind of hit me hard, like why would some person want to send another person these types of texts? Poor person, that feels so inadequate that they must feel better about themselves by putting someone else down.
Usually there is no church attendance, no father and the mother has a boyfriend in the home – a recipe for great damage for any child. On Thursday night, Shea and her mom joined Glenn to discuss their struggles and to share a message of hope.
And then I realized that maybe they are trying to get the reaction from me, and trying to make themselves feel better for them, because maybe they did not have that type of warmth from their parents, where they may need that.
I also know, though, that there are those surrounding you who are trying all they can to help you. But even worse, they attempt to achieve that by trying to gain dominance or POWER over someone else.

It seems we always have to find someone or something to blame besides the person that actually did the hurtful thing. Believe me, I am not defending public schools, my own kids are home schooled, but when do we, as parents, take responsibility for protecting our kids? Do keep in mind that all IP addresses are recorded and the FBI will not hesitate to take the necessary action for any fraud.
There’s going to be lots of hills to run up, but at the end of the day it’s all going to be worth it. Not only that other black kids picked on other black kids, Mexican kids picked on other Mexican kids and vice versa etc.
God himself gave gave this to you because you are strong enough to handle it, and you’ll overcome this, too.
None of this is to okay what was done to this young lady, but instead, there should be more responsibility of the parent to protect their child, especially if she is special needs, than to insist it is the schools fault. I am seeing way too many stories of parents blaming something other than themselves for their child going through something they had no clue about. My kids will have full privacy once they are 18, until then, I keep track of what is going on, and do not rely on institutions that can’t even accomplish what they are funded for, much less raising my child for me.

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