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DEAR CUSTOMER, You Have One Unread Message On Your OnlineBanking Account VIEW YOUR MESSAGE REGARDS,(C) 2003 - 2009 HALIFAX BANK PLC.
If you have received the email below, please remember that it is very common for these email scams to be redistributed at a later date with only slightly different content, such as a different subject or return address, or with the fake webpage(s) hosted on a different webserver.
We aim to report every variant of the scams we receive, so even if it appears that a scam you receive has already been reported, please submit it to us anyway. After finishing the Smackdown mission for Derrick McReary, a friend of Brucie's, Stevie will send us a text message with a job offer. If you want to help us with proofreading of our translations (articles, updates and other texts), we will be glad to invite you into our team.

If you are an English native speaker with free time and you are willing to help us, please send us an e-mail.
A short birthday message is ideal for texting; an e-card is also a fun and interactive way to send your birthday wishes to a friend.
I found a few sites that actually give you a ton of ideas through the website  An SMS is just a fancy word for a text message but the acronym actually means – Short Message Service aka text message! As long as you have a connection of some kind; blue-tooth or otherwise – then you can accomplish almost anything you want! You will be taken to a spoof website where your details will be captured for the phishers.Halifax Bank Plc never send their users emails requesting personal details in this way.

You can steal cars for him and take them to his garage in the south part of Bohan, close to Mallory’s house.
Many databases exist online that allow you to look up the birthdays of just about anyone in the country. Recently I was looking for some sites online that allow you to find birthday SMS messages because my friends bday is coming up and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday in a unique way!

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