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For me, the most important reason that you need to make your goal clear is because your goal will determine the strategies that you are going to use to achieve them. Let’s say that you are running a shop selling fruits by the roadside and you are making $10,000 per month. What you can do is to work harder, raise the prices of your fruits, make the operation hour longer, create loyalty programs and allow others to sell for you, create an online selling system and so on. For instance, you must study the market, create a solid business proposal, raise capital through investments, widen your market by creating more fruits-related products such as organic fruit, invest in research and development to build a strong brand, come up with ideas that can expand your business both nationally and internationally instead of just running your business in shop, create dried fruits product that can sell around the globe, set up franchise system and grow your business to the next level and so on. And you have to understand this, it does not matter what goal you set, all goals are achievable, it is just a matter of strategies.
Remember, always make sure your goals are measurable so that you can know the process and know how far you are from your goals. Listen in as Kevin Trudeau shares his insights one why lazy people never get rich and what you can do to be very successful.

FREE REPORTLearn The Timeless Principles of Habitual Success Super Successful People Live By. Do you know that one of the most common reasons people fail to get what they want in their lives is that they do not really know what they want? When you ask someone what they want in their lives, most of them will tell you that they want to be happier, to have a better job, to have more money, to have less worries and so on. The strategies that you are going to use to achieve the goal of making $10,000 per month and making $100,000 per month are totally different.
Thus, if you set low goals, your mind will come up with mediocre strategies to achieve those goals.
When you know your numbers, you can come up with better and more efficient strategies to achieve them.
Do not just talk and dream about it, do something everyday and make sure you are making progress toward it.

Just type in your first name and email address and you will be added to the list so you can receive our valuable newsletter. However, if you apply other strategies to grow your business, the target that you set is possible to achieve. On the other hand, if you set high goals, your mind will come up with strategies to achieve those high goals. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable and with a deadline when you will achieve them. And imagine what if you did not achieve any of the goals that you set and you are still living in mediocre after 5 years from now.

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