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Get ready, you are about to improve your productivity and get more things done, with more energy, higher awareness and able to speed up the process of achieving your goals. What you are going to discover in this article can be powerful, if you are willing to implement them.
If you want to learn more about setting goals, read this, 7 Simple Steps By Step Methods How To Set Empowering Goals. In order to be more productive and get more things done, try to turn your important task into your habit. This rule basically is saying that you focus and do the task for 30 minutes, without distraction and do it with 100% concentration. When you stop for a short break and do something else that totally not related to your work, you will be able to shift the focus of your mind and when you come back to your work again, you will feel refresh and able to tackle your work better. That is why you need to use both sides of your brain, just like what Leonardo Da Vinci did.
Learn to utilize both your left and right brain and you will maintain higher level of productivity compare to most average person. When you get ready and start your day right, you will tend to go through your day more smoothly because you already expected how it is going to be.
It is said that Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors, takes nap in the afternoon to maintain his energy level and his awareness? Power nap, as the word ‘power’ suggests, should make you feel powerful and energetic after the nap and not making you more sleepy or tired. If you are very tired and sleepy, take shorter length for the nap because you do not want to fall into deep sleep. Let me explain, when you do things with 100% commitment, you will get better results because you put in your whole heart. You don’t necessarily reward yourself with a 3 day 2 night trip, unless you have accomplished a big goal.
If you follow through these 10 tips above, I’m very sure you will increase your productivity and get more things done. However  for the average person …personal debt is a  living nightmare that is affecting his family and financial well being. One of the main reason most people end up broke and retire penniless is this: they spent most of their working life servicing debt instead of saving and investing money for their retirement. Personal debt is a modern day Trojan horse that could torpedo you chances of becoming financial free.
The only reason why we have a prolonged recession in the United States of America and many parts of the Western world is high level of personal debt. If you don’t pay off your credit card debt, it’s as if you have a big hole at the bottom of your piggy bank.  This hole will continue to leak money out of your piggy bank until you pay up. This is why you must try as much as possible to clear your credit card debts or else you’ll never be able to have a shot at becoming wealthy. I give this advice to you because I have owed debts at one point to the tune of over $50,0000.

All you need to do is make a commitment to never allow  your debt to ruin your  dreams to retire wealthy.
One way I have used to clear my  card debt balances… is to come up with a fixed repayment sum in addition to making minimum payments. I use this fixed sum to pay down the highest interest loans first until I pay down the balance.
The next thing I do is to pay the next debt with the sum of the minimum payment I had made on my other and my fixed sum. I have mentioned eliminating personal credit card debt, as part of your wealth building goals. The answer is no, if you can afford to repay…or if you are borrowing money for investment in rental real estate that can repay the loan …or for a profitable business venture.
Yes you’ll end up being wealthy, that is… if you have 20 years to retire and can stay focused. If you want to be successful, you must adopt the success habit that every successful person possesses.
For example, if you want to practice the habit of brushing your teeth before you sleep, simply do it continuously for the next 21 days and it will be conditioned into your mind as a habit. Thus, practice the habit of taking action that will lead you to where you want to end up everyday. Every successful person is passionate in what they do and they do it with their full energy.
You can sense it in their talk, their walk, the way they communicate, the way they look at you and more. If you can do things with passion and do it with your full energy, you’ll be able to tap into your full potential and attain amazing results in your life. Let us go straight to the content right away, below are the 10 proven tips how to have more productive days, period. Just like each morning after you wake up, you will automatically go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. For example, if you are a salesman and you need to cold call every day, make it into a habit by calling it in the same place and at the same time each day, until you get use to it.
When you are doing works that do not require your creativity, you can listen to songs to boost your awareness.
They often wake up at 5am or so and they workout, meditate, exercise or read books before they start their day.
Of course, sometimes thing will just go out of hand, but in the end, when you are more prepared, you will be able to get more things done and be more productive. Drink more water to keep your body hydrated, especially right after you wake up in the morning. I personally like this technique and have tried it many times, and still do, you should try out yourself. However, when you do things half-heartedly, most likely you are not going to achieve the outstanding result you want.

If you are just “trying” to do it, you know it very well that you will not get it done properly and most likely, you will just give up half way when you face obstacles.
Thus, celebrate all wins, whenever you have done your task, give a pat and reward yourself. If you want to improve and maintain your productivity, you have to review how you go through each day.
However, after some time, they will lose the motivation and soon forget about their dreams. And the simplest way to condition an action to become a habit is by doing it continuously for at least 21 days.
They read a lot of books and they know that if they want to improve their skill or their knowledge in their field, they have to adopt the habit of constant and never end improvement. If they promised themselves that they are going to read the financial report of a company by the end of tonight, they’ll do it no matter how late it gets! Once you have conditioned yourself to be committed, you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve what you want in your life. They know that if they do it with passion and energy, they can get the things done more perfectly.
Know exactly what you want to accomplish in the future and what you want to achieve by the end of the hour or day. Conversely, you will use your right brain for creativity, emotional and intuitive thoughts.
When you are thinking or brain storming for ideas using your right brain, use mind maps to utilize your left brain or simply use a pen to scribble your ideas on paper.
If you eat too heavy during lunch, you will feel sleepy after your lunch break when you get back to your office. If you are in doubt and just wanted to try out, it is better not to start and put your time to do something else that you are more committed to.
And if you are not going to get the result you want, why do you try to do it in the first place?
Do the things that will move you closer to your goals and stop doing things that will take you further from your destination.
The moment you give up on something, you’ll waste all your energy, your effort and your time that you have previously put in. However, if you are still lagging behind and are chasing with time, it is always a wiser choice to say no.
And you definitely want to turn this into a habit so that you’ll take action everyday automatically.

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