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It's also great to use if you want to know what the Moon looks like three days or three years from now.
Venus will reach superior conjunction on June 6th, or another way of saying it, Venus will be on the opposite side of the Sun away from us. I have inserted a small view of what you would see if you were to watch Venus through a telescope over the coming months.
I have another animation like the one you are seeing now, but with the Moon added in at a slower frame rate (and no music).
The music is from Mark Knopfler from the movie soundtrack Local Hero (Whistle Theme) - highly recommended! Greatest duration or maximum darkness for this eclipse will occur in Illinois and not Kentucky! Client: Marshal Wanted a theater room for her teenage children to enjoy with their friends.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A Cheque book request letter is written by a bank customer who requires a new set of cheques from the bank. Creating a custom email signature block with a direct hyperlink to your website promotes your business and website every time you send or reply to an email.  A custom signature is automatically added at the bottom of every email message you send. Enter your name, title, company logo, company tag line, and contact information in the box. To add a direct link to your company website, click on your logo, then on the “Insert Hyperlink” icon and type your company website in the “Address” field.
This example includes several font styles, a company logo, and a hyperlink to the company website.  The name font is Lucida Handwriting 11 point bold, italic in dark blue. Most email packages offer a similar method to allow you to create an email signature block.

Change your signature block to reflect the season, insert a timely tip, or to encourage recipients to attend a seminar or other event you are sponsoring.  The key is to keep it short and visually attractive.
The most interesting date is on August 27th when Jupiter and Venus will be a little less than 8 arc-minutes apart.
As the days progress, Venus becomes larger and closer to the Earth, and it goes through various phases of illumination much like the Moon. Too many lines of text, too many colors, and too much clutter at the end of an email will just be ignored.

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