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Spring is here in many regions and it’s always a fun time to spruce up your home landscaping. When buying outdoor plants or flowers, consider buying perennials, as they are more likely to regrow the next year.  Annual plants will need to be replanted each season.
Form a project club with friends or neighbors, then ask retailers if they offer a discount for buying in bulk. What spring outdoor landscape projects do you like to do and how do you save money on them? About KarenKaren enjoys saving her family money on everyday essentials so they can "splurge" on the fun stuff.
Last updated : 9 March 201527 Comments Composting is a great way to help preserve the environment while creating fertilizer for your garden and lawn.
Having collection services haul your green waste away to a dump site uses up energy resources and contributes to pollution and climate change. Homemade compost bins are fairly easy to construct, and they do not require any fancy parts or tools. Portability a€“ You may decide that you want a compost bin that you can easily move around from place to place.
Moisture a€“ Depending on the type of waste you add to the bin, you may or may not need to add extra moisture. If your compost has sufficient moisture, oxygen and nutrients, it will decompose quickly and even if you are dumping large amounts of waste the volume in the bin should be easy to control If you find the bin overflowing, you may want to add extra moisture. Another trick is to use separate mulch bins for garden waste like leaves or twigs that can take a longer time to break down. Probably one of the easiest items to recycle into a compost bin is an old wheeled trash bin. The bin will already have a cover to keep critters out, so all you will need to do is add air holes for ventilation. A rotating barrel is a good idea because it allows you to mix new waste easily and thoroughly with the already composting material. Simply use an old food grade drum mounted on a wooden frame with a metal axle going through the center. The walls should be about two to four feet high depending on the amount of kitchen and yard waste you generate. If you want to prevent access to pets and wild animals, use tarp, sackcloth or similar material to create an easy-to-remove cover.
If the wheels are still serviceable, you can use the wheelbarrow to distribute the compost when it is ready. Actually you do not really need to build anything at all to compost your yard and kitchen waste. In one way, it is not such a bad idea to have pets urinating into the compost as this actually adds extra nitrogen from their urea!
However, if you would prefer to avoid this, you can use a tarp or sack cover for your composting pile. Sounds good just make sure it stays moist, but I would also put some drain holes in the bin so excess water can drain out. When my daughter got her first place, she wanted to start gardening but, didn’t have a lot of space for composting. One of the most important things is to make sure you have the right amount of moisture in the content of your bin. I'm Mike McGroarty and I'm passionate about plants, soil and everything that has to do with gardening! CLICK HERE to Visit Our Blog– for a Wealth of JoJo water tank & Rainharvesting info! We are authorised JoJo Tanks dealers in South Africa and dispatch orders directly from JoJo Tank depots to save on transport costs.
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Making your own compost bin will save you additional money and will help in recycling used stuff around your home. Not only will they help break things down faster but their waste products add additional nutrients to the compost. However, if you live a hot, dry region, you should check the bin periodically to see if it needs some additional watering.
You can easily move these around and dump the compost whenever it is ready for distribution. You could also set up four metal or wood posts and attach the wire mesh to create a rectangular composting bin. You can leave the top open for easy access or create a cover made of wire, wood or other material. Cinder block will last for a long time, and you will not have to worry about the bin getting blown over by the wind. Simply take three or four pallets and stand them on their sides to create an open bin or or a gated bin. If you want a gate, add a hinge and latch to the fourth pallet for easy opening and closing. If you have an old barrel with holes in it, no need to worry as the holes will provide for air circulation.
Use a sack or tarp to cover the pile if you want to prevent animals or pets from scavenging for snacks.
There are many no no’s in order to keep it from smelling and drawing the wrong critters. Several different,,,one for leaves and grass,,,one for horse manure,,, and one for chicken manure. The same purpose can be served by putting a stopper in the sink and filling the sink with clean water. Leaks waste water 24 hours a day, seven days a week and often can be repaired with a very inexpensive washer.
A leak in the toilet, that can neither be seen nor heard, may be wasting more than 100 gallons of water a day. Most shower heads put out five to 10 gallons water a minute, while three gallons are actually enough for a refreshing, cleansing shower.
After wetting a toothbrush and filling a glass for rinsing, there is no need to keep water running down the drain.
These do not need to be elaborate affairs and these DIY backyard ideas simplify matters while maximizing fun right in your own yard. Therefore, you need to ensure that there are at least air holes or other vents that will allow circulation into your bin.
Paper, straw and similar material can help generate higher heat in your bin that will lead to a faster rate of decomposition. In many cases, you might not even need to add these insects as they will find their own way into your bin. The metal tub my daughter used for composting came out of a DRYER unit, not a washing machine!
I use a 418 litre barrel about 1m in length or just under with the right materials and moisture it will cook. I was going to run em off and then I realized the little varmint is turning the soil for me.
If one sink is used, gather all the washed dishes in the dish rack and rinse them with an inexpensive spray device. Storing water in the refrigerator also has the nice effect of removing any chlorine taste out of the water. This will rinse razor blades just as efficiently as running water, and is far less wasteful. If the stone oven is not your style, built an outdoor kitchen with a wooden cabinet and stove top.
One trick is to dump your kitchen waste before it dries out to contribute as much moisture as possible to the compost pile. If, without flushing, the coloring begins to appear in the bowl, the tank is leaking and should be repaired immediately.

Spruce up your garden with a beautiful planter, give your old patio furniture a makeover or have fun creating some eye-catching lighting displays.
Scatter some cushions for an outdoor cinema night with an LCD screen or shift your bunk bed into the yard for quite stargazing. I finally gave up on vegetable gardening, but I still have a flower bed with herbs tucked into it here and there. The second bin is for transferring the initial compost after it has begun to decay and the kitchen waste is turning. First couple of days I break up so the grass gets well mixed with the sawdust turn 5 times once a day no lime added as it’s comes out with a neutral PH and the worms love it. I have one behind the house for kitchen compost, and a couple out by the garage in back to put in grass clippings, shubbery cuttings, etc. We shift it into the middle bin until it is perfect compost and then we move it to the third bin which is what we use in the garden and for amending the soil when we plant trees etc. Place on the soil about 100mm works as a mulch and the worms will eat it up and take the worm casting into the soil. We cover the top with weed cloth so it can breath, but it does help keep the pets and some critters out. Run the cord through the four corners of each basket, knot them so the baskets remain separated and then find a good spot where you can hang them. Plus if stored in a wooden frame compost bin keep a cover over to keep moist the worms get into it and once again turn into pure worm casting. I may have to put more nitrogen stuff in, as they are not composting as fast as I had hoped the would, but they’re getting there. We did not add any worms to the compost, but currently have giant worms at least 8-10 inches long. Between that and the commingled recyclables we have, and a newspaper recycling bin there as well, I put very little into the actual garbage dump. I add all of our coffee grounds and tea bags,cutting the string and staple off each tea bag before throwing it into the compost and the worms are thriving!
Use a hanging pocket shoe organizer, a pole and some hanging hooks to make this simple vertical planter. My husband dug in and installed a spigot next to the bins, comes in handy for rinsing out the coffee cans after dumping the kitchen waste from them). Wish I could be as smart as my phone and I would post a picture or two or three of my set-up.
Divide the barrel into thirds, cut through the wood staves and then trim wood to match the curvature of the barrel.
We also have a couple of bales of straw sitting next to the bins on a wooden pallet and keep it covered with a tarp and bungee cords. Just remove the glass and install hooks to hang he planters from.Gardening projects.View in galleryDid you know you can make a garden sprinkler from a plastic bottle? I read it calms them when you use the correct combo as well as aids in controlling insects. Hope y’all have a visual in your heads about my wonderful and most useful compost bins.
Get a role of wire fencing and two or three rolls of wooden fencing, depending on how big is the area you want to surround with this lovely little fence. To make the swing you need a piece of wood for the seat, another one for the top, rope, wood glue, clamps and paint. For example, you can recycle a cable spool and turn it into a beautiful table for the patio.
Once the water turns to ice you can use a hammer and a nail to punch holes into the cans and to create interesting designs. You build the frame using pieces of wood and you can also add casters to make the sandbox easy to move and store.
Place the firepit screen cover on the patio and then add the first row of blocks around it.

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