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Breaking up may be not so hard to do, thanks to the ability to text a “Dear John” message to a soon-to-be ex significant other.
Funny text breakup messages compiled by Lolz Parade could serve as a dos and don’ts breakup guide for modern couples.
Sure, it’s extremely impersonal, but a breakup text eliminates the need to duck to avoid being scalded by a bowl of soup at a restaurant. The top 15 text breakup messages are very funny, except for the person on the receiving end, of course.

Bravery is not needed when breaking up via text message: A few typed words and then it is all over. Although spelling and punctuation are likely not a primary focus when comprising a text breakup message, the sender in at least one case should have played a bit more attention to the person selected to receive the breakup text.
Unfortunately for those who have decided to breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend through a text message, there is a permanent record of their sentiments. You could just walk over to the other side of the room and tell me you want to get divorced.

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