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Nos desculpe, mas o formulario de contato deste anuncio nao esta mais disponivel, porque o anuncio nao foi atualizado por mais de 60 dias, ou porque o produto ja foi vendido.
As Pickups Antigas fabrica pecas para pickups : cacambas, estribos , paralamas , F75 , F100 , modelo step said , toyota.
Temos recebido sua mensagem e repassamos para o anunciante para que entre em contato o mais rapido possivel. Venturini Automoveis - Rua Delegado Leopoldo Belczak, 1556 ao lado da Caixa Economica Federal - Visite nosso site. The famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, currently playing for Real Madrid is the proud owner of a luxury Spanish villa, but not for long.
This breaking news may have a connection with a possible move for the young Ronaldo to England. Although it is possible that Ronaldo is simply on the lookout for an even more luxurious property, it is very probable that he plans to leave the Spanish capital.

Ronaldo could have the pick of any football team with his status, while few have a realistic possibility of getting him to sign a contract with them. Follow us in the discovery of the most prestigious properties in the world, the most beautiful period residences, celebrity dream homes, worldwide news and much more. Check Out Thrill Blender's Homepage For More Funny Pictures, Insane Videos, Babes, and Cool Stuff! Se voce deseja agilizar a comunicacao, te recomendamos a revisar os numeros de telefone para que o anunciante utilizou na publicacao do anuncio. Ronaldo began his football career in Manchester and it now seems that Manchester United have begun negotiations to  “repatriate” the football player. The luxury property consists of seven bedrooms, two swimming pools, and an enormous garden of 3000 square meters.
The few football clubs capable of paying a player of his caliber include Manchester United, Chelsea and PSG.

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