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Each wireless number under your account will have an individual summary section listing voice, data, event and messaging usage and charges, including voice minutes, long distance, roaming, third party charges, text messaging, and picture and video messaging. A text message exchange between an Puvirnituq hotel worker and a former manager accused of sexually harassing employees. Housekeeping staff at the Nunavik hotel allege the man propositioned sex from female staff, some of them minors. The housekeepers, who Nunatsiaq News chose not to name, say the manager offered them the opportunity to make up for lost hours of work if they would engage sexually with him.
More recently, the young woman was text messaging with the man to say she wouldn’t be at work that day. On another occasion, the staffer was with a co-worker, a 21-year-old woman, when the two allege the man walked by while they were standing in a hallway and slapped them both on the behind.
The 21-year-old housekeeper told Nunatsiaq News the man has also propositioned her for sex on the job. Both women who spoke to Nunatsiaq News said that other members of the housekeeping staff have also complained of harassment, but few have reported the incidents out of fear of losing their jobs.
The 17-year-old housekeeper finally went public last week and posted a text message exchange between herself and the manager on social media.

The Kativik Regional Police Force said June 28 that the force could not confirm if there was an investigation into those allegations. FCNQ spokesperson Emanuel Lowi said the organization was made aware of the allegations, but it was Puvirnituq’s local co-op association that would have taken action against the employee.
The FCNQ encouraged any hotel staff who face similar harassment to report the incidents to police.
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Puvirnituq Co-op Hotel is one of a number of services managed by the community’s co-op association. She says the man has made a number of sexually explicit remarks and once tried to put her tip money into her bra. Sources say he was fired June 22, although Nunatsiaq News could not reach the local co-op association to confirm why the manager left.
Shared service usage will also display here and is labelled with an (S) symbol, Rogers One Number usage will display with a (+) symbol. During this time, you will have the opportunity to visit your elementary school and meet teachers, sign up for PTA, buy a school shirt and learn about what is in store for the coming year.

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