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ERM Director Rob Robbins addresses the audience on the countya€™s climate change action plan. Palm Beach County hosted the fourth annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit on Dec. County staffers along with government, business and community leaders from Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties met to discuss new ideas and strategies for responding to the impacts of climate change in Southeast Florida. Discussions included regional planning issues, climate adaptation strategies, and implementation plans for the newly completed Regional Climate Action Plan.
The two-day summit included display booths, workshops, panel discussions and keynote speakers.
HONORED: The Lady Panthers’ Jenna Pizzi received the sportsmanship award at the recent Coaches Association Dinner.
To say that the Johnston High School girls’ soccer team has been elevated to a new level would be an understatement. After head coach Tim Sprouls’ squad advanced to the state tournament semifinal of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League’s Division III tournament, the Panthers came in for a host of honors at the recent RI High School Girls’ Soccer Coaches Association Awards Dinner. Heading the list was Gabriella Scarcella, who landed three honors during the Panthers’ 2015 season that concluded with an impressive 12-2-2 league record. As yet another example of how the Panthers dominated their seasonal opponents, four other JHS booters – Bianca Robbins, Jordan McHale, Lindsey Frein and Lauren Messier – joined Scarcella on the prestigious list of All-Division selectees.

Yet another postseason honor went to Jenna Pizzi, who took home the highly-regarded Sportsmanship Award.
Brookhaven, GA, May 16 – Every spring baby birds leave their nest — often in the clumsiest fashion. If the baby bird has feathers, and can cling to a finger or branch with its feet, it is a fledgling and doesn’t need any help and as long as it is reasonably safe from cars, cats and dogs, you do not need to intervene.
Fledgling birds leave the nest before they can fly, but their parents are still taking care of them. If the baby bird does not have feathers, and can’t hop or cling, it is a nestling and may have fallen out of its nest. If you are unable to reach the nest, or if the nest has fallen too, you may need to make a replacement nest using either a small basket or plastic container (make sure it has holes for drainage).
If the parents do not return, or if the baby bird is injured, you can contact AWARE Wildlife Center at 678-418-1111, or visit to find a licensed bird rehabilitator in your area. Scarcella was named Third Team All-State and also booted her way to All-Tournament and All-Division laurels. Inevitably, concerned citizens who find baby birds often rush to “help” but aren’t sure when or if intervening is necessary.
Fledglings will clumsily hop and flutter around your yard, sometimes hiding under a bush for a day or two while waiting for their wings to become strong enough to fly.

If you find the nest, and are able to reach it, carefully pick up and return the chick to its nest and the parents will take care of it.
Line the replacement nest with layers of pine straw or leaves, but don’t use any paper products. Department of Housing and Urban Development and former executive of King County in Washington State, gave an inspirational and informative talk on the first afternoon. Birds have a weak sense of smell and will not abandon a nestling that has been touched by humans. Place the nestling in the replacement nest and position it as close to the original nest as possible. On the following day, Climate Central Chief Climatologist Heidi Cullen presented eye-opening information on climate change. John Discusses Short Term Rentals WHEN WILL THE PUBLIC DEMAND THAT OPEN SPACE BE LEFT OPEN? John Neighbor Making a Difference NEW ORLEANS POLICE OFFICERS ARE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY Featured Links City of New Orleans DirectoryFaubourg St.

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