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Today I want to teach you how to harness your subconscious mind in order to maximize your ability to lose weight. Because of this programing you are always focusing on the lack of money instead of the abundance of money.
Once you understand what I’m about to teach you, you’ll be able to attract exactly the kinds of results you want. Body fat percentage is the total amount of body fat in a living organism divided by the total body mass. The problem with focusing on body fat is that you are constantly thinking about something that you DON’T WANT. Your mind and the universe doesn’t pay attention to the details of whether you want something or don’t want it – it just sees that you are focusing on it. If you’re focused on losing your body fat or losing weight or not getting fat or not feeling awkward, you are just attracting more of those things – because those are the things you’re thinking about. Instead of focusing on body fat (which I wanted to lose) I focused on lean muscle mass (which is something I wanted to GAIN) and since we attract what we focus on the most, I began gaining lean muscle, which naturally burned more fat and allowed for the space to attain what I really wanted, which was to be in better shape. You know how when you were in driver’s ed and they taught you to look ahead at the road (aka where you wanted to go) and to avoid staring at the car next to you or the meridian in fear of hitting it? The average pound of muscle in your body burns at least 6-10 calories each day on autopilot, doing absolutely nothing. If you’re a woman OR a man, you should try focusing on lean muscle mass instead of body fat.
Whatever it is that you want in life, be it a healthy body, loving relationships, good looks, people skills, abundance, etc… spend your time focusing on those things instead of on their opposites. I know it can be challenging, but I also know it’s possible and once you master this shift, your whole world has the potential to change for the better.
About Latest Posts Drew Canole Latest posts by Drew Canole (see all) McDonald’s on the Verge of Extinction Say Some, Do YOU Believe it? Our mission is to create a movement positively impacting communities around the world through education, inspiration, and empowerment.
Prior to you ward off to your dreamland every evening, invest 5 mins day-to-day envisioning your objectives as well as passions.
Invest concerning 10 to 20 mins day-to-day paying attention as well as seeing subliminal video clips or audio tapes.
I’ll start off taking excerpts (in blue) from my book, The Right Side of Normal, from Chapters Four and Seven to explain the natural learning development for right-brained children using the Learning Stages chart I created.
Because the left and right hemispheres of the brain are mirror images of each other, each specializing in something different, it makes sense that the educational paths for left- and right-brained learners are opposites of each other. I have identified the time frames of three stages of learning, depicted in the charts below. The first stage of learning is called the Foundation Stage because it focuses on the universal gifts and strengths of each learner (see Chapter Five). The second stage of learning is called the Transition Stage because it’s the beginning of the integration process of the two hemispheric specializations. The third stage of learning is called the Integration Stage because the established dominant brain preference increasingly integrates the opposite brain specialties so the learner becomes competent in more subjects. If you study my chart for the learning stages above and compare it to the traits of the left- and right-brained learners I have listed on the right side of this site, I think you’ll find it quite evident that schools are truly set up for the left-brained learner to succeed. In the early years, both learners are supposed to be able to delve into their dominant brain specialties so that they have a firm foundation in their strengths. What are these subject and creative pursuits accomplishing within our right-brained children’s minds as their foundation?
Instead of honoring this foundation for our right-brained children, we are trying to turn them into left-brained thinkers. During the next two stages of learning, the Transition and Integration Stages, each of the two gift areas of each of the brain processing preferences get learned by the non-dominant side.
Right-brained children are ready to transition to two-dimensional, symbolic work and development at the Transition Stage, between 8 and 10 years old. The Integration Stage is when the last of the subjects get integrated by each type of learner.
For the right-brained learner, reading is about taking the whole word and creating a picture. Because a right-brained learner uses two entirely different processes, one to learn to read, and another to learn to spell and write, it’s not effective for a right-brained learner to learn spelling and writing at the same time he receives reading instruction.
I would love to hear back from you with what you discover, Jan, as you enter this journey with your son. That said, you could be a right-brained learner whose female traits influence your learning more to the left in certain areas. Do you consider a synesthete to be a right brain learner, or would the child need to have other right brain characteristics as well?
I think the more important thing I may have done during the high school years is to continue promoting strengths-based learning. Instead of reverting back to making our goal about taking the traditional route going from strong grades in generalized topics during high school to applying to as top a school as possible to continue getting strong grades in generalized topics, we recognized the diverse types of higher education out there and specifically chose a school based on its good fit for each child and their goals. Yes, Sherri, those who are left-handed are right-brained (though not all right-brained people are left-handed because of the cultural influence).
My six-year-old son is showing similar difficulties in school, so I’m trying to find out what options I have to help him.
And, yes, it’s SO frustrating how mismatched the early elementary grades are for our creative learners.
As for your fears going forward without supports, I would highly suggest reading up on the right-brained learner and their gifts.
By learning this simple and very powerful process you, parent, can teach your child to do same. Most people think that willpower (which is a conscious effort) is what it takes to lose weight. Although they are summing up all the willpower they can muster to accomplish their goals and working hard, their subconscious mind is sabotaging their efforts because of how they’ve programed it to think. Once you understand this principle, you can apply it in all areas of your life and how you think. Their bodies are created to bring life into the world and they need a little more body fat than men.
If you drove while staring at all the things you DIDN’T want to hit, you would be much more likely to hit them than if you just focused on the road ahead!
It took hard work, dedication and commitment to get where I am and I am still striving to grow stronger and faster every day. This means I burn about 1,400-1,800 calories each day without even trying because of the way I have trained my body to work with and for me based on my lifestyle. That's why I signed up for the protocol, but the most exciting result is that I found ME in the process.
So, you really hope that guide that you are reviewing will certainly offer you with an adequate description to exactly what subconscious mind is. Both names occurs as a result of that you have entirely no understanding that your subconscious mind alreadies existing. Picture on your own currently accomplishing it and also really feel the emotional states that you will certainly really feel when you accomplished it. You should state it passionately as just in this manner that your human brain will certainly register just what you claim.
The time frame that schools utilize in teaching various subjects aligns with the left-brained learner stages of learning.

This chapter introduces the function of each stage while Chapter Seven provides details for the content and subject expression. Left-brained learners are two-dimensional thinkers who focus on symbolic and word development. This is the time when the right-brained learner starts to utilize some of the strengths of the left side of the brain to incorporate two-dimensional thinking. Even though each brain processing preference continues to rely heavily on its own specialization (right-brained children are still right-brained dominant and left-brained children are still left-brained dominant), each more fully integrates the less preferred specialty skills.
And as the first sentence I quoted above from my book states, doesn’t it make sense that left- and right-brained people will learn opposite one another if the brain specialties are mirror images of one another, each with its own specialty? Left-brained learners are doing that because of how schools are set up to support their strengths. The right-brained early subject strengths are areas of study that promotes creative and imaginative thinking that include history, mythology, cultures and geography, animals, nature, and science.
Who gets to decide that the subjects most conducive to the right-brained universal gifts is less important than those subjects most conducive to the left-brained universal gifts?
They are building a large library of pictorial images that they need in order to successfully  transition to the next stage … because they think in pictures.
So, note that left-brained learners are naturally good at word and symbolic development, so right-brained learners pick each of those up individually at each of the next two stages.
This includes the important reading and math facts skills everyone feels is crucial to have sooner than later.
Because they are whole-to-part learners, the sight word method is often a good starting place for learning to read. This is a translation process, moving from a non-gift area (symbols) to a gift area (pictures). Right-brained learners visualize a whole picture (right-brained strength), translate it into the individual word parts (left-brained strength), break these down into its spelling parts (left-brained strength), and sequence the picture scene in words (yet another left-brained strength). Because right-brained learners do best with whole-to-part learning, it’s best to master each process independent of the other, establishing the holistic, or whole skill first (reading), followed by the linear, or part skills (spelling and writing) last.
Left-brained children learn best with part-to-whole sequential processes using memorization as a primary tool. Right-brained learners will more fully integrate the strengths of the left-brained learner: reading (by achieving fluency) and higher arithmetic. Just when we finally figured it out … learning difficult lessons *often for us* in a way that empowers us to feel like we know a little something. Finally after finding this site, I recognize that my son’s struggles in school really are avoidable. I truly believe our family avoided a lot of struggle, too, though it took a LOT of deschooling from me to open up that space to happen. As it pertains to your son and which he favors, I would continue to observe throughout his 5 to 7 year development. I think it’s hard to come up with appropriate questions to really measure brain preference.
The natural female gene traits favor the left-brained side, and the natural male gene traits favor the right-brained side.
I used to do so well in school and was ahead of my peers, but fell behind somewhere in high school.
I wonder if some people have strong sensory spaces that are more able to inter-relate with each other. Although my children were more able and willing to do traditional topics, it still remained at the 30% level versus the 60% level devoted to strengths.
I’m always interested in how parents advocate for their right-brained children in school so that it can work better for them.
Not only does it go into areas they aren’t ready to develop until later, but as you said, they neglect the very subjects they would excel in. Visual differences and auditory differences are two ways a young right-brained child can appear different when comparing him to his left-brained peers and their preferred scope and sequence. We recognize the table in ourselves, our family member, or our children, and yet, because the school measurement doesn’t match, and we run straight into where the problem stems, we cave under the pressure and the comparison.
Acknowledging problems is the process of recognizing problems and emotions hidden behind them, articulating them, and accepting them. But the truth is, the way you think all the time PROGRAMS the subconscious mind, which then dictates 90-97% of what you do and accomplish on a normal day.
This doesn’t mean women look fatter than men – they are just composed a little bit differently. Your subconscious mind is a really diligent people as it shops nearly each and every encounter in your life. This basic as well as simple workout is incredibly reliable in removing any kind of adverse feelings that prevented your course to acquiring your objectives. The longer you exercise doing good confirmations, the much more you care about your objectives as well as you currently have actually reprogrammed your subconscious mind that you could accomplish it. I’ve noticed that right-brained learners acquire subject matter in a different learning pattern than their left-brained counterparts. Right-brained learners are three-dimensional thinkers who focus on global and creative development.
The left-brained learner begins to utilize some of the strengths of the right side of the brain to incorporate three-dimensional thinking. My oldest son’s interest in the right-brained early subject strengths, plus his avid pursuit of drawing, was the primary catalyst for our choosing to homeschool him. Once we understand this difference, we can celebrate it and encourage it instead of fearing it and misunderstanding it. They are developing a strong visualization ability which is needed to create, maintain, and translate the images.
Right-brained learners are naturally good at creative and global development, so left-brained learners pick each of these up individually at each of the next two stages.
I agree that these are important skills, but what everyone is actually implying is that these need to be everyone’s foundational skills, but foundational skills are actually those skills that line up with the traits for the dominant side of the brain. Being part-to-whole learners, and being word and symbol based, left-brained learners can learn to decode and encode symbols at the same time. Notice how the skills required to do well with spelling and writing favor the gifts of the left-brained learner: a symbolic, word-driven focus and sequential processes. Because they are part-to-whole word-based learners, left-brained children can learn spelling and writing alongside reading. This is when the word focus of spelling and writing is tackled as a separate subject from reading because they use completely different techniques to achieve success. So, a right-brained dominant female may still read at 5-7 and enjoy organizing, but still love photography, cultures, animals, and think in pictures. They also chose individualized specialties within subject areas, such as animal science for a science course or Japanese history for a history class.
I always told my children that if they were going to take risks and try something on their own, at the younger ages when they had no family commitments and obligations was the time to do it. Right-brained children typically view in pictures between 5 and 7 and three-dimensionally almost primarily. My eldest son, 11, is doing okay now, but my daughter, 8, and son 6, are at least a year behind their peers.
When you want to improve your child the best result comes from your own work on your own attitudes toward yourself, toward your child, toward the world.
Maybe you grew up being taught that money is something negative that is full of frustration and you grew up feeling like you never had enough.

FitLife changed my life and I knew I had to share it with others.-Lynne, Longwood FL I started with Fitlife back in 2011-2012…I wrote into Fitlife asking for an extreme amount of help. Do not go sleepless over this inquiry, as this outstanding post will certainly inform you exactly what you actually have to learn about subconscious mind. The details that it shops could either be practical or damaging as the information in your subconscious mind eventually develops the structure of your idea system.
The moment just before you ward off to rest is the best time to do this workout as this is the moment where your people is most going to approve brand-new info. The even more signboards you installed, the minimal the adverse ideas you will certainly consider as well as the quicker your subconscious mind will certainly internalize those favorable ideas. For both left- and right-brained learners, it makes sense that learning should build upon one’s strengths for a firm foundation.
The Moores support my theory of a major shift during this stage in their book Better Late than Early.
He was so engaged in learning and we knew schools for his age group didn’t teach the subjects he so craved to know.
And they are nurturing their extraordinary imaginations which is the base for innovation, creativity, and big picture thinking they excel at as learners.
In fact, there are appropriate ways to help right-brained children learn to read that have everything to do with their brain processing traits. For left-brained learners, the process of learning spelling and writing and reading are parts of the same coin. In order to spell a word, a right-brained learner sees a picture (right-brained gift), translates the picture to the word (left-brained strength), and then needs to decipher the whole word into its individual sound parts (left-brained strength). A right-brained learner is gifted in imaginative, three-dimensional, picture-based activities, so instead enjoys history, science, geography, social studies, (see Chapter Sixteen) and the creative outlets (see Chapter Six) as his foundation during this time. Creative thinking is integrated through higher level spelling and writing ability, reading comprehension skills, and math story problems. Right-brained children learn best with whole-to-part conceptual processes using association as a primary tool. What I discovered after the Integrative Stage was through, and after I helped my children learn how to integrate goal setting into their lives, their creative lives came back with a vengeance.
If you look under my Collaborative Learning Process tabs, I share what each stage showed me and how I supported it.
If you look at what you were drawn to engage in, especially when you were young (before school and society molded you), it may show you what you favor based on your interests. There is the right-brained foundation, but every individual brings in their own nuances to the whole picture that creates YOU. Of course, most of these were interest translations, not specifically chosen studied topics. And, also, how interesting to see how he learns and grasps high level concepts, another typical trait for a young right-brained learner. They are underserved and deserve better, especially in this 21st century that is riding on the backs of the talent of these very learners.
I was chatting with the student support teacher this morning and she was telling me how much my 6 year old is struggling. Using the best parent’s instincts you will bring goodness to your child by transforming into a better person, free from your old emotional attachments. When we want to get rid of the problems, to throw those leaves away is not enough to prevent other leaves grow instead.
It is a process of reprogramming our minds with positive affirmations and mental exercises.
The following action to opening the possibility of your subconscious mind is doing good self-affirmations. Your people is an astonishing point; it will certainly take place an auto-pilot to grab those favorable expressions in your signboards. They say, “Studies have demonstrated a variety of significant changes in brain maturation between ages 7 and 11. Here is a post that talks about some of these traits that influence how right-brained children learn to read best. For right-brained children, being whole-to-part learners, and being picture based, decoding and encoding are two separate acts. The right-brained learner will shift into the two-dimensional, symbolic realm to begin learning to read and tackle beginning arithmetic. They enjoy various imaginative tools such as mnemonics and the ability to intuitively discover ideas through holistic imagery. Just like you’re hoping, I found that my children were able to take their creative pursuits to a higher level, in a way that could shape their career choices. As I mention in my book, Linda Kreger Silverman, a person who has spent years trying to develop a test for VSLs, says that what a person is interested in is still the most predictable factor for knowing.
He is very creative artistically, and takes great interest in animals and geography, and history. When some don’t prefer the auditory input, it can be a problem in school especially, because they favor the auditory input for teaching. He may have been remediating so long in his weaknesses, that he never got a chance to really develop his strengths and gifts (or he has, and that’s great!). We replace our old thoughts with the new thoughts in our subconscious mind and thus we are Attracting future positive experiences. Your child won’t have to learn simple rules of happiness the hard way, by suffering for ages.
Since you have a short understanding of exactly what subconscious mind is and also the power of it, I will inform you how you can make complete usage of your subconscious mind. Quickly, you will certainly feel on your own quickly stimulated in your office as well as obtain points down swiftly. And here is a link to a reading resource page on this site and a page with examples on how certain reading programs can work for right-brained learners. A deeper understanding of the previous subjects occurs during this 8 to 10 year stage for the right-brained child, as well as development of higher skill levels in the creative outlets. This is where he’ll shine in our world, and I would definitely encourage you to help him show everyone where he really shines! Leaf by leaf, branch by branch, down the trunk to the roots, and root by root – we release all attachments, and thus, we liberate ourselves toward emotional freedom. Do the above consistently and also I could guaranteed you that you will certainly view outcomes soon.
Right-brained children don’t tend to develop a more left-brained representation of these two senses (visual processing in a two-dimensional way and auditory input) until starting between 8 and 10. As a kid I remember struggling, indeed my principal told my mum I was hopeless, yet as a mature age student my average grade at uni is 90%. The roots of the Fear tree go down to the first negative perceptions and memories of childhood. That’s because the process for right-brained children to learn spelling and writing is different from the process for learning to read. We teach you to cut the wire linking them, unplug the electricity feeding the buttons, so they won’t bother you any more.
Some emotions are hidden so deep that we don’t remember them or don’t realize that we have them.

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