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Allen Ivanov AR-15 rifle: How a popular affluent Mulilteo, Chennault Seattle rising star used to winning failed to handle rejection and sought revenge. In the aftermath of Allen Ivanov’s girlfriend breaking up with him last week, new revelations tell of the Mukilteo mass shooter going out the following day and buying an AR-15 rifle. The acquisition of the semi automatic weapon comes amid damning evidence showing the 19 year old University of Washington sophomore student sought revenge after being dumped by Anna Bui, his girlfriend of one year.
His moment of revenge came in the early hours of Saturday morning where Ivanov barged into a house party in the exclusive Seattle suburb of Chennault at 12.30 am where he fired off a total of 20 gunshots amongst the 15-20 guests who had gathered.
By the time it was over, Allen Ivanov with his new AR-15 rifle acquisition had left three dead and one person critically injured.
Killed were Anna Bui, Jake Long and Jordan Ebner along with the resident host who remains hospitalized fighting for their life. According in an exclusive with the dailymail, Ivanov struggled to come to terms with Bui calling their relationship off, having become depressed. The couple had met in Ivanov’s final year at Kamiak High School, where the student was well lauded both for his smarts, good looks and for his popularity. But all that, including his family’s financial well standing did little to assuage the moribund 19 year old college sophomore student as he struggled to come to terms with being rejected. According to a friend who Ivanov confided to he had been depressed after the break up, even going so far as to text him a picture of the new AR-15 rifle he had acquired.

At the time the friend unwittingly thought nothing of the text and dismissed the text, unable to fathom even in his wildest imagination that Allen Ivanov had bought the automatic rifle with the express intent of exacting revenge. The house party was taking place at this $1million residence in the waterfront Chennault Beach neighborhood, about 25 miles north of Seattle. It was after having unleashed last night’s venom that Ivanov then called the friend to tell them what he had done, ‘I just killed my ex-girlfriend’, told the college student.
But the friend, who said he has known Ivanov for two-and-a-half-years after they met while playing Halo online, said he was hysterical. The friend tried to convince Ivanov who had fled the scene in his car to call  Seattle police. It was only after news broke that three had been left dead at a house party in Ivanov’s hometown that the friend learned that his friend was far from joking. Allen Ivanov also participated in video game The ‘Skirmos experiences’ (pictured) which allows users to experience their ‘favorite video shooter game in real life’.
The friend said he thought Bui had broken up with Ivanov a month or two ago, with Ivanov claiming he had dumped her.
In the aftermath of the shooting, friends of the pair are wondering if anything could have stopped Ivanov from carrying out his shooting. New York Daily News The most gruesome injuries in sports Sports' Most Gruesome Injuries Athletes are always putting themselves and their bodies on the line in the name of pride, glory and victory, but sometimes their bodies break down.

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The 26-year-old hunk is currently in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house and, although it seems a relationship is blossoming between him and Marnie Simpson - who's been caught getting frisky on camera numerous times - he's selective about who he falls in love with. Asked if he'd ever have sex on camera, he said: "Never say never, but it's not my intention to go in there [the house] and do the business. And, although he's not planning to get hot and heavy under the bed sheets, Lewis isn't worried about his family watching. Meanwhile, the handsome star isn't actively looking for a girlfriend in the infamous abode but is open to the idea of finding love. The Armenian was in second place in the 77-kilogram clean and jerk competition when his elbow basically blew out during Wednesday's competition.

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