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Once you meet someone you’ve connected with intellectually and emotionally, you often start to wonder when the time would be right to take things to the next level and proceed to a physical relationship. Long distance relationships are not a new trend, thanks to the ingenious invention of the internet, as many of us may presume. From the Hunter Gatherer Man to The Webcam Couple there have been many steps in the evolution of a long distance relationships. Khandelwal talks about getting married to his long time girlfriend and his upcoming projects for the big screen.
Actor Rajeev Khandelwal who made his big screen debut with Aamir is super-excited about getting married to longtime girlfriend Manjiri Kamtikar.
Ironically around the same time the actor will also be seen in a film titled Will You Marry Me, which he says is a commercial flick unlike Aamir and Joker. Talking about his role, the actor says, “I am playing a single parent, a father to a five-year-old kid in the film.
The actor who received critical acclaim for his role in Aamir says that he is in no hurry to sign new projects.
Though he refuses to divulge any details, Rajeev does admit that he has signed up for a new project which is a romantic musical film and will start shooting for it October end onwards. On asking him about the long overdue Chenab Gandhi with Vibhu Puri, Rajeev says, “According to the news in the media, the producer and the director had a fallout so I guess the film must have been shelved.
However, determining an appropriate timeline for sexual expression with someone you care deeply about can be tricky. Meaning, you want to get clear on what you are looking for in a partner, then determine if the person possesses those qualities before things get physical.
Struggling entrepreneurs are often so happy to get a funding offer that they neglect the recommended reverse due diligence on the investors. The actor who has been in a relationship with Manjiri, an advertising executive since quite sometime is making sure he leaves no stone unturned in preparing for his wedding. It is quite a coincidence that both the film and my marriage are happening around the same time.

When you are in the moment on a date and you’re attracted to the person physically, it’s easy to be swept up in romance. I remind my female clients that they spend more time deciding on a handbag, shoes, or lipstick than whether or not to share their body, mind, and soul with man they know for short amount of time. He does that through his free articles, his in-depth books, and more intimately through his live events and deep transformative private coaching.
He does that through his free articles, his in-depth books, and more intimately through his live events and personal Skype consultations. Taking on equity investors to fund your company is much like getting married–it is a long-term relationship that has to work at all levels.Investor due diligence on a startup is not a mysterious black art, but is nothing more than a final integrity check on all aspects of your business model, team, product, customers and plan. The film which is complete is in the editing stage and will release by the end of this year. The Cheat Sheet reached out to Lisa Concepcion, relationship expert and founder of LoveQuest Marketing, to get her take on how to decide when the time is right.
If you're ready to feel better in your love life, check out his books, and the 'Consultations' page to talk to him personally.
If you're ready to feel better in your love life, check out his books, or read his free guide. Reverse due diligence on the investor is a comparable process whereby the entrepreneur seeks to validate the track record, operating style and motivation of every potential partner.If all this checking sounds a bit paranoid and unnecessary, it may be time to take another look at some questionable investor practices and onerous term sheet requests.
Beyond the technical issues, if the chemistry isn’t right, the impact on your startup and future business is likely to be similar to that of a bad marriage. If there are too many games, too much of a lag in communication, and it feels off, best to hold off on sex.
Of course you need to discount any investor competitive positioning, but local investment group leaders will quickly tell you the strengths and terms of active investors in your area.
A sample of three views is adequate.Personally visit another startup funded by this investor. By networking with other entrepreneurs, find one or more to visit that has a relationship with his or her investor.

Another approach is to ask the investor for references to provide examples of when their involvement has made a real difference and led to success.Do research on investor visibility via Google and social media. Start by checking the profile and credentials of investor principals on LinkedIn and industry associations. Check for positive or negative news articles, press releases, relationships and support of community organizations.Invite the investor to dinner or a fun-related activity. Outside of work is where you can best evaluate the chemistry match, and decide whether you can enjoy and learn from the relationship. As with any relationship, it doesn’t pay to close in a heated rush.Conduct a routine credit and background check. Look for investor experience in your business domain, along with evidence of integrity and trustworthiness.
Check the content of the investor’s website and pay particular attention to the source of funds.
Personal funds imply the most commitment, and offshore funding is most suspect.An attorney who is familiar with startup equity investment deals should always review the investor agreements.
It’s even better to let the attorney do the negotiating, since many innocent-sounding protective and governance provisions can have negative long-term consequences.Though there is a shortage of venture capital for new entrepreneurs compared to the demand, don’t succumb to the temptation to take funds from investors that you are not comfortable with. The result will likely be business demands that you can’t meet, loss of key personnel, potential lawsuits, and certainly not the fun lifestyle you expected.The only successful entrepreneur-investor relationships are win-win ones.
That means you and your business must benefit from both the money and mentoring from the investor, and the investor will win from getting a larger return sooner. Win-win relationships get better over time, whereas win-lose go downhill fast and rarely survive the honeymoon period. He has a unique combination of business and high-tech experience, and executive mentoring and connecting startups with potential investors, board members, and service providers.

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