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The organisation's secondary objectives will be to work in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deal with health, nutrition and education.
7 Pounds Student Uplifting Program 7 Pounds Student Uplifting Program is a non-profit organisation that facilitates the transition for children from Children's Homes to become successful, self-sufficient young adults.
Our mission is to promote play as an important tool in the holistic development of any child by mainstreaming it in programming so that the childa€?s right to play as enshrined in the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child and African Charter: Article 31 and 12 are observed. A FRIEND IN NEED We have a feeding scheme where we hand out food parcels to app 200 families every Monday morning. Abbeyfield houses combine independence with support, companionship and security at a price people can afford. It has been a long held belief of AKC that the children in its care need more than shelter and food, they need love, care, guidance and development to lead sustainable lives that will empower them and allow them to be positive contributors to our society; thereby breaking the cycle of poverty, violence and abuse which will result in a healthier society. Action For The Blind And Disabled Action is a NPO we operate two schools , residence, skilled crafts center & the worlds first call training center for the blind.
Adopt-A-Pet ADOPT-A-PET is a privately run animal rights' rescue organisation for destitute dogs and cats, which would die without our intervention. ADET is a digital education and technology Not-for Profit developing an EduTech Training Campus Our aim is to nurture a generation of young Africans through the use of digital education, to enable them to achieve an advanced, internationally competitive standard in STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). ACFS has come a long way since the late Bishop Trevor Huddleston started the original peanut butter sandwich at schools in 1945.
Today, we pursue seven separate but inter-related activities aimed at uplifting and empowering communities in Soweto, Kagiso, Alexandra, Thembisa, Daveyton, Kwa Thema and Tsakane.
The African Community Fund Eeducation Group focuses on empowering the African community through education and leadership development.
Our Programs include the African Community Education Program, the African Leadership Program, and our campaigns include the Dollar Campaign for Education, and the Educate the Girl-Child Campaign. African Compass Rural Development Africa Compass Rural Development ia a nonprofit, rural development and voluntary organisation. African Legend is run by passionate individuals who are determined to improve South Africa’s socio-economic situation by offering educational and skills development programs for children living in poverty.
African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) identifies emerging groups of women caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in rural communities in the Eastern Cape (EC), South Africa.A ASAP has a decade of experience working in the EC and developed a 6a€“year Model with the objective of scaling-up broad based care to OVC. African Tails Once upon a time in December 2006 an organisation called African Tails was born. Mission The ever-increasing number of stray and neglected dogs adds fuel to the cycle of abuse, suffering and neglect. Alexandra Education Committee We are an organisation that through a screening process, identifies children at grade 7 level that show potential and place them into highschools of quality, ie: Waverley Girls High, and Highlands North Boys high ( to mention only 2) We take care of the school fees, uniforms, transport etc. Amapondo Children's Project The Amapondo Childrena€™s Project (ACP)We focus on recognizing the needs of the local people in order to create community led initiatives, jobs, education, self-empowerment and valuable exchange whilst untilizing the skills and experience of both national and international volunteers. The Amato Pregnancy Counselling Centre is a non-profit, Christian based organisation that counsels vulnerable women that find themselves in a pregnancy crisis. Angels Baby Sanctuary is a home for abandoned babies situated in Rosettenville, Johannesburg. With passion, a positive attitude and determination we will work together to ensure that the babies placed in our care will be loved and well cared for.
Angels Refuge is an animal welfare that does mostly outreach into the villages of the top most North West Province near the Botswana border, focusing on education and sterilisation, they also have Raphael Cat Haven where unwanted cats and ferals that need to be relocated reside, until they are either adopted or pass on. Angels without Wings We offer assistance to families who have children with terminal illnesses or life altering conditions. We cater for needs such as formula milk, diapers, cereals, purity , clothing , blankets and all other baby products. Before we give any products to a family , one of our agents wil visit the house and do and assessment to make sure that they do qualify. It is ONLY with the help and support from YOU the public that we can continue to do what we do. ANIMAL ANTI-CRUELTY LEAGUE The Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) has been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. Animal Issues Matter Organisation Animal Issues Matter specifically focuses on core problems in animal welfare and provides innovative and entrepreneurial concepts to reduce over-breeding, spread of disease, neglect and abuse of animals. We want to work with the communities to help them through education to look after their animals. Animal Rescue Organisation Animal Rescue Organisation operates a full time hospital providing veterinary care to poor communities. Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, Stellenbosch We recognize animals as living beings with the right to a good quality life. Aniwell South Africa ANIWELL started its work in Goliath Estate, Kraaifontein, in May 2009.
The main objective of Apple-A-Day Foundation is to raise funds to supply financially disadvantaged school children with all their school essentials: books, stationery, uniforms, sports kits and any other learning material. Ark is a specialised rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing shelter that caters for the specific needs of pregnant dogs and puppies. I.Promote a Human Rights Consciousness by using the visual art as a public-advocacy medium dedicated towards cultural empowerment of society with a focus on the developing world.
Art Reach South Africa Artreach South Africa is a non-profit organisation, which founded in March 2015. We work within existing, often, disadvantaged communities within the Western Cape, by placing Artreach South Africa resources in facilities where art based programs are taught, and maintained. Association for Autism The Association for Autism advocates for services to persons with autism and their families, as well as to professional persons that provide services to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Aurora by it’s name means “new beginning” or “the dawn of a new day” and this is what we offer our children and adults on entering this special care centre. With dedicated and trained staff, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and many specialised aids and programmes these children and adults, whose happiness and comfort are paramount, are treated with much love, concern and caring. Every one of our children and adults is different, every one has a very special need and they are all unique, unrepeatable miracles of God…all deserving their place in the sun. Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped The Avril Elizabeth Home is no institution: it is a warm and welcoming home for its intellectually disabled residents. BARKING MAD We are a rehabilitation centre and offer to take in 'problem animalss' from other shelters and provide them with long term care and rehabilitation programmes, whether it be behaviour modii¬?cation or extensive medical treatments. The core mission of BEN is to contribute to poverty alleviation through the use of the bicycle.
BEN has established many BECa€™s (Bicycling Empowerment Centres) around the Western Cape, identifying community members and providing them with various skills such as business management and bike repair training, thereby establishing job creation through these bicycle workshops.
BEN is also involved with several Western Cape schools, training learners in bike repair and bike safety a€“ so not only promoting safe cycling to the youth from various impoverished areas, but allowing these learners access to their education, especially those who live far from their schools.
Bosom Buddies Bosom Buddies staff and volunteers visit local state hospital maternity wards and spends one-on-one time with each new mom, blessing her with a baby bag containing a blanket, baby clothes, nappies, sanitary towels and a baby product. Breadline Africa Breadline Africa is an internationally registered charity that seeks out partnerships of hope and growth in Africa.
Building community together My charity here in my community is serving children who are orphans at preschool and primary school..

The Bursary Legacy a€?Light a Candlea€™ Campaign is a community based, fundraising drive, aimed at creating educational opportunities for 10 deserving students, who would otherwise not have the resources to pursue tertiary studies.your organization does. CABSA In our quest to achieve the organisation's vision of “caring Christian communities ministering reconciliation and hope in a world with HIV”, the Christian AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa (CABSA) plays a key role in many aspects of the Christian HIV terrain in Southern Africa and even internationally. Camphill Farm Community Camphill Farm Community was founded in 1978 and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.
Camphill School Camphill School Hermanus is a therapeutic community in a rural environment setting for children and young adults with special needs. Cape Kidney Association The Cape Kidney Association is a Non-Profit Organisation that raises funds to assist Indigent Kidney Patients at the various Provincial Hospitals in and around the greater Western Cape.
Cape Learning Foundation`s vision is to educate, empower and uplift the disadvantage community. Carpe Diem Life Skills Centre Carpe Diem Life Skills is a registered non-profit organization that is passionate about youth development. Cart Horse Protection Association We provide clinic, patrol & call out response, veterinary and rehabilitation services to the working cart horses living on the Cape Flats and support, education and training to cart horse owners and drivers who use the working cart horses to collect scrap metal as a means of generating an income for themselves & their families. Catholic Welfare and Development A leading, dynamic organisation professionaly enhancing self-reliant communities.
Cheerful Giverz Cheerful Giverz is an emerging conglomerate of youth that seeks to give to the less fortunate better and brighter days, and also, full tummies. Cheshire Homes Eastern Cape Our Mission is to provide support services in partnership with persons with disabilities, which empower service users and enhance their quality of life. CHESHIRE HOMES GAUTENG Cheshire homes is affiliated to Cheshire Homes UK and cares for the Disabled.
Child Welfare South Africa - PORT SHEPSTONE Mission: To protect, serve and develop children and families. Children Of Light The organization seeks to address the national challenge of poverty, using a holistic approach. The project includes nutrition and child care with a strong emphasis on eventual self-reliance via skills development and job placement.
We believe that poverty can only be effectively tackled through a holistic model that includes mainly literacy, up skilling and nutrition.
CHILDREN'S HAPPY HOME EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT Our vision is to fight poverty through education by helping leaners who are doing Mathematics and Physics to improve their results so that they increase their opportunities to access tertiary education. Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC0 The CVC manages the Clarens Nature Reserve for the benefit of the environment, the residents and the tourists.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Timios Homes is a non-profit Organisation facilitating a network of families who take care of abused and vulnerable children. Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble, through its arts, recreation and cultural programmes is committed and dedicated to achieving an environment conducive to the development and empowerment of a morally healthy, well-balanced, grounded and talented young women, men and children.
Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble is a development organisation for youth in the performing arts in areas of dance, music, theatre and drama, and arts and crafts. We achieve this through a mentorship program and various support services which include partial or full bursaries to study at a tertiary institution.
Abbeyfield homes are the perfect solution for the senior citizens wanting to retain their independence but we need your help to extend this model to more communities in South Africa, especially in the previously disadvantaged areas. We teach Microsoft office specialist, word excel power point access outlook publisher 2010 computer aided design Microsoft digital literacy pastel cisco Jaws touch typing sports development drawing - nqf level 4 call center training and skilled crafts. As a NGO And NPO,Action In Autism requires ongoing finanical support from the private and Business sectors in order to continue its advocacy work and to provide on-going early intervention education and therapeutic opportunities to children between 2-6 years of age. We are proud to be part of the "no-kill" movement which is gaining in momentum throughout the civilised world. We work with governments, communities, and other key partners to extend the reach of health systems, rural development and improve the quality of services in effective and sustainable ways. The Model guides, supports and builds the womena€™s capacity to establish a professional organisational hub in drop-in centres and creates sustainable organisations, able to scale-up care to OVC.
Its story is one of searching and striving for ways to curb the over-population and suffering of dogs on the Cape township streets – particularly Du Noon and Joe Slovo townships.
We also have a Saturday school programme and Holiday programme, and along with a mentorship programme try to give the bursors the tools to achieve well at school. We strive to improve access to consistent high-quality crisis pregnancy and post-abortion COUNSELLING and EDUCATION. They deal with emergencies as well and when necessary can house up to 2 dogs for adoption at a time.
It is South Africa’s second largest independent animal welfare organisation, relying entirely on the generosity and goodwill of the animal loving public for financial support.
3 mobile clinics are in operation every day at various locations in and around the Western Cape. Since then we have helped hundreds of animals (and animal owners) in and around the Cape Town Area through education, sterilization, rescue, feeding, assistance with veterinary care, rehoming, behavioural advise and, sadly, euthanasia. 3 R's Programme: Running, Reading and Right-ing based on a belief in holistic development of each child. Dedicate itself through its projects towards the empowerment of the visual arts and artists, primarily from southern Africa and the developing world. Our aim is to provide innovative art based programs in the community through teaching, events and collaborations.
The dogs taken into our care are assessed on arrival and then an individual training programme is put into place by our two internal behaviourists at DogtownSA. We offer a lifelong commitment to all the dogs that come into our care and lifetime support to their new families. Bicycles are more than just a fun, eco-friendly mode of transport, they also provide people with affordable access to health, education and employment opportunities in and outside their communities. This in turn creates access to low cost bicycles to these disadvantaged communities, providing affordable and sustainable mobility to those who need it most.
This is such a vital need in these communities, allowing these learners to go further and improve their family circumstances through education. We provide services to the disabled people such as Care giving, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Social Work, Speech therapy and Hippo therapy (horse riding) and Skills development programmes such as computer studies, life skills, numeracy, cooking, baking and Farming. It seeks to connect people who are struggling to achieve the most basic living conditions with others who are more fortunate and in a position to make a difference.
Our mission is to guide and support Christian communities to understand their calling and become HIV competent, through (1) advocacy, (2) providing information, (3) mobilising and (4) networking. Our programmes give young people the practical and financial support they need to stabilise their lives.
We identify children with talent and potential and assist and guide them to become whatever they want to be. We want to improve the quality of life for these children by giving them the basics:A food, shelter and opportunities.
Drop-in Centres where children receive cooked meals, counseling, assistance with homework, social services etc.

It is estimated that these working cart horses support over 6000 people living on the Cape Flats.
Donations of food hampers comprising of the basic essentials and or monetary donations are needed. We care for them medically, holistically and develop skills with them enabing them to get employment or open their own business. Offering social services to children, families and communities IN Port SHepstone and surrounding areas. We are a vibrant group of patriotic, committed young people who are united by a common aim and mission of making a difference in the lives of those in our immediate environment. Soup kitchens and food parcels, when implemented in isolation, only result in a culture of apathy and dependency. We run Maths and Physics classes on Saturdays at Zola Business School in Khayelitsha and doing an Eye Care project to help those pupils who can not see the board by screening and testing their eyes and donate spectacles to those that are severely affected. The organisation provides a holistic approach to addressing socio-economic disparities and related challenges in order to achieve a society that is sensitive to a culture of human rights and the rule of law. We also offer access to a clinical psychologist, aptitude and career testing as well as leadership exploration and development.
Your support will also help to fulfill our mandate we made to affected families that our Early learning Intervention and Resource Centre will be an inclusive haven to the disadvantaged society who cannot afford private healthcare,and also be a space of resource and connectivity.We urge you to be part of a dream by supporting us. Every animal that comes into ADOPT-A-Pet's care is treated with the same love and respect, whether it is a pedigreed stray, or a starving, emaciated dog riddled with mange and other parasites. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers, who are bound by their love for the uniquely African dog, known as Canis Africanis, which is frequently seen in rural areas and on the streets of South Africa’s informal settlements. A· Project Management a€“ we support and continually develop all ACP initiatives, drawing on local community support.
We get involved with all aspects of animal welfare – provide shelter for abandoned animals, promote an efficient adoption programme, prosecute animal cruelty cases, run welfare hospitals for lower income groups, visit underprivileged areas with fully equipped mobile clinics and regularly address schools and clubs on the challenges of animal welfare. ARO believes very strongly in sterilisation in order to curb the number of unwanted, abused, neglected and starving animals roaming our streets. BEN is heavily involved in raising the profile of cycling through various lobbying and advocacy projects and partnerships which highlight the need for a safer cycling environment.
We also have a partnership with Wits University in which Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy students do practicals at the centre. Camphill Farm Community is part of the International Camphill Movement, consisting of more than one hundred like-minded communities all over the world.
We assist Indigent Kidney Patients monthly with food parcels, bursaries annually, transport allowance, accommodation and start up capital for small businesses. We help develop key skills, confidence and motivation; enabling young people to move into work, education or training. Timios Homes consist of carefully selected, screened and educated families that are supervised by our social workers in order to take care of these children.
MADE was formed primarily to provide Skills Development and Training interventions within the Performing Art Industry.
Our learning approach focuses on an individual developmental approach with high academic and artistic standards. Our dream and passion is to be able to give these young people the support they need to succeed.
A· Educational Assistance a€“ we offer teaching assistance, curriculum development, and school support, we also offer after-school support to children in need such as at the Port St Johns Child Care Center.
MASU (mobile animal sterilization unit) enables ARO to assist other welfares in small remote areas that would otherwise never receive veterinary assistance. At Camphill Farm, every person - however complex their individual needs may be - is valued as a unique being, is responsible for his or her own life, is striving towards being acknowledged as an individual and is able to govern the happiness of his or her everyday life. The Vision of Association is to expand into a much bigger Organisation with the view to assist more kidney patients suffering with chronic kidney disease in and around the greater Western Cape. Through weekly life coaching session we keep them motivated about what they want to do in life. The duration of the course is 18 months, we also require exam fees, and the funds we receive from donors is used for the general running of the school eg teachers salaries, transport utilities ect . A· CollaborationA  a€“ we partner with the Rotary Club of Port St Johns and other NGOa€™s, together we run community based activities to unite, empower and strengthen the local community.ACP PROJECT OVERVIEW PORT ST JOHNS CHILDCARE CENTREPort St Johns Childcare Centre (PSJCC) for boys has 12 residents and is able to sleep up to 26. All our members are actively involved with animal welfare full-time and we work closely with other new and established welfare organisations with the same policies. The people of the targeted region for this project in Lawley are at the brink of being impoverished. We offer a unique balance of rigorous skills, development and training in the performing arts, with areas of artistic training ranging from Dance, Music, Drama and Arts and Crafts.
The Centre was partially funded through Umtata Orphanage for boys but due to extenuating circumstances there is now no funding and PSJCC relies solely on charity and is struggling maintain employment of the centre manager and the care workers who are responsible for the boys welfare. We run empowerment programmes such as parenting skills, child protection, domestic voilence, and we are curerntly involved in HIV AIDS awareness and projects.
The training will assist an artist to develop educational skills such as creative problem solving, knowledge of their career and understanding the nature of their field. They also use beads and other creative materials to finish off their products and to make jewellery. Their workshop is now located at Amapondo Backpacker Lodge and their crafts are sold in Port St Johna€™s town and in the Amampondo Backpacker gift shop.MTHUMBANE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOLMthumbane Pre-Primary School is a two classroom educational institution for children aged three to six. There are between 60 and 80 pupils registered at the school, although not all of them come every day.A  Mthumbane has two trained teachers, one of whom is a volunteer assistant and does not receive a salary from the Department of Education. Mthumbane is the only Creche and Pre-Primary School in the Area, without this school children would have to travel over an hour to reach the next nearest school. The school does receive some funding from the Department of Education however the allowance for teaching materials and food for the children is very low a€“ with the teachers struggling to stretch the food allowance out for the whole month.
The School currently has no ablution facilities and the children take a bathroom break on the grass behind the school. COOKING STOVES FOR AFRICA PROJECT (GEP)Cook stoves for Africa is a project that was started by a UK based company.
The goal of the project is to provide families and households in the most rural areas of Africa with clean, fuel-efficient, ecologically friendly Stoves. This project is also greatly driven by and part of a carbon-righted Movement which is mainly concerned with the well-being of the health of people, and the preservation of our natural resources such as wood, as Well as cutting down carbon emissions by a great percentage. The ACP has been an official distributor to the community of Port St Johns since early 2014.

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