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Okay for this all you are going to do is buy bronze packs and sell the contracts that you get. For this method all you do is put max search price to 150 and then toggle ahead to the hour mark of offers.
This is a glitch where the game thinks its on Superstar difficulty when its actually on Rookie difficulty. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
It’s time once again to look ahead to another month on the baize as we are only a few days away from the beginning of October. Given the darker nights it is always a month where I begin to look forward to the big events and some snooker on the TV. After the conclusion of this weekend’s PTC6 in Poland the main talking point for all us snooker anoraks will be the ranking list changes, which kick in on 3rd. The South West Snooker Academy plays host once again to a PTC and the 7th event which kicks off with the amateur stages on the 5th and runs through to the 9th is sure to be another successful one at a venue far better suited to these tournaments than Sheffield is. A rare free week follows before the players hotfoot over to Killarney for PTC8 which has also been renamed, this time in honour of the most exciting unpredictable player ever to grace the game, the Alex Higgins International Trophy takes place from 20th-23rd and is sure to have a unique feel. It remains to be seen if we will ever see his like again, but in these days of political correctness, acting nice in case it upsets the Chinese sponsors and fines for breathing out of place, I’m not sure we ever will. Premier League dates in Weston-Super-Mare, Stoke and Exeter are dotted around the PTC’s and the official calendar still lists a mystery event as being scheduled between 27th-30th, but with no further news on that we can probably assume that it will not happen. I’m also hoping to tie up a deal this week with a sponsor for the PTC events so hopefully there will also be a chance for you all to win prizes in those events aswell.
A brief update on the Snookerbacker Classic; there are now just 4 places left for the Gloucester event and the only event happening before Christmas in Leeds has 11 places left to fill.

Just think back to the WC 2010 opening round when Steve Davis beat Mark King in the 19th frame.
Also, I have never criticised you SB, but how about some more pictures of sexy young ladies?!
Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. The month that signals the beginning of the dark nights closing in and the heating being turned up that extra notch as the first signs of frost appear. But disappointingly for me at least, despite the extensive changes to the calendar this season, October is again dominated by short match PTC’s and quickfire Premier League snooker. But of course even these have now been shortened in this seemingly endless crusade to make every match the best of 1 with a shotclock to pander to the lowest form of snooker fan. It is then that we will discover which three from Matthew Stevens (37,815 points), Stephen Lee (37,470), Martin Gould (37,210) and Mark Davis (36,500) will book their top 16 slot in time for the UK and the Masters. We will also be treated to the sight of the players in pink as the tournament is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, a cause close to Academy owner Paul Mount’s heart. But I for one will be hoping that the players leave their etiquette at the airport departure lounge, get tanked up and start pissing in plant pots and abusing referees for just a few short days.
There will be more details of this to follow and the only stipulation for entering is that you must have an account with them online.
An advertisement for the tournament will be appearing in Snooker Scene this month and Clive Everton himself has assured me that they will give the event some coverage in there, which is a great honour for me personally as I grew up reading it. Hate to say it, but the abundance of short format snooker has made me lose a lot of interest recently. I think the streaming coming into things is great, but the short matches need to be broken up with some long match event or they will all end up looking and feeling the same and switching people off.

I know you’re gonna say something along lines of democracy and freedom of speech and all that crap but i wonder why, when you show his posts, what you think he’s adding?
I was really excited about the Hearn revolution and thought that more snooker would complete my re-interest in the sport and lead to a year long obsession on a par with how I feel during the 2 weeks of the Crucible. Surely best of 9 should be the very shortest format, and I’m not even a fan of those. There will be a great introductory offer to anyone that doesn’t and logs one straight from the blog. Never thought I’d hear myself say this but why not make the Masters a two table event for the last 16 and QF’s and play best of 17 throughout? The length of the match doesn’t determine the quality of the individual frame but it certainly says everything aboot the overall excitement.
Saturday-Tuesday Last 16, Wednesday and Thursday QF’s, Friday SF1 Saturday SF2, Sunday Final. I am really disappointed at the changes to the UK too, take it back to a great venue and shorten the matches, makes no sense at all to me.
One thing that I think Bazza might have misread that and I think he’s been wholly positive otherwise.

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