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Brad had gotten in touch with me through another performer about picking up a slot in our guerrilla showcase at the 2012 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference. The performance that propelled the push for a feature article in these pages was at WFUV-FM DJ John Platta€™s May 2013 a€?On Your Radara€? session at NYCa€™s Rockwood Music Hall.
During the On Your Radar set we became more fully aware of why Brad can get this kind of support.
In a suburb called Graymoor, on the south side of Chicago, Brad Cole spent what he calls a boring but safe childhood.
He got a drum kit for his bar mitzvah but, since they lived in a small house, the drums did not last long.
In short order, they were headlining major venues in Chicago, talking to labels and setting up a tour. At this point Brad started to really listen to Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Paul Simon and many other lyricists. He described the next step this way: a€?So I moved to East Nashville late in 2011, wrote a bunch of songs, found some great teachers and recorded a very simple album.
He has generated a loyal fan base that turns out for his shows and a€?that makes such a difference,a€? he said. At first listen, there appeared to me to be more similarities than differences between Exile and Down the Line. The much-lauded lead track on Exile, a€?Come Home,a€? is an inspired song channeling a military man who wishes nothing more than to return home and leave the madness of war behind.
The lead track, a€?Cry, Cry, Cry,a€? is crafted like a Rubika€™s cube, the lyrics and melody nimbly exploring the agony of love lost.
We recorded Brad performing one of his new songs, a€?Union of Souls,a€? at the On Your Radar show. One of the most effective examples of Brada€™s philosophy regarding his desire to mix styles is his collaboration with rapper Staff Johnson on the video a€?Killing Your Brother,a€? found on his website and on YouTube.
Wherever he finds his inspiration, we know we can always count on a live performance from Brad Cole to inspire the rest of us.
Brad a€?madea€? his mother take him to see the movie Woodstock before he was 10 years old.A  His earliest memory of playing was bongos along with his older brother and his friends while they played Kingston Trio and Beatles covers. It wasna€™t until he was a sophomore at the University of Illinois that Brad picked up his first guitar. Brad has been touring nonstop now for three years.A  He does 120-plus shows a year, mostly east of the Mississippi.
Nighttime, daytime, breakfast time, and somewhere around lunchtime can easily be mistaken for pure HELL, with Satan coming off as a My Little Pony in comparison. Michael Phelps has been taking Rio by storm, winning four gold medals so far, but his 3 month old baby Boomer is winning the internet. The web is buzzing over Phelps son with fiance Nicole Johnson and his support of his daddy who is retiring after the Summer Games. Check out this note where mom told her kids in order to get the internet password she had to see a picture of her clean kitchen.
Today while working on Sammya€™s home school work sheets she asks me a question that still blows my mind. An Ohio mother listed on a Reddit thread exactly how high the 'expectations' are for what kids should know and understand before they start at kindergarten. The youngster was supposed to know more than 30 letters, even though the alphabet only has 26. That doesn't mean she doesn't want to sometimes:) I know she HATES it when I leave my socks out in the living room.
Years after a Texas boy was raped, tied to a tree and set on fire, justice was finally served.
Little Jordan was born with some hearing loss and then after getting bronchitis which caused fluid build up in his ears when he was only 3 weeks old, he wasn't able to enjoy the sounds of life like his mother's voice, or the even the jingling of a baby rattle. By leaving your tooth out for one of our Tooth Adjusters, you, the toothee, have entered into a contractual obligation to perform measured work, herein known as Chores. We have been notified by your Parental units that these obligations have frequently gone uncompleted, and often have to be requested multiple times before they are, in fact, done. The most comfortable solution for all three parties involved (Tooth Adjusters, Toothee, and Parental Units) is for you, the toothee, to do your Chores as expected, on time, every day. Video Description:A A construction worker is hiding a giant 'Where's Waldo' cutout across from a children's hospital for kids to find. Jason Haney, a construction foreman, A built the 8-feet tall Where's Waldo character which he routinely moves to various locations at the construction site. Apparently he got the idea after patients and staff commented on how much they loved a snowman that he built last winter. Often times we are blind to, ignore, or neglect to see the small joys in day to day living. Gratitude or being grateful means to feel or show an appreciation of kindness; or to simply be thankful. The therapists, psychologists, and counselors on staff at Behavioral Health Clinic of Wausau are dedicated to addressing the emotional health needs of Wausau and the central Wisconsin area. Mother Ashley Grimm's heartache in a Facebook post over losing her son in a car accident is absolutely gut wrenching.
I have held my dead sons body in the middle of a highway while I rocked him and screamed - no ordered God to bring him back. I had no idea going in that Brad possesses the kind of talent that attracts top-flight backing musicians. He delivers mature, highly developed, radio-friendly songwriting and an assured stage presence. His roommate played blues harp through a little distorted amp and Brad decided it was cool so he kept playing.
Therea€™s a stripped-down quality to Down the Line that allows a more intimate feel and a sense that Brad is drawing us much closer to him. It offers hope in a new relationship: Between you and me I feel a spark, I feel your current radiate inside of me. It became clear to him that with the time he had left in his life, he needed to focus on his own artful expression of the truth and he needed to express that truth publicly. He had just been divorced so the writing and recording of this album were full of anger and heartache. This is a heartfelt cry for a cease-fire in the gang warfare in his hometown of Chicago.A  The combination of music and grieving images is wrenching.
Before she left, she wrote her husband a letter with instructions on watching their kids while she was gone. Quinn cries basically every 5 minutes, and you would think that Penny's esophagus was on certain fire every 4.5 seconds. I thought the alphabet was 26, apparently I'm not ready for,' while another said the demand may be referring to both upper and lowercase letters.
We both were married before, and we both learned a lot about ourselves after those marriages fell apart.
If these obligations are not fully completed, without demand, in the specified time frame (every day after school or camp), we will have no recourse but to repossess all of your remaining teeth, by force if necessary, with no repayment to you.

We live in a day and age where we are challenged to work harder, work longer, work quicker, do more in less time, and with less resources. As noted above, ita€™s easy to fall into the day to day and mundane scheduling of life; Flying from here to there without reflecting on or noticing the beautiful acts around you. If you open your eyes, your mind, and your heart, you will begin to see that there are more things to be grateful for within your life than you might have expected.
I feel led to write this to all you Mamas because I have a longing to look each of you in the eyes and tell you this: "Hold your babies tight". Soak in their smell, look at the innocent sparkle in their eyes that is lost somewhere between childhood and adulthood. I am such a huge Harry Potter fan so I may have to steal this idea (if I ever have another baby). We probably missed the years it took to develop that command, but the performera€™s execution gives the appearance of it always having been there. The group that gathered around him at Rockwood included genre-jumping bassist Craig Akin (Red Molly, among others), crackerjack drummer Joel Arnow (crisp and restrained, absolutely perfect) and Philip Sterk on pedal steel. After we got our communication strategy out of the way, Brad filled us in on how all this came to be. Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Prima and Frank Sinatra took their turns on the stereo. In a sort of limbo, describing that time, Brad says he a€?floated for a while.a€? Having married a few years before, he told me, a€?My daughter Rachel was born, which was a gift from God. He began hanging around the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and became part of its monthly songwriters group, Songwriters Forum, which was similar to the late Jack Hardya€™s weekly Songwritera€™s Exchange in New York. The album, Down The Line, has done exceptionally well in terms of airplay and sales, but the songs lend themselves to whoever I am playing with, and on stage, these songs take on a life of their own. If Exile was Brad doing a somersault on solid ground, on Down the Line, hea€™s doing cartwheels on a tightrope in mid-air. However, that said, ita€™s all done so deftly that ita€™s obvious Brad could have gone on indefinitely, making good money fronting rock bands in clubs. He asked himself, a€?How am I going to make this work?a€?A  He had saved a little money for his daughter Rachela€™s schooling, so he felt safe in taking the next step. If a tear doesna€™t slide down your cheek as you watch this, better get your pulse checked. Quinn will cry when you say the word hotdog, and will insist on Mac n cheese (but not the orange kind or the white kind, but the purple kind). This is the little girl that wakes up every morning and starts singing songs to God before she even gets out of bed. We've done a great job of bringing our families together in one house without killing anyone. A When his 10 year old son lost a tooth, he and his wife realized this could be an opportunity!
We rush from one event or task to another and may find that we get little recognition for our efforts, little to no internal or external reward, and sometimes not even a thank you.
External gratitude involves an outward expression of gratitude by yourself towards another person. Internal gratitude involves paying attention to and acknowledging the feelings associated with witnessing or being involved in one of those beautiful acts. For example, while running the other day I suddenly felt an odd feeling on the back of my leg. Maybe they can still have ice cream - even just sometimes - while those veggies still sit on their plate. If the loosehead That gives me hope, because the tide is turning But remember what I told you Tuesday a Republican is going to trigger a revolution or a civil war in the Democratic Party: progressives vs. We managed to catch him live at another showcase and he stuck out like a GQ cover model strolling the Bowery.
When Brada€™s older brother and sister came home from college, they brought home a deluge of rock a€™na€™ roll. Brada€™s new impetus was writing songs that were universal, that described the human condition, both othersa€™ stories and his own. It took a strong urge to create a more sublime version of lifea€™s truths to pry him away from repeating that pattern. Brad told her he had quit his job and was going to hit the road to try to break away from the rock a€™na€™ roll patterns hea€™d developed in Chicago.
It took a strong urge to create a more sublime version of lifea€™s truths to pry him away from repeating thatA  pattern.
Sometimes she can go by herself, and sometimes she's completely useless and will whine about everything. That worked out GREAT the next morning when she found two smelly socks sitting next to the toothbrushes by the sink! I feel like if you die alone because you were too lazy to empty the dishwasher you're going to feel REALLY stupid!
As you lie in bed and recall the events of your busy day, find at least three blessings in your day that you can be thankful for.
I had pulled away from a gas station, checking each buckle, and I began to drive the curvy, mountainous road to my family's house.
Set down your phone and see them through the lens of your eyes not only the lens of your camera. Visually depicted as bra burning lesbians or hormonal monsters, prowling the internet looking for an unsuspecting misogynist to devour. His voice has a sharp, unerring, laserlike quality, homing in on those uneasy truths most of us evade. I asked Brad how he found Philip, and he replied, a€?Philip was on tour when I heard him playing at The 5 Spot in East Nashville and I started stalking him.a€? Ita€™s obvious why. He didna€™t break out of the rock realm immediately, but performed with a series of other bands in Chicago. I guess this was my problem with my old records and where I was as a performer five -10 years ago. While Brad was not entirely satisfied with Exile, he had set the bar pretty high for improvement. The others will fight about anything and everything, with Quinn and Penny being the biggest instigators. You'll already have started making mac n cheese for Penny, but since she heard Quinn ask for toast, she'll also want that toast.
She'll ask for her Minnie Mouse nightgown, but once you put it on, she'll scream in agony because the sleeves are CLEARLY ripping her fucking arms off. As they lie in their beds, they'll then realize that their tiny mouths are on God damned fire, and they'll act as if they've just walked 800 fucking miles through the Sahara. I guess I am the one who is spoiled getting to wake up to such a beautiful voice and song in the morning.
These selfless acts require little time on your part yet can completely change the course of the day for a friend, family member, acquaintance, or complete stranger. My son was notorious for doing everything he could to unbuckle in the car ("The Flash doesn't wear a seatbelt, and I'm the Flash, mama") We tried five point harness seats, boosters, I believe even zip ties at one point (probably not safe either) but he always viewed it as a superhero challenge.

Remember the feeling of their head on your shoulder, their hand in yours, their sloppy kisses on your cheeks. When I said that the set sounded very Nashville-like, Brad responded, a€?Ita€™s not really what we are going for. Pepper, Frank Zappa, Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Beach Boysa€™ Pet Sounds, The Whoa€™s Tommy, James Taylora€™s Sweet Baby James, Elton Johna€™s Tumbleweed Connection, Blind Faith, and Santanaa€™s Abraxas.
It's most likely that Quinn will be pissed off about Penny wearing her Elsa dress, and Penny equally pissed off because Quinn will ONLY refer to her as Anna. You'll end up tossing the Mac n cheese because Bailey got the stomach flu 5 years ago after eating the orange kind, and Harper prefers the white kind. Fill that shit up, and add 2 drops of Peace and calming, one lavender, and one stress away. Both of my daughter's love for Jesus is inspiring, but it also makes me questiona€¦ Am I loving him enough? It dawned on me that the pup simply wanted some love and attention so I gave it to her, and honestly I needed some in that moment too.
The pre-Christmas party season also helped to put me back in the zone, so I stick to salad .
I get that comment quite a bit and I guess ita€™s because Philip is so present on pedal and dobro, but he isA hugelyA versatile a€” classic country licks in his sleep and Hendrix kind of stuff before breakfast.a€? The wildest part of it is that Philip lives in New York.
However, Brad described it as a€?still the same sort of club-rock music.a€? He had fun and grew as a player, but outside of the banda€™s friends and family, no one noticed.
You'll also forget about Harper because her friend Lily "unexpectedly" stopped by, so they went ripsticking down the street.
On average, I would usually pull over three or four times on any given trip to firmly make him buckle up again. And this war is going to be When you load a new map, you reset the gun the court yard immediately direct your party to run to the corner immediat In order to beat Carlito, there are two ways I have discovered. Later, as I reflected on my day, I noted that this simple act had great meaning to the emotional reward of my day. Either go into the battle with two pistols, one of which is The Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd recently warned it could Therefore, even in a community where we may have 100 paying customers and 300 electricity cheats so 75 per cent of our power is stolen, we’re still obliged to serve the 100 customers .
Chances are, Quinn will have the ULTIMATE spoon, and Penny will convince you that you've left her with the shittiest spoon in the bunch.
I had three choices: try to straddle the rock, move to the oncoming lane which was a double line large curve with an angry river at the other side. As a graduate of Women’s Studies, my interest was peaked when I heard of the newest ‘movement’ sweeping across the web.
Breakfast will be such a shit show that you'll forget to eat, and begin to experience the caffeine shakes. So what it is it about the F-word that gets people going so crazy?Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to condemn their opinions and decisions, I am going to point out the problem at the centre of this.
In my opinion the only problem with feminism is that people have the wrong definition of the movement itself.
The fact that in today’s society there is a divide between women about their own rights, experiences and beliefs is nothing new.
Feminism has long been separated into Liberal, Social and Radical and even during women’s suffrage, the word suffragette and suffragist had different connotations.
She'll then, sure as God made little green ass apples, wake up at 3am screaming that someone has stolen said sippy cup. The little boy who had been my pride and joy was cruelly taken from me in a matter of seconds. What is important here is to realise that ‘rights’ can mean different things to different people.
Feminists don’t simply say ‘I have rights, I’m fine’, instead they pursue this further and question a) whether this is true and b) the situation for all women across the world based on their varied lives.
When I awoke, I was unbuckling my baby from her car seat (she was upside down) and working to get each child (5 of my children were with me) out of the van. In reality, there are different types of women all over the world with very different perspectives of what it means to be liberated.
At the same time, two women from the very same socio-economic situation may want different things and feel entitled to varied rights. This is intersectionality in a nutshell.Following on from this a common opinion on this page is that these women don’t need feminism because ‘they enjoy being mothers, relish in domestic duty and love their husbands’.
Feminism is not about rejecting domesticity and motherhood and blaming everything on the patriarchy.
Betty Friedan addressed the issue of the suburban housewife who was unable to escape a life dictated for her but the problem was not with motherhood, the problem was women didn’t feel they were choosing. They should feel free to take on these roles as an individual while realising they are not condemned to these positions because of their gender.
A news report reporting the death of my child as if they were reporting that the weather might change, or a new planet had been discovered.
With regards to employment, feminists also largely fight the glass ceiling which represents the limit which women can reach within the workforce.
This ‘ceiling’ also applies to some males within minority groups, this is a real concern as women on average are still being paid less than men for the same work across various sectors.Sexual violence, rape and promiscuity are also addressed on this page.
Other comments read ‘just because a woman dresses like a slut, doesn’t mean she can get away with it by blaming the patriarchy’ followed closely with ‘I don’t need feminism because I am more afraid of feminists than I am of men’ and ‘I don’t believe all men are rapists, men get raped too’.Feminists are aware that both genders experience sexual violence, largely studies have proven that more women are raped than men but this doesn’t mean that men don’t experience sexual and domestic violence. These women believe that feminists see men as the problem when that is not the reality at all. When people speak of the patriarchy they are speaking of an age-old institution which still has incredible social relevance. It is a concept which not only puts down women but largely affects gay and lesbian people too. I wanted to scream that he always told me he wanted to marry me, that I was the best mama ever. Feminism aims to create an even playing field for all and the sad truth is, the message is being twisted and pulled apart.
That he built me Lego ships, took naps in my bed while holding my hand with his dimpled little fingers.
The problem lies when people begin to see the extreme as society’s paradigm of the typical feminist.
The people responding to this group believe that their closest representation of feminism is the true version of the movement.
There is a difference between the sexes, that is true but while the WAF say this is their liberation, women who are suffering from the oppression state otherwise and rightly so. One cannot simply say that all feminists are sexist as this is a generalisation and it is because of stereotypes and generalisations like these that we find ourselves in this current situation.
This is the 21st century and I believe we all need feminism, because Women Against Feminism exists.  Feminism.

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