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Changing up the retrospective to have different formats can be a great way to bring out the voice of different types of people by tapping into different talents and comfort zones. I’ve wanted to mix things up a bit last week, so decided to bring some colour into the retrospective by running an artistic retro. Love to hear any ideas on base images to start the artistic retro out with if you have them – leave me a comment below. VCPlans is a business plan writing service specializing in startup, bank, and investor business plans. Our business plan writers have years of experience in crafting plans that consistently receive high praises and funding. I also find it’s a great way to get people talking about what happened in a different way and makes them think of things that they wouldn’t have come up with with the tried and true method. I’ve done this type before starting with a blank piece of paper and usually find it really hard (unless the team is quite artistic and in to the whole idea) to get going and get good results from it. At first I took the black pen away to force some colour but they quickly got right into it so I quickly gave it back as it wasn’t an issue.

I’ve taken off all the postits that described what each of part of the drawing represented and how we thought about fixing or changing things but I think you can still see the variety of ideas that came through. The problem I’ve often encountered is these meetings can get quite boring after awhile if you do them the same way and ask the exact same questions each time. Choosing VC Plans is choosing a company that will get to know you and your vision, then create a stunning business plan that you can be proud of. Inevitably, people fall into roles of being quiet while the more dominant get more airtime.
The abstraction of putting things on the anchors for things that slowed you down, things on the sails that made you go quicker, obstacles in the water for things you had to overcome, canons etc on the bow for battles you had to fight really help people start with the drawing process.

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