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Here's a trailer of The Light: A Book of Wisdom – watch it now and feel your own Light awaken further!
Mind body healing, indeed the very concept of mind body, is nothing new; indeed it is very old.
However, the rise of rational materialism in the 19th century decried such “superstition” and replaced it with the dogmatic assertion that  only matter mattered and that the body obeyed the laws of physics and entropy rather than metaphysics. Meanwhile, a branch of psychology glorying under the name of psychoneuroimmunology was establishing more and more connections between mental and emotional factors and a whole host of conditions ranging from the common cold to “killers,” such as cancer and heart disease. I was pondering this simple but hugely important concept recently in relation to the economic crisis, which has such a stranglehold over so many economies and the lives of so many people in the developed world. BIO: Richard Waterborn developed an early interest in healing due to the near death of his mother who sought help from many of the healers of the time. Our debut book, The Light, is a charity project with the goal of raising one million dollars for charity. By joining our Spread the Light Campaign, you too can spread The Light to the world, helping us to raise our one million dollar target for charity. The Power of Positive Self Esteem like all power principles is a vitally important principle to understand. The knowledge of how our minds ultimately controlled our bodies was understood and practiced thousands of years ago by the pre-patriarchal societies and ancient civilizations of Egypt and the Classical era. It wasn’t until late in the twentieth century that a scientific basis for the mind-body paradigm emerged.
More recently, the work of Dr Bruce Lipton, documented in The Biology of Belief has brought about a quantum leap in our understanding of how thoughts  and feelings affect our very cells and the way they work and as such mind body healing. Since the financial crash of 2008, when the world’s major banks collapsed like a string of dominoes, the economy has been locked down in defense mode.

In 1994, he met and studied with Drunvalo Melchizedec and became a certified facilitator of the Flower of Life. One hundred percent of the net profits from the book sales will be donated to our eight chosen charities. Become a Light Spark, a Light Holder, a Light Bearer or a Light Ray, and your generous contribution will illuminate the pathways of those in need. In his ground-breaking book Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra, himself a highly qualified medical doctor and endocrinologist, applied the new physics of Einstein in which energy and matter are constantly interchanging, to how the mind and body work together to produce health or disease.
The failure of the US, the EU and other sovereign governments such as the UK to introduce growth measures to re-stimulate their economies has led to a chronic failure and collapse of the cells (individuals) and organs (businesses, companies). Moreover, it is our perceived stress that is crucial, ie how stressful a particular event, situation or relationship appears to oneself, not to anyone else or some objective measurement, that is important. Under normal conditions our cells and organs operate in growth mode: all their energy and nutritional resources directed towards carrying out optimal cell function, growth and reproduction, promoting bodily health. Until our leaders recognize the fundamental laws of biology and Life, and give them precedence over the laws of austerity economics, our body politic will continue to suffer and die. However in times of stress the autonomic system goes into defense mode, shutting down all of the growth functions and diverting resources into the “fight-or-flight” response. When it becomes chronic, however, remaining locked in defense mode has severe repercussions for our health and well-being with cellular and organic dysfunction leading ultimately to disease and physical breakdown. The more "correct statement" would be that at some point in our lives we've "allowed it" to happen as we were growing up. Because in the bigger scheme of things, it's not anyone's fault in the literal sense of the word.In the vast majority of cases everyone does the best they can as they teach us what they believe to be "true and real and right" about life based on where they are in their understanding.
Higher Truth is infinite in nature and only delivers to us in life just as we believe and choose for it to.To experience greater outcomes it's necessary to make some different choices.

We're taught and have developed "beliefs" that getting what we want is "hard", not possible, requires struggle and that "the chips just fall as they will."And we always get to be right.
We ALWAYS get to experience life just as we choose.Although this indoctrination can and often does happen in the most innocent of ways and with the best of intentions, it's done nonetheless. And we have allowed it.We're not taught about how awesome and powerful and creative we are. We're not "taught" about the inalienable gifts we've been provided to create or if you prefer co-create our lives consciously and intentionally in a way that we "truly desire."We're taught and in most cases "believe" just how imperfect and limited we are. We're "taught" what's rational, logical, practical and "doable or not doable" for ourselves. As a result, we create and experience our lives in a way that harmonizes with what we've chosen.
That is at the core of why we do whatever we do, why we act the way we act which inevitably results in what we have or don't have. Granted, sometimes it doesn't "seem" that way when we observe others "doing so" in way that hurts or somehow adversely affects others. The power that we've each been equally provided to create a kind and quality of life limited only by our individual choices. We begin to "see and experience" a shift in the world around us.We begin getting "more of what we want." How is it that a sense of high esteem of self is so important in achieving harmony, fulfillment, abundance and happiness in life?

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