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Quagmire pick up lines feature the most witty icebreakers from the resident pervert of the popular TV show Family Guy.
All lines on our website come in both image and text form so they can be shared on social media, used as profile pictures etc. When you view these posts, you will also be given an option to view the lines as images that you can share on social media or use as a profile picture or avatar.
Quagmire is a relentless guy always on the hut for meeting women and getting them in bed with him.

The general format of the site is that there are different types of pick up lines you can choose from by clicking on the appropriate posts below.
Save an image that you like and send it to someone you're interested in as a conversation starter and I guarantee an interesting conversation will ensue.
He looks to be having fun which is what really helps his delivery and makes it so flawless. Quagmire is the ultimate accessory.Share on TwitterShare on Facebook Are your pants made of Windex?

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