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This is because Automation Testing is nothing but a branch of testing a€“ a form that uses a little more a€?techia€™ approach to testing itself. It is very easy for a beginner to look at an automation test or program and think that it looks very technical and that you will never be able to even understand it much less write something like that. Since automation test step is performed by a machine instead of a human, you just have to make sure that you write your instruction (test step) as clearly as possible without any ambiguity. Here is what I do a€“ I start from the a€?Filea€? menu option and move on until a€?Helpa€? and try to give a perfunctory glance at each and every menu-submenu items there are.
While automation testing is great and gives the testers a a€?God-Complexa€™, we have to accept that in some cases it is just not the way to go. So, I hope this article has answered some questions that all you aspiring automation testers must have had. Descriptive programming is a mechanism for creating tests where you use a€?Programmatic descriptiona€? of objects instead of recording them.
Static Descriptive programmingStatic method is when you try to access an object by using a set of properties and values directly in a VB statement. The above set of statements will extract all the buttons on a page and store them in the ObjectList object.
The versatility of using descriptive programming is that these lines of code will work on any open page. This is because we have the name of the title of the page set to * which is a regular expression. So you can see, how we can write code that can be used in more than one occasions by not hard coding the property values and by creating the objects at run time. Using a a€?For loopa€™ is better because in this case you dona€™t need to know how many objects are in your description object. There will be many instances while you are preparing your tests that you will have to connect to an external DB or some other data sources. We all know that when we open an excel application, the entire file is a workbook which has sheets with columns and rows where we put in the data. A shared object repository stores objects in a file that can be accessed by multiple tests (in read-only mode).
One of the important aspects when planning your tests (or choosing a framework for your project) is to consider where and how you want your objects to be stored and how they have to be made available to the tester. In one of our previous tutorial we talked about how objects get selected if a certain action has both Shared OR and Local OR, multiple shared ORs, etc.

We will see how a shared OR is created and how we can move objects to and from a shared OR to local or vice versa. To maintain ORs in your test there is a specialized Object Repository Manager that QTP provides. In this example, we will see how to create a shared OR for a test, understand how it can be associated and see how the objects can be used. In here, you can specify environment, Class, Name, Properties and Add the object to the repository.
Method #2) Add Objects: On choosing this option, the pointy hand gets active, QTP gets minimized and when you click on the object you wish to add, the following dialog shows up and you can add the object. After you decide to use a shared OR for your test, create one and add objects to it, the tester has to explicitly include the .tsr file to the test to be able to use the objects in it.
On successful association, the shared OR will appear in the Resources pane if it is already visible or you can launch the same from a€?View->Resourcesa€? option.
If you want to remove the association, you can right click on the .tsr in the resources pane and select a€?Remove Repository from Lista€? option. Evidence for my ePortfolio - Here you see sample of two training agendas from my staff development sessions wherein we us the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) model.
Professional Learning Community Meeting Agenda New Haven Adult School - CTE Review, Reflect,Museum of Lessons, Lesson Teacher’s sample lessons objectives, Review feedback notes received. When you take a second to closely consider what a programming language contains, most of them are more or less the same. Every tool that comes into the market no matter how technically robust it is tries to be user friendly. In such times, be graceful about it because testing is our main cause, whether we take the automation route or the manual route. In case you decide to venture into it and have any further reservations, please let us know through the comments. No matter how many examples you look at and understand, you will need hands on experience to really work with it. Once connected, you also will have to move data to and from these apps to QTP and vice versa. As the name indicates, you just have to instruct QTP to a€?navigate and learna€™, point to an object in your app and QTP automatically gets the objects depending on your filter settings. Your test continues to use the objects in the local object repository, and the new shared object repository is not associated with your test. Or you can go to a€?Resources->Associated Repositoriesa€? menu option, select the shared ORM to remove and click on the cross sign.

Though there are many other features to ORM and OR, we will limit ourselves to what we have learned in this article as they are the most useful ones. Take VB Scripting for example, you will need to know the data types, the way in which variables and constants are handled, the different operators, conditional statements, loop statements, arrays, functions etc.
As a tester you are not expected to know how the objects are coded into your AUT and what values they are set to.
Though it is beyond the scope of these articles to provide a complete guide for working with external interfaces, we will look into a few that are most commonly used. If the action had any checkpoints the same would have been available in this dialog to edit. Choose this option from the menu or hit F6, in the screenshot notice the little navigate and learn dialog on the top of the page. Here are some simple measures that will help you be the kind of automation tester that you desire to be. Once you understand these concepts you can easily extrapolate your knowledge to any language.
Think of it as if you are translating your manual test into a different medium other than English.
You dona€™t want an automation tool to just do the data entry and leave the analysis to you.
Make sure your program will be able to clearly determine and present the result as pass or failed.
The test results will indicate that the test object was created dynamically during the run session using a programming description or the ChildObject methods. You can launch it from your current test by clicking on the icon or from the a€?Resources->Object Repositorya€? option. Use GROUP NORMS consensus building for decision-making. Use Respect Each Other: Discuss conflict with honesty and consideration of consensus building for decision-making. What didn’t Report out run of CoFA for standard 5.1 work? What should we do ACTION ITEM differently?

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