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Learn real strategies, that work.We continually improve our techniques, strategies, and insights from in the field which contribute to our overall platform. Clothes are an expression of one’s personality and lifestyle, so this clone army uniform adopted by the PUA fraternity is not just odd, it also goes against the big picture in Game of being a free thinker. A women’s focus on you allows you to project your persona toward her, a protracted glance may even act as an invitation to approach (or IOI).
Post War with the demise of English geopolitical power and associated culture, men started to look in another direction.
The discount clothing retailer, the Zaras and H&Ms seek to copy draw upon the designers fashions, but at a fraction of the price. So what do I mean by the strategies used by the fashion industry to make you part with your hard earned money?
The length of blazers, the types of casual jacket worn, the rise of a trouser all move in a cyclical way.
Materials used in the modern clothing industry have shifted to the cheapest cloths, cotton being the main one, while more expensive (& IMO better) cloths such as wool and linen have been pushed out. 2) Understand what proportions of clothing will flatter your form, this is dependent on your build and body shape (it doesn’t mean as some PUAs have understood it to wear figure hugging clothes, it might look nice on a women, but NOBODY wants to see your nuts in those skinny jeans).
3) Understand what colours suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour (navy seems to flatter most men, which is probably why it has remained the dominant colour in men’s clothing). Ultimately, realise that your style and the clothes you wear are only one (small) variable in successfully attracting women. This is a ONE OFF workshop with KEZIA, the worlds leading female pick-up coach, and her team of beautiful wing girls, experienced wingmen and ‘pick up’ coaches. Learn how to effectively pick up hot women in the day time and the night time by obtaining the secrets of successful pick up artists, and combine that with the ground breaking insight from the leading female pick up coach. Here you will witness demonstration and learn theory of all the effective “day game” techniques, by trainers who ACTUALLY get results.
Here you will learn Kezia’s groundbreaking system, which will stop you from running out of things to say ever again.
Here you will see Demonstrations, and learn invaluable ‘night game’ theory and techniques that will take your results in the clubs and bars to the next level. This and the ’10 hook lead system’ is one of the most in demand requests that Kezia gets, and for one whole hour, she will show you how to turn a girl on, get her in the mood and as a result increase your chances significantly of getting a kiss close and of course an F-close. Learn how to make sure those number closes don’t flake out, and how you can keep the girl interested in you for longer. This is the best part; we are going to hit the BEST clubs and bars that Brighton has to offer! And of course, Kezia will be there for the whole boot camp, and she will be there for any advice and feedback that you might need whenever you want. Just because the price is so low, don’t think you will not get the expert advice and full attention that you deserve.

This event is going to be full of brand new material and will increase any guys’ current results, and will take his success rate to a whole new level.
But most of all, we are going to have a lot of fun; this will definitely be a 12 hour experience to remember.
Each step will hand you either a valuable piece of information, a new skill, an effective technique or a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM, which you can apply to any aspects of your game. It was often the man who dressed more flamboyantly than the woman and attracted attention by wearing wigs, brightly coloured coats in various shades along with breeches (knee length tightly fitting trousers made for riding).
Italian manufacturers had drawn upon the basis of English dress but softened up the tailoring, made clothing lighter and comfortable and experimented with new cloths. The idea was that a designer would use his eye and knowledge of men’s style to produce a whole wardrobe for the modern man. Men should perhaps think themselves lucky as women’s fashion and accessories change even more dramatically from season to season.
Currently men are wearing short jackets which are reminiscent of school boys who have grown out of their old school blazer. Production is usually outsourced to licensed factories in places with the lowest labour costs (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey etc) with staff often working in abysmal conditions. See them for what they are, a cynical ploy to fill greedy board member’s pockets with money. We are conditioned by the retail industry to believe that the way we dress will lead to success in attracting the opposite sex (sex sells after all). Learn from some of the best instructors, coaches and wing girls in the world and receive honest and detailed feedback and advice, as well as actually applying all you learn with us. This is the first factor men have to get right, and by doing this, you will learn a new technique that will get you in to a positive state of mind almost instantly! Here we will explore direct and indirect day game, and show you how to get solid number closes and kiss closes in the day too.
One of the most common sticking points men have is ‘running out of things to say’ But thanks to this incredible system, you will not only have endless material but you will also get one of the most powerful and honest insights in to the female mind. This section will deal with Kino, Openers, wingman ship, social proof, dance floor game and number closing.
Ali is one of Kezia’s most advanced trainers on her team, and he unashamedly gets threesomes from hot women on a regular basis. The only catch is, that the BRIGHTON boot-camp is a one off event, so unfortunately if you can’t make it for the 10th of July then please don’t hope in vain that you will be able to attend the next event the week later. Their professionalism and attention to detail and understanding of their students needs is of paramount importance to me. As most guys do, I had a tendency to ask boring questions that lead to idle chit chat and not a quality conversation or deeper connection with a woman. However, once they go through the PUA sausage factory in London, they all bizarrely seem to come out the other end looking like each other (the PUA kit).

It was only until the regency period (1795-1837) that men adopted a simple and Spartan look with the rise of the dandies (ironically the word is now misused to mean a man who overdresses, when in reality the dandies stood for the exact opposite principle, they abandoned the wigs, wore a dark navy coat and adopted trousers). As America started to boom post war it exported its culture Hollywood and its pop and rock and roll music. These brands have spawned huge corporations as well as a whole sea of smaller entities who develop certain strategies to maximise their profits (as we will discuss below). Women spend incredible amounts of money (or fawn over) to get this season’s handbag or at least imitations of it. Any talk of heritage and history is frankly rendered laughable through these practises, and usually represents the bullshit factor used to build enormous margin into the final sales price. It may well help you to some extent to stop a girl, lead to a better impression, but a good PUA doesn’t need to dress well to pickup even the hottest girls. Ali will share his secret in a detailed and easy to understand format and will also demonstrate this new and much anticipated technique with you. All of Kezia’s trainers will be give you detailed feedback and encouragement, and they can all work on any level of game, whether you are a beginner or on an advanced stage they will help you take your results to the next level. This was the forerunner of the modern navy suit which became the uniform of the English gentleman. It is of course utterly foolish, as there are certain ideal proportions for men’s clothing which serve to flatter the male form.
Focus on your Game, but think about your style too as it’s an easy thing to improve on to give you a slight edge on the street.
She helped to provide me with some strategies and mental exercises that will improve my ability to lead interesting and stimulating interactions. For a jacket for instance the length used by (good) tailors was always half the distance between the bottom of the neck and the bottom of the shoe.
It was incredibly helpful, having never received such feedback from a woman’s perspective before. In addition to this, Kezia also explained how to deal with various types of women, including those that don’t initially want to talk much and those that actively don’t want to talk to you. Kezia clearly knows what she is talking about, and won’t fill you with what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Kezia really helped my inner game, the rest then came naturally” She is a great person to help to start your journey to becoming confident with hot women.

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