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There’s a lot of talk in the dating industry right now about richard la ruina’s stealth attraction system, but is it really that good and is it any different to. My stealth attraction review: how i bedded 2 girls in one weekend using gambler’s techniques. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Back in the day, if anyone asked me about him and his company, I'd tell them that he was just another copycat with no original content.

That's just a short list of the big names that are endorsing Female Mind Mastery right now. Female Mind Mastery is the newest, biggest, and most epic seduction training program to hit the scene as of late.
Since I've got plenty of friends in high places in the seduction industry, I got the chance to go through this product a couple days ago before its public release in order to write a fair review.
I've always believed that sexual mastery was a very important and often undervalued skill in pickup. In it, world-renowned porn star Marcus London takes you step by step through the process of absolutely wrecking (in a good way) a woman in bed. Everyone in the seduction community is always talking about getting a girl into bed, but then a lot of guys end up having problems in the bed!

A lot of newbies ask, "Who is the best guru?" I tell them, "60 Years of Challenge." They then ask me, "Who wrote that?" I tell them, "No, dude, that's his name.
He has extensive experience in not only dating plenty of wonderful women, but also in teaching other men how to be successful in their love lives. They are well-known and well-established brands that pickup artists recognize, and for good reason. His views on seduction and dating have been largely influenced by his experience as a musical performer, American culture, and Zen Buddhism.

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