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Richard La Ruina, also known as Gambler from PUA Training, quickly got famous in the UK market as a pickup artist and dating coach. When he reached the age of eighteen, Gambler took his life savings of around ?2000 and invested it in the stock market. Gambler started to learn about dating secrets soon after he read “The Game” when it was first published in 2005. He advanced very quickly and started working on his looks while building a strong emotional state.
PUA Training’s first breakthrough was when Richard La Ruina, was featured in a Channel 4 documentary “First Cut: The Rules of Seduction”.
Richard is the author of a book which is quite popular since it explains how you should be better with women.
Becoming a pick up artist (someone who’s very good at attracting and sleeping with women) means you need to master a handful of pick up artist techniques.
Well I mean a bunch of tried and tested openers, one-liners, closers and tips that were designed and refined to help you build attraction with women. The reason you need to master these PUA techniques, is because they have been known to help improve your game MASSIVELY. So the better you are at each of these techniques, the more chance you have of pulling women… a whole load of women if you want. The best way to use these techniques is to practice them in-field on all types of women, as much as you possibly can.
For example, if you’re at work Monday to Friday, try them out in your lunch break every day. You basically want to get to the point where you hit certain hot spots with women and know exactly when to use a certain technique… this does come with practice though. Simply, walk beside her and then jog slightly in front of her with your hand up signaling her to stop, as you do so you can say “Excuse me, I just have to tell you something…”.
Known to PUA’s as the best way to grab a girls attention in bars or clubs, but also used in general as a way of girls chasing after you. For example, if you’re in a picture with two other very attractive women, you’re all smiling and seeming to have a great time.
So start engineering your social circle so it has more attractive women and high status males who help with showing that you’re a high status guy yourself. Just walk up to a girl and say “Hey, I just saw you from over there and had to come and say hi, because I think you’re incredibly cute”. You could open a girl and say “Excuse me, I’m meeting a friend and he said he’s outside Leicester Square tube station, do you know where that is by any chance?”. If you said “You’re from Sweden right?” if you get it right, she’ll be taken back by how insightful you are, but if you get it wrong, it’s more interesting to her, than if you were to say “So where are you from”. For the number just say “Ok cool, so listen I need to go but we should hang out sometime (pause) what’s your number, I’ll text you”. PLUS I'll give you a free subscription to my "Stealth Seducer" newsletter, packed full of powerful seduction techniques. Best advice I could give any guy (not like I’m qualified to give advice), is go out not trying to accomplish anything, talk to as many girls as you can and approach a girl quickly after eye contact and IOIs. This is a very nice low-down and reminder of what needs to be done, I am from Ireland and to find other PUAs or people interested in Pick up is like trying to find leprechauns – there out there but were??? Then you need to start again from scratch… build rapport, get a connection, break rapport, qualify, sexually escalate. If it weren't for you I would still be a virgin (at 20), severely depressed, constantly contemplating why I'm alive and thinking things will never change and that life will always be lonely, empty, and average at best.
My life has totally changed right from the way I act to the way I think to the way I dress..
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Much like with a pack of wolves, the Alpha Male in the world of Pick-Up Artistry must be as confident as possible. Most importantly, though, to be the Alpha Male you must believe that you are the Alpha Male.

If you can accomplish these few tasks, than you’re well on your way to being an Alpha Male.
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He describes his childhood as the most difficult part of his life because he faced a lot of problems at school. The money that he made from the stock markets was later put towards constructing and marketing the dating company which he created. Richard studied at several different schools that were centered on the art of picking up women. Even though he favors a more natural style, he has created wonderful information about hypnosis and NLP. Kezia Noble worked with him for around two years before she decided to retire from his company. So the way you open a girl in a club would be different to how you would open her in the street. This technique helps you stop a girl so you can grab her attention and start a conversation.
The direct opener shows you are a dominant, alpha and confident guy who doesn’t hold his intentions back. Even though they are less effective, they can still work in terms of breaking the ice and warming up the conversion.
Where most guys fail is by asking too many questions, so you need to flip that on it’s head and assume rather than ask.
Don’t touch her for longer than a couple of seconds each time because it will come across as creepy. It’s designed to arouse a woman and make her think of you in a sexual way as opposed to just a friend. Don’t assume she doesn’t like being touched, just keep touching until she pulls away or says something. So along with the kinoing and sexual dialing you want to throw in a few attraction spikes, also known as qualification. I would recommend you choose a few of the techniques, remember them and work on them for a few weeks rather than doing all of them at once. Before you actually start talking or making out or whatever, have fun with this and pantomime if you can.
Just keep running the same game until enough rapport has been built and she can’t resist.
I've now got hot women begging me to take them out…They even go as far as running their fingers through my hair in the first few minutes we meet can you believe that so thanks a lot you guys are awesome!!! Son 45 imagenes de hermosas mujeres con pechos bastante grandes, pero no son solo los pechos, es que todas son muy bellas de caras y con unos cuerpos espectaculares, sin duda las imagenes son bastante recomendadas. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Louis Missouri, Riverside California, Corpus Christi Texas, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Lexington-Fayette Kentucky, Anchorag municipality, Alaska, Stockton California, Cincinnati Ohio, St. No matter which of those two you are, there is one very specific quality that all future artists must have – confidence. He must be able to step up to any situation with the attitude that he will succeed no matter what.
He should, however, have some level of cockiness to be able to stroll up to the most gorgeous girl in the club and flat out tell her what he wants. When you speak as the Alpha, you must sound like you’re using your own words and not something you pulled from a Reader’s Digest. It may not be a truth in many scenarios, but it is a concept that stands strong in the world of the Pick-Up Artist. The key word you need to remember is confidence – for with the right level of confidence, you can have successful game without coming off as obnoxious.
During this time he obtained the alias “The God of Gamblers” after a movie character from Hong Kong. He also supports lifestyle development in order to attract more women easily in his courses.

In 2007 Richard gained a lot of attention in UK when his book “The Natural Art of Seduction” published and this helped him in promoting PUA Training. Even though they failed to get any investment; Dragon Den’s members were quite impressed with their finances of the business proposal.
The reason for him visiting these places was because he wanted to pick women from different places around the world since the cultures are vastly different. He doesn’t attend most of his boot camps in London and USA since he is constantly traveling. But for the sake of your reputation and for saving your readers from learning wrong stuff, stop putting the other guy’s (Yad) photos and stuff on your web site.
Paul Minnesota, Toledo Ohio, Newark New Jersey, Greensboro, North Carolina, Plano Texas, Henderson Nevada, Lincoln Nebraska, Buffalo New York, Fort Wayne Indiana, Jersey New Jersey, Chula Vista California, Orlando Florida, St. Our clients know that if you are an Alpha Male you will have abundance of women, friends, things. It is because of our instructors have a good tasty on what clothes men should wear in order to attract girls. In regards to confidence, though, there is such a thing as “over confident”, and obnoxiously cocky is one thing the Alpha Male should not be. It’s being able to take control of a situation that gives the Alpha Male the status he has. Playing off of the importance of confidence, you should be able to spout through a routine (or scripted conversation) without it coming off as a pre-determined dialogue. Gambler also claims that he was never good women and had never kissed a girl by the time that he turned twenty-one.
The schools included Mystery method, Real Social Dynamics, and Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction. Richard is known to favor teaching methods that are focused more on the natural ways to pick up women instead of just teaching routine techniques or the basic pick up artist courses to his students.
I actually prefer groups of three, because you can easily pick the hottest one, and the other two will understand that you don’t want all three of them. To portray yourself as the alpha, when you approach a woman you must be able to show that you’re 100% comfortable with yourself.
The danger of the situation going awry should be the drive that pushes you to take such an action, not the deterrence that forces you to cower in the corner. It was release quite late when compared to the other companies but it quickly became famous. She became his main female dating instructor in the PUA Training Company which he was going to establish in 2007. If yes, go get coffee, if no thanks, then go ask the next cute girl where you can find coffee! After Same Day Lay they represent for women that they want meet them again, create something together to make this world better. If you show any indication that, in the back of your head, you’re thinking of anything negative about yourself, you can loose that Alpha Male status rather quickly. If she is alone, there will be no distractions but the bathroom and any other AMOGs that want to interrupt your game. They say that they manipulated her based on English market, where people are stressed out and search just value (live in better place and earn more money). PUA Training is also among the companies that are growing rapidly internationally in the regions of South America, North America, and Asia.
She even mentioned the story of how she came to know Gambler and how he instantly hired her for his company. After Same Day Lay our clients start to change women`s mindset about relationships (you will never be happy working for two jobs and being stressed-out).

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