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2) Focus on one thing at a time when you have countless moron’s throwing their two cents in, when they haven’t even tried those same pickup theories themselves yet. Well it’s something I realised a while back after picking up a book called Go Put Your Strengths To Work by Marcus Buckingham. You HAVE to identify your strengths and forget your weaknesses (or deal with them as and when they arise but not focus on them).
A grey area I haven’t mentioned about would be social game, which is meeting women through friends.
Some guys are better at building rapport than others because they are more empathetic, understanding and care what girls are saying. For me, I’m way better at night game than I am at day game, so I focus more of my attention on that as I get the most results in this area. Simple as that dude, focus on your strengths and you’ll not only get better faster, you’ll also enjoy it a whole lot more. PLUS I'll give you a free subscription to my "Stealth Seducer" newsletter, packed full of powerful seduction techniques.
If it weren't for you I would still be a virgin (at 20), severely depressed, constantly contemplating why I'm alive and thinking things will never change and that life will always be lonely, empty, and average at best. My life has totally changed right from the way I act to the way I think to the way I dress.. Never has there been a country whose women could match the beauty of a golden goddess from Brazil. Some people make the analogy that all beautiful women are less than bright, but in Brazil that method of thinking will only leave you in the dirt. When deciding on a wingman, you will want someone that can effectively represent not only you, but also the crowd you hang around with. The "accomplishment intro" is an essential part of the evening and, if done incorrectly, could be the difference between scoring and falling flat.
My job with Love Systems takes me around the world on a pretty regular basis, in the past 7 years I’ve taught or gamed in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, London, Mexico City, Monaco, Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and all over the UK, Australia and Canada. Personally, I’ve found that the stuff we teach at Love Systems works pretty consistently all across the world.
That said, there’s a pretty broad consensus amongst the Love Systems instructors that some places are easier and more fun to game in than others. The map is from a World Economic Forum Tourism Report, measuring the openness of different countries to foreign visitors, and there are some interesting observations that fit perfectly with my, and other Love Systems instructor’s experiences. It also makes obvious sense that a country that was more open to foreigners would be a better place for a foreigner like myself to game than a place that was less open. BTW, I’m currently listening to an old interview of you and Cajun on the PUA podcast show with the Harbingers. Although it says Canadians are super friendly, I’ve heard Toronto is a tough place to pick up.
These kinds of studies are interesting, but there are just way too many factors for it to be useful for an individual guy.
This is a really interesting topic and one that I’ve been discussing at length with a lot of my other friends lately.
I’ve found that Australia is not quite as open as Canada and less open than the better cities in the US.
I’m expecting this topic to raise a lot of questions and also controversy as Asian girls seem to be on the top of a lot of fetish lists for guys these days. Not only are they some of the most exotic and attractive women in the world, they are also very clean, polite and respectful… which can’t be said for a lot of western women. Today I’m going to run through several tips which I’ve used to meet, attract and seduce Asian women of all kinds, both in their home country and in other counties.
Western asian girls – Brought up in a very western culture such as the USA or UK, they have an eclectic mix of friends… black, white, etc.

Home grown asian girls – Brought up in their hometown (Japan, China, Korea etc) and adopt the culture, which is much more strict, respectful and timid. This is usually down to the fact that the parents don’t want their children to date other races. Even though a lot of them will grow up wanting to date other races, they will always go back to their “comfort zone” which is the Asian guy. These techniques won’t work on every Asian girl, but they will work on a large number of them. Be dominant and direct – Asian girls are naturally (usually) quite timid due to their strict upbringing, so they really respond well to a firm and authoritative manner, even more so than the average western woman.
Take your time – Sorry guys, most Asian women won’t give it up on the first night, so you need to work for it over a few weeks. Build a deep connection – Asian girls love the whole fairy tale story because they are very romantic and soppy at heart, so concentrate on building a strong connection with them.
Their country… duh – What’s the point in waiting for the right Asian girl to come along, just get over to their country and have your pick dude. Your social circle – Your social circle can bring you so many women it’s ridiculous, not to mention Asian women.
Asian bars and clubs – Google bars and clubs in your city that are notorious for an Asian crowd.
University campus – There are a growing number of Asian women on college and university campuses, so these are always great places to pick them up. Put her on a pedestal – It’s important to treat all women the same, otherwise you’re going to treat them differently to other women, which obviously makes you look needy. Talk about Asian stereotypes – Talking about Geisha girls or strict parents is boring and falls under the “no go” stereotypes, not to mention they are extremely frustrating to her as she’s heard them a thousand times before.
Impress her with stupid Asian related “facts” – Do you think she cares about how many bicycles there are in Beijing?
Be too shy or reserved – Remember, when she doesn’t respond it’s not because she doesn’t like you, it’s because she’s shy, so you need to be the dominant one. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username!
I've now got hot women begging me to take them out…They even go as far as running their fingers through my hair in the first few minutes we meet can you believe that so thanks a lot you guys are awesome!!!
These exotic beauties may be gorgeous enough to come off as intimidating to most, but as a Pick-Up Artist in training, you should be able to keep your cool around them. You'll need to practice your game very carefully before you approach your "big catch" of the evening. If your wingman gives off the impression that you're hanging with an unfavorable crowd, than you'll be looking at turned heads before you know it.
As the wingman, your friend of choice will need to talk you up and brag on your behalf without sounding both forced and completely fake.
You want to exude a certain level confidence a€“ anything more and you'll come off simply as pompous.
There are obviously local cultural differences that need to be taken into consideration, but in the end, women around the world all find themselves attracted to men who are assertive (by their cultural standards), who move things forward, who carry themselves with confidence, and who understand the social dynamics of the interaction – all things Love Systems teach in our bootcamps. Also, openness to foreigners probably indicates a higher level of openness to strangers and new experiences in general, which would make cold-approach pickup more effective. Especially in big countries like the United States, there are significant cultural and attitude differences from city to city and from state to state.
The Russians are quite modern when it comes to sexual attitudes, far more liberal than Americans, yet they are ranked on the same level as Iran and Saudi Arabia in the map. Having traveled from one side of the planet to the other, I would agree that most of the findings are correct. These girls are much tougher than home grown girls, they are harder to crack and have a little bit of an attitude because they have been hounded by guys for a while, especially if they are smokin hot.

They are fully immersed with their own race, so dating another race is usually a grey area. Obviously this isn’t a solid rule in every household but it’s what I’ve experienced when talking to a ton of Asian girls from all different parts of the world. Take them for a coffee, get to know them, build deep levels of rapport and then begin sexually escalating heavily on the 3rd meetup. The best way to meet them is by befriending Asian guys, as they will always know a few women. They won’t be angry that you’re there, it’s like you rolling into a gay bar, they won’t exactly kick you out for not being Asian. In this South American country, the concept of the PUA Brazil is not a popular one, which could either work to your benefit or hinder your advancements. To ensure you have the proper approach, you'll want a wingman that knows what he's doing and knows what to say. He will need to scope out the catch of the evening to make sure he says the right things and doesn't bring up anything that could potentially turn them off. Especially with the Brazilian beauties you'll be chasing after, who know that they could get any man they want. My guess is that if you were to do a survey like this on the US, you would find a pretty wide divergence from city to city, with places like Austin, New York and LA scoring much higher than cities like Seattle, San Francisco or DC (which are considered tougher cities by most of the guys at Love Systems).
Toronto is not a particularly easy city, harder than Montreal or Calgary or other smaller cities in Canada, but it’s not the worst place in the world by a long shot. Canada, the US and certain parts of Europe tend have women who are very open to being approached by men (and open to dating in general).
Honestly, I think it matters a lot more where you go in a particular city than the city itself. When you are approaching them, be persistent as they sometimes won’t hang around too long to hear what you have to say.
For the typical trainee Pick-Up Artist, though, Brazil should act as the perfect place to practice your techniques and to put your wingman to the ultimate test.
Your wingman will need to perfect his accomplishment intro just as much as you, as the Pick-Up Artist, will need to perfect your follow-up approach.
A wingman that's looking for their own Brazilian beauty to take home will only wind up focusing on their own wants and desires a€“ completely disregarding any help they're supposed to be to you.
By the time your wingman is done with his introduction of you, you should glow in the eyes of your target. With an effective wingman and a leveled confidence, you will have no problem finding out what a Brazilian wax truly is at the close of the night. Yet Roosh had a post recently lacerating Toronto (the biggest city in Canada) as the worst on earth for men. The friendliest bar in Melbourne will be more open and easier to game than the most uptight bar in Montreal. You'll still have to do some work on your behalf, but the wingman takes care of one of the more difficult tasks of the evening a€“ the approach.
Whatever you do, the worst thing you can do for your mental state and your game is to carry around a negative attitude towards the city you live in. Girls here only date within their immediate social circle and outsiders are viewed with suspicion and contempt.
Sydney and Brisbane are easier to cities to meet women in comparison but only by virtue of the fact that both cities have a large transient tourist populations.

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