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As a member of Women Lover Club, you will be getting exclusive insider secret tips and tricks and news events. After searching the internet, reviewing programs, videos and articles by the dating experts and pick up artists, we have compiled what we feel to be the best list of PUAs in the world.
Vote for your favorite pick up artist here and let us know if we should any more PUAs to the list.
Richard La Ruina is the founder of PUA Training, which has emerged to be one of the most innovative and competitive foreign pickup companies in the world. This years list wasn’t so much about innovation but rather authenticity and dedication to the craft.
Our very existence would probably not exist in this form were it not for Style exposing the community and forever romanticized the game in his book.
Mystery has gone into hiding since airing Season 2 of VH1’s The Pickup Artist and launching his new company with Matador and Lovedrop at Venusian Arts.
JT Tran hit the road this year, making his rounds at Ivy league universities and putting the spotlight on Asian men and dating on ABC News. I have met Josh in person, and the first thing I noticed was his ease and seemingly enthusiasm to connect with everyone around him.
Cajun was a Love Systems instructor in Canada before his international debut on Keys To the VIP where he did PUAs the world over proud. Beckstar has that childish spirit in his smile…matched with the icy look of a true seducer. Kezia gets a lot of shit tests from competing male coaches and even students who don’t believe that a woman can properly teach pick up. Being a hot girl herself, she is able to identify, as the source, what the woman is really thinking. RSD’s newest shining star, Alex comes across as weirdly likable and alpha at the same time. His advice to me on day game has helped me gain tons of hot female friends from day time approaches, and one hot French girlfriend. 3 years later, Julien is an executive coach at RSD, and also considers teaching game his passion. The mastermind behind RSD, Owen has taken a 2-man company who lived in the closet of Project Hollywood to a global phenomenon. Owen has a look in his eyes and he will challenge you to see if you are really going for what you want out of life. The fact that Zan has full bookings with WOMEN joining his Ars Amorata seminars means that he really has some pull with the female psyche. I have personally spent years creating the ultimate guide for all concepts and things PUA related. If this is something you’re interested in, please fill out the form below to download the free guide. Over 25,000 people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter. I don’t know Zan but if you have him above the RSD guys I need to spend some time checking out his techniques.
What about the DayGame crew (Tom Torrero, John Matrix etc.) What do you guys think of them?
So if you’re interested in attracting the women you see, then I recommend you use the following great conversation starters.
Instead of attempting to use a canned pick up line, it’s important to use a more natural approach. Being humorous with a touch of arrogance is my personal favorite of these great conversation starters. All four of these great conversation starters provide a wonderful way to start talking to a woman.
Many guys are turning to the internet these days as a way to meet women and find a girlfriend for themselves. Richard writes about his own history in The Natural Art of Seduction, where he described his childhood as difficult and girl-less. Well, I told a student the other day that if I only had 6 hours to help someone and they had to do whatever I told them, I told him that I would send the guy out naked to talk to people.

There were so many great instructors and stories that came through the comments, blogs, my inbox, and the threads on the forums. That being said, we have been working on this site since 2008, myself (AlphaWolf) joining the game in 2007 after picking up The Game. Shutting the F*** up, and actually working on their technique and coaching skills, instead of mass marketing.
Born with severe osteogenesis imperfecta, Sean doesn’t let his height, fragile bones or use of a wheelchair stop him. Although he charges tons of money for 1-on-1 private coaching, one never fails to NOT learn from the great Mystery.
JT’s company, ABCs of Attraction, also employs Anna and Gareth Jones, and they continue to work with guys on improving their dating skills, with a focus on the calibrations needed to train Asian men. But he speaks the truth, and has the courage and balls to actually relay his experiences on video as he travels around the globe. He’s an author and entrepreneur and went on to teach business owner seminars (Get Altitude). He has worked for PUA Training and then went on to several partnerships with other dating companies over the span of 15+ years. Having interviewed Kezia and also having worked with her, I can say that her bitchy side is reserved to play the part and get students to see the reality of the dating world.
If you review his older pictures, he has turned from a dorky looking kid to a very good looking and charismatic dating coach.
I remember seeing him stop 4 girls about to drive away and getting a kiss close with one of the girls. He’s probably one of the few coaches who turns down clients, because he wants to devote proper time to teach his students.
DJ Fuji’s focus (perhaps due to his Asian heritage) is on fundamentals by applying proper technique and practicing it over and over again, makes him one of the best technique-based coaches in the industry.
Going deeper than inner game, techniques and the seduction community in general, Zan is an icon for discovering our real selves.
If you’re learning game and need advice or an in-depth, accurate explanation, My team and I have put together this free PDF reference system just for you.
You can tell by his personality that the world traveling has played a role in his teachings.
Now matter how many positive qualities you display, you must learn to approach women and engage them in a conversation.
However the simple truth is a great way to talk to a woman is to just use a natural approach. The purpose behind this technique is to give yourself higher status and make HER work for YOUR attention.
Since each provides a natural to approach a girl, you won’t trigger her defense mechanisms like you would with a canned pick up line.
Wow, we're starting to sound like a car commercial, so we'll add that you don't have to use all of them if you don't want. He used to be hopeless with women until he discovered how to transform himself into a confident alpha male. Dan has been coaching guys to success with women since 2005 and continues to work on The Modern Man project to this day. Having developed a skill for the stock market at 18, he took his life savings and turned it into a comfortable sum of money.
After half an hour of that, he wouldn’t have any inhibitions and would be able to approach anyone. Most importantly, it came from observation of students actually improving and instructors who gave a shit about the art of seduction.
We’ve seen instructors come and go, met them at events, and personally witnessed them in field helping us with specific problems or helping a friend or a student.
Sure, we all need to make a living, but this happens after one adds value to the capitalistic system and the world at large. Josh has been doing this for a while on his own, and been featured on the Today Show and Maxim Radio. Roosh has a loyal male following and his book Bang and Day Bang gets many accolades from PUAs and non-PUAs alike.

He’s perhaps the first guy to appear on national television in a cold approach situation by himself. Choosing to live in and coach in San Francisco, he has mastered the intricacies of bay area game.
Richard comes across as sincere and humble, despite running one of the biggest pick up companies in the world. Seeing him in person reminded me of seeing someone who was so committed to a cause, that the world around him actually shifts and bends to his will. His YouTube videos are some of the most useful ones I have seen that has helped me tremendously as an intermediate PUA. Through his company Ars Amorata, he continues to travel the world and teach men as well as women on the art of love. Much like reptiles evolving wings to become birds, Zan’s trajectory of love and seduction has evolved to a different plane.
Whether you’re a PUA, Dating instructor, newbie, or just a curious visitor, this is an invaluable PDF resource for dating and pick up.
If you know great conversation starters, then you’ll instantly create an engaging discussion. This means if you’re interested in a woman and want to talk to her, all you have to do is simply introduce yourself. If you have confidence and avoid the pickup lines used by other guys, then you’ll impress her with your straightforward manner. The goal is to start a conversation by giving a genuine compliment on something she can control like the way she dresses or her personality.
It involves seeing something interesting around you and then casually using it to parlay into a conversation with a woman. Continuum harnesses the power of absolute customization while at the same time having a quality of meekness: you can forget about all the settings and get yourself up and running in no time flat. Beckstar continues to put out cool video content, however his focus is on training his students out in the field.
As the author of Nine Ball and Get Laid or Die Trying, Jeffy is a weird and hilarious combination of intelligence and self parody. His PUA Training organization was responsible for providing the platform for European stars like Beckstar, Matthew Hussey, Adam Lyons, Kezia, and many others. Some might consider Julien’s crazy antics a bit too much, as he likes to see if he can make girls cry, and often will do things in game much like a hacker tries to hack a computer simply because he can.
I returned to the states with renewed confidence (not really from Zan, but he was a positive aspect of my trip).
By doing this, you’re demonstrating that you pay attention and you like her UNIQUE personality. Or, you can use the same sidebar for all of your pages using the Sidebar Default widget panel. As the man who once said, “on my tombstone, I would write, ‘Please bring me back! One, he travels a lot, and perhaps is the only guy in the industry that zooms in on country-specific game. Nonetheless, Cajun’s approaches and performances were open to judgment and he still came out on top. His wit and vocabulary is unmatched and you will often learn new words listening to Jeffy speak. If you do specify that you want a unique sidebar for an area of your site, such as the Search page, you can use the corresponding built-in Sidebar Search widget panel. You should connect positively with them about it and then ask another question or elicit another hook.

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