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You probably know about the Pick Up Artists (PUA) that have made their names famous worldwide.
I still remember the girl I was dating at the time, she was the sister of one of my students when I worked as a dance instructor. I had decided to become a PUA, not only for myself, but also to help more people with no game with the HBs (Hot Babes). The shortest time for me is spending only 3 seconds to get T-close, and 1 minute to take her home. As a PUA, I only follow the PUA rules and all the routines to get the HB, so that I would not spend too much time for the HB, and that includes picking up and dating time. Check back in our blog next week for more on the top 10 Asian pick up artists to watch out for.
But do you know about the Asian Pick Up Artists who are not only renowned in Asia but also abroad? Through courage and persistence, I was finally able to be physically intimate with her after many tries. Everything I knew at the time about dating was learned from friends talking about the girls in their lives.
Generally I had about more than 100 thousands approaches, and about 40~60% of them I got the followed up all the way till the end. When performing the pickup skills, no matter it’s day game or night game Asian PUAs are doing more indirect opener and routines.

The HBs might sometimes feel insult[ed] by that, so always start “Neg” from a little thing, like “your hair is funny, I have seemed so many ordinary girls have that hairstyle like you”.
We dated for three years, and during this time I was completely devoted to her and my work. However, in USA you do need to give a compliment, and the HBs are generally happy and [reacts well] to you. Before this encounter and my ex-girlfriend, I had countless failures in my effort to meet and date any girls.
Slowly I would be able to convince these girls to go out on a date with me, only to have them flake or disappear on me without meeting them or after just one date. It will be the effort I have been putting and all the experience to make me stand out from the rest. As I progressed to getting girls to go on dates with me, I learned to become less nervous and shy and began to learn about ways to talk to them.
Having no other social outlets to meet the opposite sex, I focused on the girls I went to school with, or friends of friends within my immediate social circle.
I learned about conversation skills that women enjoyed and what qualities they find in an attractive man. We got into an argument over something trivial one morning, something I don’t even now remember, and she called it quits.
Moving beyond conversation, I learned about body language and how to physically escalate with a woman to the point of becoming sexual.

Going on dates with a new girl were very intimidating and mysterious to me and I did not know how to carry myself. From there, I learned how to turn a woman on sexually and how to be a skillful lover in bed.
It’s been almost seven years now since I devoted myself fulltime to learning about the art of pickup.
I very much admired the guy friends around me who were constantly meeting and dating new girls with ease.
Within this time period, I’ve come to love and appreciate women for all their qualities and uniqueness. I had believed that money and looks were everything when it comes to attracting and mating with the opposite sex. Finally at the end of my three-year relationship at the age of 27, I did some soul searching and reflected on my past failures with women. I would devote all my time and effort in learning about meeting and dating women in various situations; whether it is on the street, in a bar, at a party, or any social setting.

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