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A couple years ago when I first discovered the PUA community, pua routines were seen as some sort of magical pill. The basis of pua routines is to have scripted pieces to recite every time you approached a girl. These are a few little pua routines that are more natural and aren’t as canned as the old school variety.
Going First (NLP CONCEPT) -When you approach a girl feeling like your lower value on the inside, you bring a low value energy to the interaction and the girl is going to feel off. A Woman Needs Certainty, Give Her Certainty – A women needs to feel that your an alpha male during the entire approach.
I trust that this article has shown you the evolution of the game from pua routines to a more natural and direct approach. I love helping you guys out and answering your questions so feel free to drop a few lines below if you have any questions about pua routines.
I love helping you guys out and answering your questions so feel free to drop a few lines below if you have any questions aboutA pua routines. I will address all those points in my post and want to show you, that the idea and the system are still up to date and that by understanding it lots of people could get laid much faster and (most important) ?smoother?.
In the german pickup community the Mystery Method is still pretty big and popular, and I?ve seen many guys getting huge success with it.
In other words the idea is to look at what successful people are doing, understanding the system (that often the naturals themselves have not understood) and apply it to achieve the same (or more).
Attention: I?m not saying it?s wrong to use other peoples routines in general, but you always have to ask yourself if this routine would fit your personality (= are you congruent with what you say?). In his original theory Mystery said that a successful seduction can be broken down into smaller parts (=phases). While for Mystery the phases were separated pretty strictly, we believe nowadays that the line between those phases is fluent.
The main assumption behind opening is that in the beginning you are (in her eyes) having less value than she has.
Now you know the saying there is ?only one chance to make a good first impression? ? that?s just what we want to do: Make a good first impression.
Aima walking from one dancefloor to another, 2 girls are coming from the opposite dancefloor. In other words you can say that attraction is nothing else but having high (higher) value (from her point of view). While the original MM mostly concentrated on creating attraction with words, today?s methods offer a much wider spectrum of things you can do! To understand the idea of ?displaying higher value? you first want to understand what kind of things are of value (=attractive) in her eyes.
That is a common mistake that many beginners do, they are for example already preselected in her eyes but keep going and going about how many women will want to fuck them.
Many people look at the routines that Mystery used and ask themselves ?How the fuck could that work? Now what you have to understand is the following: When Mystery entered a room, most people were looking at him, because he was 1.
Now shit-tests are very special when it comes to creating attraction, and that?s why I (and many other experienced players) love them so much: A shit-test is like a fork in a road! For me girls that do shit-test a lot are by far the easiest targets, because they will shoot one shit-test after another at you and by passing each and every one of them your attraction will skyrocket in no time! Aima: ?Well I really don?t understand all that hype about sex, I mean without sex none of us would be here right? Generally if you feel like you get shit-tested, just look her straight in the eyes and then after a short pause slowly turn your head away, not saying anything!
Creating attraction and raising your value is the hardest part (!!!) of the whole seduction process! Old example from the german community: Imagine you have saved money for five years and worked hard to buy yourself the car of your dreams, a red Ferrari ?Smooth Edition?! Most people (and I agree) would sell the car from the lottery, because they would feel some kind of connection to the car they worked for (not to mention the fact that you can tell everyone ?this is my dream car that I worked hard for and earned myself!?). So once again: We give her a chance to impress us (= improve her value by qualifying to us), to make her invest. There is no straight line between those three things, since they all work for the same goal.
A Compliance test (often also called ?hoop?) is like a verbal or nonverbal hoop you hold for the women to jump through. If she takes the test (= jumps through your hoop) she gets a rewards (= Indicator of Interest from you to her), if she is not compliant (= not jumping through the hoop) you give her an IoD (=Indicator or Disinterest). Soon she will connect being compliant with having a good feeling and will therefore be even more compliant. Most good players in Germany like to combine Compliance with Bait ? Hook ? Reel ? Release (BHRR), see below. This will build negative compliance, she will connect following your lead with a bad feeling (= you making fun of her). BHRL is also part of the original Mystery Method and probably the thing I have least experience with!
As explained above the idea is to make the women work for you, and exactly that is what we are doing here. Don?t think of the BHRR as something that you have to do ? conversation will become like an interview and predictable if you use this all the time! Release: (laughing, kidding)?? I mean as far as I can tell, after all we just met here in the club and you know what kind of strange people run around when it?s dark? (IoD + DHV (Humor)).
Aima: (ironically, raising eyebrow, deadpan voice): ?Wow, I?ve never heard anyone ever say that! Alternative: Looking in her eyes, saying nothing, after a pause slowly turning head away and looking away, silence. With the statements above I show the girls what I like (high heels) and therefore give them a chance to say what I want to hear, they qualify themselves (=trying to make me like them). Often girls tell me how they are not into one night stands, simply because they think that would make them seem slutty and of low value. Once again attention: Sometimes the girl just has nothing interesting to say to your question! The line is not clear, most people I know try to transition after they have gotten their first IoI from the girl (this can happen extremely fast (seconds) or take a lot time (several minutes).
Now some of you may just be out for the quick ONS, and it?s 100% true that you can lay girls without doing comfort (what I mean is doing only very little comfort, just enough to make her feel secure) ? I will address ONS again later. What I?m talking about is girls bringing you presents, girls wanting to do anything to please you (in bed and elsewhere), girls canceling other things just to see you, girls texting you good night before they go to bed and girls being there for you in case you ever need someone. Look at the chart below ? you need all three (attraction, comfort and closing) for a successful and strong seduction. Without attraction first, you will fall into the friend zone, and we know it?s hard to ever get out again. Now in the old MM Mystery was separating comfort into three different phases, C1, C2 and C3. Nowadays we don?t feel the need to separate between those three phases anymore, so we are simply talking about ?Comfort? as one whole thing. Typical ways to isolate go from just grabbing her hand over ?I need to show you something? to simply talking to her friends first (?I?m borrowing your friend for a minute, I?ll bring her back, I promise? + big friendly smile).
The next steps are once again just techniques that I recommend, try to find the stuff that works for you and fits your style!
Before I explain those techniques, another very very (!) important point: Many people (especially beginners and people who are just learning comfort) are making the mistake to just become extremely boring when they start their comfort game!
Soon you will have a feeling for when to have a logical conversation with a girl (= comfort) and for when you need to make a joke or tease her a little (= attraction).
Think of the chart above - you want to slowly create balance between the emotional and the logical side. Now I know it?s not always easy to spend a lot of time with a girl, especially not if you want to lay her really really fast! By the time you two are back together at your place, the two of you will have experienced so much more than people do normally on a normal date.
Small hint: If you have several ideas about what to do, try to do something she has never done before. So from now on, make use of the time you have with a girl and create as many memorable moments as possible!
When you talk with a girl and you see the option to do a reference to something said earlier, just go for it!
When I tell you that Bouncing is the most important technique you want to learn for building comfort, then Grounding is the second most important! If you think being honest is very important, than there is possible a reason why you think like that. That is just one example of what could be the reason for you (!) to hold a certain value high. Aima: ?Well, you know how people always ask if you are a ?family yes? or a ?family no? person?
As you can see I?m using some very strong emotions here (love, and loving something so much you would die for it). Aima: ?Yeah, I had a student job at a baker store, trying to earn some money for my driving license? (shit?s expensive in germany) ?that was at a time when she complained and said I should spend more time with her. But always remember: After such a heavy story with enormous emotions, you want to relax the atmosphere and either talk about something funny and relaxing or bounce. And this includes also every move you have ever done to show your former girlfriend how much you liked her. I call this ?couple kino? because you don?t want to make her horny, but you want to make her feel more comfortable and make her feel secure. Most of the time the friends will be worried that you are the ?wrong guy? for their friend! It is a 100% fact that you won?t have sex with a girl that?s not feeling comfortable on a basic level. Think about it: Sometimes the girl just seems to find you super attractive without you having done anything! And I swear you will recognize the situation when it?s one of those rare cases when you don?t need comfort.

If you have done everything else (=attraction and comfort) correctly, you won?t face any problems. If the girl is really shy (or a virgin) she may need a lot more comfort than ?normal? women. If that doesn?t help, break the atmosphere, take her mind off and then surprise her but going for the sex again. She has probably never seen a guy taking LMR that way, and that alone will make her curious what a guy like ?that? is going to be like in bed. One last advice: if you face strong LRM often, then the problem lies somewhere in your game, may it be Attraction or Comfort.
People always criticize the MM is too static and doesn?t leave room for natural interactions! And you don?t even have to follow the different steps ? there can be situations when you don?t need some of the steps and can move on much much by skipping a step.
But for all this to work you need to ask yourself: Do I need this Phase of the seduction or do I not?
Even worse: The drunk guy that just opens with the line ?Do you want to have sex with me??.
So just apply some common sense and you will be surprised how smooth things can work in your favor. I wish that the community benefits from this guide and that people start to talk a little bit more about comfort, helping all those young souls that would like to have girl falling on love with them.
For how many years have I been telling people that everything important, Mystery already said? It's an NLP breakdown of successful seduction, a way of modeling what has been observed to be effective. The good thing about them is you know exactly what your going to say and have mastered each particular routine.
As with any other form of evolution the game has grown to new heights and changed for the better. You want her to feel that very deep down your an alpha male. You need to be self assured. Connect to your inner alpha male and give her certainty! You want her to feel that very deep down your an alpha male.A You need to be self assured.A Connect to your inner alpha male and give her certainty! The original Mystery Method (MM) got criticized a lot (both on old mASF and here on fasterseduction).
It should much rather be called the ?Mystery Theory?, since the origin of the Mystery Method is not to give people a guideline as what they have to do (aka no ?walkthrough of seduction?).
A Routine (often also called ?canned material?) is something specific that you do or say in a certain situation. They thought they just had to say the things that were outlined in the book (= using the ?right? routines) and they would get girls into bed!
The goal is not to use the words that Mystery used or the words that any other famous player XYZ uses. Many beginners have not thought about that ? they were just unhappy with their life in general and tried to copy someone more successful. In his eyes there were three attraction-phaeses (A1, A2, A3), three comfort phases (C1, C2, C3) and three sexual phases (S1, S2, S3). Often it is better to move forward or backwards in phases or keep element of earlier phases active during the whole seduction! She is hot and good looking, gets approached by a bunch of guys and has guys texting her all the time, guys are nothing special, so why should you be special? If you have done the opening good you may already have build some attraction (mostly with your body language), but hopefully you have (at least) bought yourself some time. No matter how subtle he does it, she will not understand why he displays that again and again and may eventually start thinking of it as bragging! Lately my bed is squeaking, I should really repair that!? When she?s asking how you know that, just use a false disqualifier (= what? What he meant was that the stuff that you do and say must fit your character (congruence) or at least must seem like it?s fitting your character (because you delivered the routine like someone with a fitting character would).
So now you have to think on what YOU can say or do that works for YOU in YOUR SITUATION to create attraction. Because even if you talk about something that happened to you (= a story you are very congruent with, because it happened to you) you do still want to deliver the story in a way that people have fun listening!
But escalation by itself is such a big topic and some much smarter people have written up their stuff already, no need for me to do that! Most often the woman wants to see ?how far can I go with him?? or tries to press the male into a lower value position (therefore raising her own relative value).
After a shit-test you will either have more attraction (if you pass the shit-test) or you will have less attraction (if you fail to pass). You can spend your whole life trying to become better at creating attraction (= raising your value). And imagine further that on the day you buy the car, you win the lottery and you win the exact same car, so now you have two identical red Ferrari ?Smooth Edition? in your garage. Asking for her name is a small compliance test, having sex with her is a big compliance test. The idea is make her feel good when she is compliant (= jumping through the hoop) and withhold good feelings when she is not compliant. Eventually this will lead to her being compliant to the idea of sex (this can happen very fast). During the whole interaction up till the sex happens, you want to increase the compliance just like you increase the kino escalation!
It?s quite complicated to do during normal talking, but you can throw it in from time to time! Instead think about it in a bigger picture ? you want to give her a chance to qualify, she may even hook and talk for a bit, talking back and forth (her qualifying to you) and then you can set a good Reel (pull) and add a Release (little push). But by refraiming sex as something normal, they often open up and tell me how much they love sex and tell me their favorite positions or tell me kinky sex stories! When talking about topics you like you don?t need to fake being interested, but are actually interested!
But talking about comfort now: if you want to see the girl again or (god forbid) you want to have more than just meaningless sex with her, this is the thing you want to concentrate on!
First thing you have to understand is that attraction is emotional (!) and comfort is logical (!).
Now the problem with an emotional connection (= only based on attraction) is that it?s fading away pretty fast. That?s nothing special, because in all three phases we are planning the same thing: We are trying to build a deep emotional (=logical) Connection while building trust, ease and coziness. The goal is to create a situation where you can talk alone with the girl (and therefore work on your connection without being interrupted). I will never forget one of the best naturals I ever met, sitting at a big table with me and my friends and some girls, and he just moved his chair a bit closer to the girl sitting next to him and started a low volume conversation with her, they were whispering at each other and we others just kept talking normally, while those two just created their own little space right there! She won?t feel like you are ?taking her away? and will therefore be more comfortable with the situation.
Many people simply start their comfort routines and start talking about their family and their dog and I don?t know what! For the beginner the basic guideline will be: Try to go for comfort, see if she is compliant (= comfort is just another compliant test) and pay attention to her reactions during the talk.
The more time you have spend, the more she will feel comfortable around you (= comfort = logical connection). That?s why we players have some tricks that we use, the most important trick being bouncing! It?s like you have fitted three little dates (cocktails, cinema, restaurant) into one date. Even when you start meeting her right there in the club, you can create several memories in a short amount of time! You know how everything in life change all the time, but I tell you one thing, 200 pounds is always 200 pounds!
I used the story to create some strong emotions inside her (maybe someone cheated on her too, at least she can imagine it) while giving her reasons to trust me (= he was cheated on, he won?t do it to me because he know?s how much it hurts) while also telling a story of how I worked for my future (=driving license) and was putting effort into a girl I liked (=every girl wants that). Don?t even let the emotions get you down ? you have made your point (in this case =being vulnerable, being faithful, being a good boyfriend, Grounding). Talk with the group or the friends, exchange a few words and show them you are just a normal guy, no crazy psycho that is going to rape her friend!
Often a friend will come over and be quite protective about her friend, look if she?s alright and then go away again. Now she has the feeling that I like and understand her friends, what makes it much easier for her to see me as ?part of her group?.
That?s right, I have experiences many situations where I didn?t have to do any comfort game to win the girl. Do some light attraction and comfort game, then initiate again by telling her how you can?t stop, how horny she makes you.
Well, I like to kiss the girls during my comfort game, when she starts to feel I?m not only attractive but also ?different?. They assume people always see the different phases and act accordingly from A1 to A2 to A3 and so on and so far. Think about what I said about skipping A3 or even skipping Comfort (rare cases I have to admit, but as you get experiences you will play on a different level (= see the matrix)).
When the girl is super attracted right from the start, you don?t need much DHV, you may be able to skip A2 all together and directly start A3 (female-to-male-qualifying).
My favorite example is a drunk guy at a club: He opens the chick (A1), may even be able to build some attraction (A2) but then he does not qualify the girl (skipping A3) and she will assume he will take home any girl and that he?s just after any pussy. While this is a more direct line that creates some attraction when delivered congruently (mostly not the case with drunk guys) it?s probably not enough attraction to make the girl compliant to the huge compliant test ?will you sleep with me?! Post a question right here if it?s a small question or open a new topic with a question that is bigger (and send me a PM with the link so I see the topic). Use this guide to figure out AFTERWARDS while certain things worked and why others didn?t work.
The problem with the old school pua routines is they come off as unauthentic, pre-planed, and canned.
This shares my authentic self with the girl and I can fully express myself during the interaction.

Girls find it irresistibly attractive when a guy approaches them with total confidence in a direct and natural way.
Girls find itA irresistiblyA attractive when a guy approaches them with total confidence in a direct and natural way. While some call it ?way too slow? or ?too theoretical? the biggest argument has always been that it turnes people into ?social robots?. I myself get laid very consistently since I learned this, so I want to share it with you guys who helped me so much since three years ago when I entered your community. It?s much more a theory of how seduction happens in the real world and how naturals (= people who never ?learned? to pick up girls but are still successful at doing so) are seducing women. The result were lots of people running around and asking girls ?Who lies more, men or women?? (An Opinion opener that was recommend in the original book ? not very useful for most people, see below) . What they didn?t understand was that it would have been much smarter to COPY THE SYSTEM BEHID THE WORDS INSTEAD OF THE ACTUAL WORDS BEING SAID! What you want to do is turn on as many of those switches as possible, but once a switch is turned on, you don?t need to focus on this switch anymore.
Bragging is something lower value people do ? therefore your value will sink even though you tried to do the right thing! Take any good post about escalation (not only physical escalation but also escalation of the vibe) and apply the stuff! Also we are making use of the human psychology: By giving her a chance to improve her own value (= qualifying to us) we make her work and therefore invest into us. Because she has been more and more compliant all the time before, chances that she will have LMR are much lower, since she will have good feelings connected with ?following your lead?. Some people in Germany really dig it and have good success, some really good guys even claim it to be the most important technique in A3.
You use your bait in the hope that the fish will hook, you reel it in, but then instead of eating it you release it into the water, therefore starting the whole process again!
But instead you should use the time effectively and use compliance tests that screen if the lady is the kind of girl that you are looking for. So I should rather use a compliance test that at the same time tells me something about her that I would like to know! The things you say will become more congruent (remember we don?t want to become incongruent just because we are in A3 now). As I said, it?s common sense, I don?t screen her for being faithful when I want her to cheat on her boyfriend with me. This is the part where you have gathered enough resources (attraction) to build something long lasting (= a true connection). Also in my experience comfort is extremely important with girls that are not into ONS (yes, those are out there!).
Attraction will make her ?feel? like she wants you, comfort will make her ?understand? why she wants you (= give her reason).
Great isolation from that natural friend of mine and a move I have myself successfully copied several times!
Her friends on the other hand will look over and see that ?everything is okay?, so you reduce cock blocking (I barely get cock blocked at all). When you feel like things are getting boring, either bounce (see below) or throw in some attraction stuff.
Just go a little bit more into comfort mode and create a long lasting strong connection (=logical, comfort) while making use of the powerful short term connection (=emotional, attraction). But don?t get boring and don?t lose touch with the emotional side of the game (see the chart above again) or you will end in the friendzone. And even though this was just one date, she will have the feeling as if you have known each other for a much longer time (since this kind of connection is something that normally only develops after several meetings). If she is experiencing strong emotions, her brain will mistake those strong emotions for attraction. Those insiders may be funny things you experienced together, something funny someone said at a special situation, a quote from a movie you enjoyed or something similar. Or you think it?s important to be honest because otherwise life would just be chaos and one could never lay back and relax.
She can understand my actions and see my motives, I become more predictable and show her my values!
And being a lawyer is a job I can see myself getting up for in the morning for something like 40 years.
Sharing some of those information with her will let her into your world and she will ultimately have the feeling that she understands you better than anyone else (=she really knows you). You don?t need to force this talk, instead just throw a question at the friend and see if she is willing to talk. She also doesn?t need to be afraid to have me join the group, because she knows I will be positive and friendly towards her friends! When you have really really strong attraction game and the situation and the girl are in your favor, it can work. Unluckily, there is almost never a case when she both finds you instantly attractive and is instantly comfortable with you. But with what you have learned here, you can tell quite quickly if she is comfortable enough around you (= comfort is another compliance test).
If you have used your knowledge to create attraction and to build comfort, you have earned the sex. Take it from there, be dominant, then gentle, funny, again dominant and don?t break the atmosphere. Sometimes I kiss the girls when my attraction is super strong and then I take her to a quiet corner and start building comfort so she won?t forget about me. I want to give something back for the younger generation (though many guys may actually be older than me). I get laid saying shit that won?t work for most people, and many of my buddies do or say some stuff that just woudn?t work for me ? people wouldn?t believe me!
To be more concrete, you want to raise your ?relevant value? towards her, meaning you either have to raise your value (DHV = Display of higher value) or you have to lower her value (DLV = Display of lower value in the meaning of ?recognizing something about her that lowers her value (be careful with these!)).
People would open him all the time just because he looked like some guy from another world. You will recognize that some stuff fits your character (= congruence) and you will also recognize that you get better the more you use your routines (= your delivery gets better and you will seem even more congruent). If you ruin the Reel with your Release she will have a bad feeling and she will probably not be as motivated to hook again (because she combined the hook with a negative feeling)). And I don?t screen her for being slutty when I want her to fall in love with me (but I will still screen her for being sexual of course). Additionally, comfort will make your numbers solid (my numbers are more than 95% solid), which is extremely helpful when you can?t lay her that very night (due to logistics or her period or whatever).
At the same time a more private frame is set, now you are exchanging information that are not for anybody, only for you two (= special connection).
There are a lot of memories regarding that person and from all the things you have experienced together, you really have the feeling you know that person well and can trust this person. Instead of ending things here you just drink one cocktail and move on to an other place afterwards.
Or you think being honest prevents a lot of drama and therefore you have no place in your life for people who are not honest.
Values are always intimate informations, therefore she will have the feeling that I open up to her (I actually do).
One little story is normally enough to show that you have a soft core inside your attractive and strong character. By sharing a secret she has the feeling to be something special, but speaking about how comfortable I feel around her she will feel more comfortable herself. But you can also do what I like to call ?couple kino?: When walking with her, hold her hand. In most cases you have to work on at least one end, mostly you will have to do work on both ends.
There have been rare cases when I kissed girls the first time in my bedroom (during the Sex-Phase (S1-S3)). But when you go out and you see it?s raining, you wouldn?t think one second about going out and watering the plants, right?
Keep this at the forefront of your thoughts because if your having fun the girl will have fun!
And neither of us thinks about the shit we say, but we trap ourselves saying stuff again and again that we have used successfully in the past. We know that she thinks your value is lower than hers and therefore we are prepared for that. If you have that in mind, you can understand how saying the stuff he said could actually attract women!
Even more important: the more she thinks of you as her soul-mate, the more effort she is willing to put into the whole interaction (and the more effort she will put into the sex)! The good feeling is just not there anymore, instead (her logical side) has probably even build up bad feelings regarding your interaction (= we call this ?buyers remorse?). Additionally you can drive more kino (= ideally no watching friends -> she won?t feel looked at) and she will get used to being (more) alone with you (= good compliance).
In that second place the focus is not on conversation but on other things (cinema, theme park, etc. On top I showed a passion and showing passion is always good (= being able to have passion for something is attractive).
It went even worse: After not getting laid from saying ?Who lies more?? they thought they had to follow up with some other things to say and used another routine. You see, all the opener is really for is giving us the (best possible) chance to move to the next step (raising our value). This is because people in general (males and females) like to find a sexual partner that has higher value. And think about it that way: After you have raised your value, the rest of the game is not nearly as hard (not saying it is less important ? quite the opposite, as you will see).
Without having addressed the logical side (= comfort) during the seduction, there will be nothing in her brain left that wants her to meet you again.

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