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Our Message: You Can Solve Your Problems & Change Your Life by Escaping America for a Better Life and Love Overseas! Join John Adams, world renowned Intl Matchmaker, Thurs nights 8:30 EST for Live Webcasts with FREE Prizes!
One morning at a popular spot where people eat breakfast in small city in Ecuador, I have met an Afro-Ecuadorian female. She got back like I HAVE SAID in two hours and we hung out a tad more and then we went to my hotel room.
She grabbed onto my wrists while her face was flushed in the pillow and her back was arched at a good 70 - 80-degree angle.
I looked down a couple of more times and game over: I pulled nut and my nut was gushing all over the place like a Looney Tune cartoon fireman on the out-of-control high-pressured firehose that even a spec hit my nose. The damage from 7am that morning when I have met her to 6pm that night when that sex act had commenced: zilch pesos. Ever since I found Winston's website and read the information on there, my life has been much easier and I've been a MUCH more happier person!
No matter how good she looks, some other guy is sick and tired of putting up with her crap. Now let's also rememebr that guys like Zan and Brent are always in big cities and they have money$$$. Brent for example lives in LA and since he is rich and very good looking and targets party girls- it isn't so hard for him. Now I did learn a lot of good stuff from Brent, Zan and some other teachers so not everything they say is shit. Also, I suspect some of the dating coaches are much better at doing the talk rather than the walk. Winston wrote:even if I meet a soulmate in America who likes me and has a lot in common with me, something will STILL go wrong and f**k it up, or she will suddenly do a 180 for no reason and drop her feelings! Ok you can still do a prenup but you will still need to pay child support and the woman keeps the kids.
The male model looking, ripped personal trainer at my gym has a new hot girl giving him her number every week without him saying a word while OP has to approach 5000 girls just to get a lay with an ugly girl. Let's set the record straight: PUA only works if the woman already WANTS SOMETHING FROM YOU to begin with. Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Authentic People and Saner Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Greater Freedoms and More!
Now if you actually ARE such a man, rather than a poser, all of that is totally irrelevant. I stuck my dook in, and I have never seen a chick wild out on some dick the moment I start hitting the bottom of her uterus.
Bad social conditioning (assuming strangers are creeps, etc) will keep you away from getting laid from a woman you just met through a cold approach. For that matter, most of my girlfriends have been white and all have been 8+ regardless of race.
If you are looking for a LTR then you have to project high value to get a high value woman, regardless of race. I don't know if it's good or not cause I haven't tried it but maybe it would have been better than David D.'s stuff or RSD's stuff.
Always remember to build interest, be charming, cocky and funny, work on your DHV stories, be a challenge, never be pushy you have to talk to her for hours so that she feels comfortable to give out her number. So I said that it's not important to return back downtown anyway before she got on a city bus.
Somewhere around the world, there is a beautiful woman that sees you as gold and would date you.
Many attractive American women don't know a good thing because they're too dumb or obstinate to realize what is good!

He used to be a part of the community and I think he was even mentioned in the book: 'the game'but now he stepped away from the community and makes fun of it for the most part.
I am what you would call a natural I suppose but I have been learning about the PUA community and lot of their advice is valid. There are no shortage of gurus out there trying to sell quick-fixes thata€™ll take you to the promised land.
I know when I walk up to a white girl or any high value girl I am approaching her as a man that have gotten girls better than her and this comes across in a lot of unconscious ways.
Plus I have been successful in business to some degree and have lived and traveled extensively.
What 90% of them fail to tell you is the advantages that they give themselves in this arena. Even if you are "powerful, confident, etc) if you come from a cold approach perspective, expect minimal results. What are those advantages?Ia€™d like to call it an a€?Edge.a€? Everyone presents some sort of an edge which separates him from the rest of the pack of eligible men. Since Foreign Women haven't forgotten how to be Women, these signals are extremely obvious, making your task much easier.
This could be something youa€™re born with or something you develop, cultivate, or financially acquire.
Its been proven an average date will run anywhere from $60 to well over $200 depending how much you like the woman in question. You can be say 18-19, struggling college student and spend next to nothing but once you hit about 25, you're expected to spend some money. They may even be super good-looking guys who genuinely think theya€™re pulling some game out of their a**, but in reality, theya€™re living off of their physical looks.
That meaning that what they consider a€?Gamea€? is something annoying women are willing to overlook because theya€™re interested in them for other reasons.Leta€™s look at the Seduction Community and gurus you may know, or have heard ofa€¦a€¦Leta€™s cut through the chase. Yes, there are plenty of tall dorks who repel women but if you have the basics down, the height quickly becomes an edge.
He is also a magician, a self proclaimed a€?Super-Star daredevil illusionist!a€? He plays the status game. He is a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, a Rock reporter for the NY Times, best selling author. If youa€™ve seen Zan speak, you can clearly see how he can draw people into his world and how he sees things in a very pleasant non-threatening way. Edge: Male-model looks, and charm as well as the ability to suck people into his fantasy world.
He is not a relationship type of guy and he is not looking for a relationship type of woman.
His obvious edge: Dude looks like a soap opera star and doesna€™t give a shit about anything.
Granted, this works well with a certain archetype of woman and thata€™s the kind Brent wants anyway.
He talks nonstop, no one can get a word in edgewise when he is around, and more importantly, he is involved with the p**n industry. Being in the p**n business, he can dangle a career upgrade to women in the selling-sex business, (p**n, prostitution, escorts, etc.) These are the type of women he desires and he can leverage his position in the industry to draw them in. Brent for example lives in LA and since he is rich and very good looking and targets party girls- it isn't so hard for him.Now I did learn a lot of good stuff from Brent, Zan and some other teachers so not everything they say is shit.

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