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Mind Module #1: Mind MachinesLight and sound machines are cutting edge devices that help explore beginning or advanced meditation, self hypnosis, sleep and dream enhancement, learning, consciousness expansion, or stress management just to name a few. They produce specific, rhythmic pulses of light and sound patterns which can be perceived as complex colors, shapes or even feelings. Be sure to read our Mind Machine Article Series in our blog for more information about this amazing mind technology. Mind Machine SystemsClick on an image below to learn more on the device’s official webpage. Visit these premiere online resources to learn more about the exciting world mind machines and related technology.
Photosonix are leaders in neurotechnology and originators of the full-featured Nova Pro 100 light and sound system and ColorTrack glasses. Transparent Corp is the creator of cutting edge software with a simple proposition- you can change the electrical activity of your brain, and by doing so you can change your mental state to achieve a wide variety of benefits and goals. Put on the light-emmiting glasses and earphones, get comfortable and adjust the light intensity and sound level.

Continue to use your mind machine as a tool for inner exploration, brain exercise, relaxation and more! COMING SOON!Members of MindLab(x) can use their points to explore the world of brainwaves and mind states via this exploration path.
We know the human brain has a certain rhythm when relaxed, another rhythm when focused, and so on. The session types can be quite elaborate, including those for specific meditations, energizing, visualization, right or left hemisphere stimulation, sleep, or dazzling entertainment! Not only to they maintain a directory of cutting-edge businesses and resources in the mind sciences arena, but also provide tons of free content including articles, mind tech reviews and events. Choose from categories like relaxation, deep meditation, focus & alertness, sleep and others.
If you intended to simply relax, perhaps systematically relax your body from the head down. Learn about the different mind states associated with certain brainwave categories, and experience various media that will help demonstrate binaural beats, the frequency following response and more.

During a light and sound session, your overall brain rhythms, or frequencies, begin to follow the type of session (and therefore frequency) you choose. Clear your mind and allow the frequencies delivered by the machine to help guide you to your desired state. If you intended to meditate, clear your mind and remain in that state throughout the session. Full bragging rights are included, along with a great conversation starter on your social accounts.

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