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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has now been unveiled by Samsung and most of the rumored details have now been confirmed. However, it is now being confirmed that in addition to being highly glass-based, the Galaxy Note 7 is a device which comes equipped with Gorilla Glass 5. Corning recently officially announced Gorilla Glass 5 and one of the specific advantages which was explained during that announcement was how this particular rendition of Gorilla Glass is purpose-built to protect against drops. As such, it is now confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 is a device which comes packing a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display. In fact, it would seem that it is the first smartphone to come to market boasting Gorilla Glass 5.

As the Galaxy Note 7 is glass-based on the front and the back, this is of particular importance. Also, in accordance with the previous rumors, this is a device which comes with sloping edges on either side and following in the tradition of the most recent Galaxy devices, the Galaxy Note 7 also makes use of a glass back as well as a glass front. Having the comfort of knowing that the glass on both sides of the device are purpose-designed to be as protected as glass can be during drops, will be a big benefit for those considering buying the latest Galaxy Note handset but worried about doing so. Which will stylish, can pose issues for those concerned with the durability of the handset. Which should prove extremely good for those owners who worry about the durability of a device which is priced at the level the Galaxy Note 7 is.

Regardless of how protected it will be, the inclusion of Gorilla Glass 5 on the Galaxy Note 7 does mean that it is certainly more durable than any other glass-based devices on the market (barring the likes that come equipped with ShatterShield and so on) and certainly more so than the previous Galaxy Note 5.
So while this is a stylish and attractive looking device, the inclusion of Gorilla Glass 5 as well as an IP68 waterproof rating, does mean this will also be a highly durable device as well.

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