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While the book was published many years ago it has stood the test of time alongside other great books like The Art of War.Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill, is often referred to as one of the greatest personal development books of all time. The book covers everything that a person needs to know in order to become rich.Think and Grow Rich focuses on mindset, the most important thing when it comes to becoming rich and succeeding in all aspects of life. When you have the right mindset you will take the right actions, and display discipline and perseverance.The book analyzes the traits that every self-made rich person possesses.
It shuns the common logic that getting rich involves coming up with a great original idea or that you need to be extremely intelligent to get rich.
I include crystal healing for chakra balancing.INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY - IET - Along with Reiki I do integrated energy therapy.

Having a great mindset and surrounding yourself with other great people are the two keys to success.The examples that Napoleon Hill uses throughout the book really emphasize his key points. In addition, the book is not filled with fluff like other personal development books.One of the last and most important chapters discusses the fears that hold people back from becoming rich. I incorporate the Reiki, IET and Pranic Healing modalities and label the session Energy healing.My healing roomi»?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spiritual Counseling ~ I work with the Universal laws of the universe and spiritual principles. If one gets rid of these fears and develops the correct mindset success is inevitable.In the book, Napoleon Hill discusses his visualization techniques. A I can help relieve stress, trauma, depression and anxiety, by helping youA uncover underlying beliefs that no longer serve you.

In one incredible technique he imagines some of the greatest minds in history, such as Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon, discussing things. Counseling of your soul is far more healing than counseling your personality.The Spirit Of Women Entrepreneurs ~ I wrote a chapter in the book listed above. The book covers why visualizations like this are vital to success.The best Think and Grow Rich quotes are valued because they have helped millions of people to find success and become rich.

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