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Being Brilliant means we as moms, and dads do what we may not have ever thought of doing— Moms teach your kids how to be more than just average.
My husband does this also, as a way to get dinner on the table faster; he enlists the help of the kids. I also used a Be Brilliant Method when my kids were younger; I enlisted their help in cleaning to get them to stop arguing with friends, or stop boredom. WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: TWO DIFFERENT STORIES ABOUT THREE INSANE TEENS AND WHAT’S CAUSING THEIR INSANITY!
My example is a relationship situation, but I was talking to a friend this morning about a career situation and I believe the same logic applies. So this begs the larger question: “Is there a gap between what we want in most life situations and what we really need? These are the many questions that I have been wrestling with in my head these past weeks as I sort through my personal situation.
If you could take a leap and go for an opportunity that comes along but got only what you need vs. OK, so I am reading this at the end of a long “graveyard shift”, and it is so deep!! AboutMy journey of personal transformation has been a quest to put myself back in the equation of my life. After battling a lifelong obesity problem, I learned to create time and space to nurture my health and my inner self.
Sometimes these thoughts are developed over years, and as a result, they become such a force of habit that we don’t even realise we are speaking to ourselves in a negative way. There is, however, an age old psychological trick to help you break the pattern of negative self talk.
The snap won’t hurt as the hairtie is soft, but what it will do is make you more aware that a negative thought is occurring.

It will also distract you momentarily, thus allowing you to shift your attention to something more productive rather than give it to the negative thought. Eventually you will find yourself developing a new habit of not entertaining the negative thoughts! When it comes to our own children though, some parents feel anxiety when it comes to thinking about this important rite of passage.
Whenever you do host your child’s friend or friends, in the case o f the birthday sleepover party, here are a few things I have learned along the way. The next morning, I always made a hearty breakfast, eggs, pancakes, bacon, muffins, juice, the whole nine yards. When I wasn’t rushing through dinner to get my kids to their meetings after dinner, I asked the kids to help create dinner.
When my daughter had her best friend over numerous times, the pair would become bored while they were playing. What would happen if we approached big life decisions, situations or relationships in this way?
Please chime in with your comments or if you feel more comfortable private message me here. I pushed past fear and in the process lost 211 pounds, 47.5% body fat and 11 dress sizes in 18 months.
It was so exciting to snuggle in bed whispering to our friend into the wee hours of the night. I would usually take everyone our for pizza and sometimes, even an ice cream cone afterwards. You will keep everything positive and happy, which is exactly the way it is supposed to be!
When you make a meal, take an ordinary pasta meal and put lemon in it, add zest, add some carrot slices or broccoli and make a new meal.

It has been eye opening to truly dig deep and get in touch with the differences between the two – want vs. Would it allow us to be freed and to focus on what really matters to us, while perhaps taking some pressure off ourselves and the situation at hand? For me, just the process of thinking this through and understanding myself better is an uncovering that is part of the next level of my internal transformation – Lori in the equation, level 2! Read more about my marketing agency, Marketing that Matters, or my In the Equation work here. They followed me around the house as I washed dishes, took a basket of laundry upstairs, etc. In the past, I would expect, jump, judge, feel and not necessarily know exactly what I wanted vs. But I am finding that what I need is what’s important and it is often way different than my long list of wants. I want to give this more thought but wanted to let you know I read it and am thinking about this.
Some very young children regularly sleep at their friends or extended families houses while some young teens have never spent a night away from home.
And, it has allowed me to adjust my thinking in a positive way and relax a little, changing what I put out into the world.

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