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Hand-built in California, our line of Acoustic pickups and preamps can help you capture the natural warmth, richness and resonance of your instrument. Throw on a Black Winter hoodie and a red pickup necklace or choose from an assortment of shirts for your next gig.
Pole pieces are elements of the pickup that sit beneath the strings and shape the magnetic fields that surround them. Alnico pole pieces are arranged as sets of individual magnets, usually one per string (though there are two per string on many bass pickups). If you want something with more midrange and those beautiful vintage cleans and leads, go with Alnico 2. A good pickup designer experiments constantly with all these variables, searching for the perfect formula to bring out the best in a guitar or bass.
If you want to hear the differences between the magnet types for yourself, please visit this blog article where you’ll find descriptions and audio clips. The coil is a long strand of insulated copper wire wound thousands of times around the bobbin or coil-form. Nowadays coil-windings are extremely precise, with little variation between same-model pickups. A particular coil yields different results depending on the type and shape of the magnet(s).
The sound you get from a pickup is partially determined by components that lie outside the pickup.
Strings are another factor, and there’s more to it than the fact that old, worn, or dirty strings sound duller and darker than new ones. Most modern strings are louder and brighter than old-school nickel-wrapped ones, and most players are perfectly happy with them.
As you’ve learned, guitar and bass tone are the result of many subtle and interactive factors. This instrument played very well and had a pretty good sound to it.  I was playing it through TC Electronic head and cabinet, that will be reviewed later.
If you support what we do and appreciate the free information that we provide to then please consider purchasing through our links. Part of the Summit Racing Show Car Series indoor circuit, the show attracted some of the finest cars, trucks, nostalgia race cars, and motorcycles around. The Fishman RARE EARTH SINGLE COIL Single Coil Soundhole pickup for Acoustic Guitar, Active electronics. The Fishman Rare Earth Single Coil pickup is a compact active magnetic soundhole pickup, designed for most steel-string, flat top guitars. We meticulously evaluate your guitar to ensure it's better than factory-fresh and ready to play, out of the box.
The Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster is a solidbody electric guitar that gives you the classic style of a vintage Strat, with a few different features thrown in to give it that special "personalized" look and feel.
The Timeless Appeal of the StratocasterThe Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster sports a basswood body, a maple neck, and a 9.5" radius rosewood fretboard. Vintage TouchesFrom top to bottom, the Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster features vintage touches that make this guitar feel like an old friend from the past. Grab a Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster for affordable vintage vibe!NOTE: This product is available in the United States only - no international sales.

Wow I like the Duncan Design Pickups you can get great tones I'm running thru a Marshall right now and can't believe how well it play and has great output .I've had many Strats thru the years you can't beat it.
Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Sweetwater's 3 Easy Payments plan is a convenient, interest-free way to buy gear now and stretch your purchase across three budget-friendly payments. Get your Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster - Charcoal Frost Metallic now and spread out the payments!
Each pedal was built to capture the best of the best, with more controls, a compact design and intuitive features. The most common magnet type is Alnico, an alloy that includes aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. For example, our Alnico Pro II uses Alnico 2 magnets, and sounds just like a vintage Fender® pickup.
One example is our Alternative 8 humbucker, which uses Alnico 8 magnets for an aggressive, high-output sound. These combine iron and various rare earth minerals, formed into bars under intense heat and pressure. If you want something that is super tight, has plenty of output and treble punch, go with Ceramic. As you’ll read below there are many more variables that affect the sound of a pickup, including the material design, insulation, wire gauge, number of turns. Usually these vibrations aren’t a problem, but if you play a non-potted pickup in front of a loud, high-gain amp, you may generate unwanted feedback. The materials in a string’s core and windings affect the way the vibrating string interacts with flux field generated by the pickup. But if you want a slightly warmer, softer sound from your pickups, try seeking out vintage-style pure nickel strings. We put together this huge photo gallery from the Queen City with help from photographer Daniel Fortuna. Its low profile design ensures that both your picking style and the guitar’s acoustic tone will not be affected. Sweetwater's Flexible Payment Plan lets you get your gear now and stretch your payments over time. The enduring look and shape of a classic guitar are evident in the Vintage Modified Strat, but the addition of hotter Duncan Designed pickups, rosewood fretboard, and chrome hardware gives it the vibe, playability, and tone of a personally-modified instrument.
It's got a '70s-style headstock, larger than the modern style, and vintage-style hardware looks period-correct too.
I bought it for the color (love Eric Clapton's that's a similar color) and will keep it for the playability.
Simply choose the "3 Easy Payments" option in your cart, and we'll divide your purchase amount into three convenient payments, billed to your current MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card. Generally speaking, individual Alnico magnet pole pieces deliver bright, tight tones, while steel pole pieces sound fatter and looser.
But when David Gilmour wanted a thicker sound from his Strat’s bridge pickup, he chose our SSL-5, which employs Alnico 5 magnets (along with a wire coil specifically wound to produce a fatter sound). Ceramic magnets are usually deployed in loud, aggressive pickups designed for hard rock, such as our Invader, or the Dimebucker, which we created for the late Dimebag Darrell.

Many players who play multiple styles choose a pickup using Alnico 5, which has a nice balance of all these characteristics. That’s the reason for the large inch magnets in our Quarter-Pound pickups for guitar and bass.
Much of the craft of pickup design boils to down to finding the right blend of these components.
But one great thing about pickups is the way they can adjust the sound of guitar, much like a chef might fine-tune a recipe. Vintage vibe meets customized cool in the agile and affordable Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster! The long-familiar Strat tone is managed with a duo of Duncan Designed single-coil pickups for clear, bright Strat tones plus a humbucker for versatility. The tinted maple neck, the parchment dot inlays, and the aged white pickup covers all add to the vintage vibe.
There is a $10 processing fee for using this service, and your billing address must be in the United States to be eligible. That’s one of several reasons why Fender® guitars with their magnetic pole pieces tend to sound brighter than Gibson® guitars with their steel pole pieces. Most single-coil pickups have individual Alnico magnets, though there are some single-coils with steel pole pieces, such as Gibson’s P-90 pickup, a single-coil model that pre-dates the humbucker, and many Gretsch® pickups.
Other noteable pickups that use a different configuration is the moderate-output Screamin’ Demon, which uses a row of allen screws and a row of slotted screws. Read on to learn how to determine which pickups will help you conjure your ideal tone from your guitar or bass. The bass has an incredibly full and clear tone that we have not heard on a fretless 5 string bass in this price range. A unique arrangement of neodymium magnets is responsible for the Rare Earth's excellent string balance and light weight. The finish is excellent, I love the vintage tint neck, and the Duncan designed pick- ups which are very bright. The high-output Invader uses twelve black oxide hex screws which contribute to its extremely powerful sounds. They’re great-sounding pickups, and an excellent choice if you like vintage-style tones and play through a vintage-style amp. Many players prefer that extra brightness for humbuckers, but opt for warmer-sounding 250k pots for single-coils.
Neodymium (a rare earth element, hence the name) has 10 times the magnetic strength of ceramic magnets, which makes the Rare Earth smaller and lighter than many traditional soundhole pickups. But they’re probably not the wisest way to go if you perform in front of a wall of maxed-out Marshall stacks. The key point is that you can sometimes add or subtract brightness from a pickup by changing the pot.
I was so pleased with this guitar I also purchased a 70's Vintage Modified Strat in black and maple.

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