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Unlock Recess each time you sign up your pet for 15 full days of classes at the Kinzville Academy! Show Interest  Stop talking and stop thinking about your rebuttal or what you are going to say next. Eliminate distractions so that the other person has your full attention.
Paraphrase and Summarize What You Hear  Ask questions for clarification if you are not sure you understand.
Reflect the Feelings Being Communicated  How do they seem to be feeling about what they are saying?

Verbalize Understanding     Based on the meaning of what is being said and the feelings you pick up from the person’s conversation, what are they trying to communicate to you? Accessing information on this web site does not constitute a professional relationship with Dr. I have extensive experience in the management of government and private sector public services.
Currently I am an adjunct assistant professor at NMSU Dona Ana Community College and also work as an indepent contractor or consultant. As if picking the right eyeshadow color wasn't hard enough, try have two eye colors to pick from.
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Develop Your Listening SkillsPosted on February 16, 2014 by Lisa • 0 CommentsCommunicating with your co-parent is probably one of the more challenging and yet also one of the most important interactions you have. Think about working hard all day at your desk, wouldn’t it be better with a beautiful arrangement of fall flowers to brighten up your week?
Fall is the time of harvest and using things like wheat, pumpkins and fall leaves can take the arrangement to the next level.

Not only do you get the best deal, and the freshest and best flowers, but you are also helping your community to grow and prosper. We've sent an e-mail to outlining account changes and reminding you of your account details.
There are probably few other relationships in which it is so easy for communication to break down, and yet costly when it does. Remember,  understanding does not imply agreement. Letting the other person know that you understand what they are trying to say does not mean you agree with them, it just means that you listened well and have a good grasp of their point of view. This kind of listening sends the message that you value and respect what the other person has to say.
Being able to listen well is helpful in any interaction in which you need to connect or conduct business. One way you can contribute something positive to your interactions is by improving your listening skills. The next time you have a discussion with your co-parent, try some of these strategies and see if they help you have a communication breakthrough instead of breakdown. And  improving your listening skills can help in all of your relationships; with your children,  family, friends, and business associates.

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