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What funny about this man is that his pick up lines are well, sorta confusing and it seems that it wasn’t a pick up line at all. As this segment became more popular, there are some additional comic moves that spice it up even more. The girl, known as “Neneng B”, played by Sam Pinto, always make this confused and silly face since she doesn’t understand Boy Pick-up’s lines. I laugh out loud every time he is voted as the winner while his opponent gave better, really sweet pick up lines.

As far as I remember, I got to know about this silly, and cheesy lines when I watched a comedy show here in the Philippines. The “B” stands for “Bakit” since she always ask “Bakit”, translated as “Why” in English as response for the lines of the pickapista.
Social networking sites has been swarmed with statuses and tweets with those silly pick up lines. The way he delivered his lines, how smug he is, thinking that he was great and how he always win in each battle and was considered as a Pick Up Line Champion, it’s truly epic.

One of the infamous “battle” representative is known as “Boy Pick Up” (played by Ogie Alcasid). Some people, especially teenagers send these silly and cheesy lines as SMS and text messages.

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