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While your initial goal may be to climb the ranks of the Pick-Up Artist greats as quick as possible, once you find who you’re up against, you may find yourself shifting to something a bit more realistic. Amongst the great artists in the world is Matador, whom you may recognize as playing wingman to Mystery in VH1’s reality show, The Pick-Up Artist. Sometimes the best way to work on your game is to become the wingman of a more efficient Pick-Up Artist. Though you may never reach the status of Pick-Up Artists like Matador and Mystery, they certainly to set a standard for you to want to reach. Venusian Arts PUA bootcamps offers the most effective methods in the world for attracting and dating beautiful women. Venusian Arts PUA bootcamps incorporate both virtual training sessions and fully interactive sessions where you can apply all that you’ve learned. With a routine stack in place, you can better focus your energy on live training during the bootcamp phase. Alongside Mystery on VH1’s The Pickup Artist, James Matador is a dating coach and accomplished businessman and actor.
If you want to get out of the ‘friend zone’ and start dating women that are “out of your league,” bootcamp is what you need.
There are many marketers out there who love the creative side of marketing, but what are they missing? When it comes to testing don’t sweat the small things, only test things that make a significant difference. How To Target Facebook Ads To Increase ConversionsHow To Target Facebook Ads To Increase Conversions There are a lot of different ways that you can ensure that your business grows.
VH1's The Pick-Up Artist is an American reality show on VH1 and iTunes, focusing on a group of eight or nine male contestants (who have historically been unsuccessful in love and relationships) learning the art of the pick-up artist as taught by our very own pick-up artists Mystery (Erik von Markovik) and his wings, Matador and Tara.
In eight episodes on Vh1, Mystery teaches the contestants with guidance and training to meet potential mates in various locations, such as coffee shops and night clubs. As with any field, the world of Pick-Up Artists is filled with masters of their craft, individuals that have struggled through their own shortcomings to become the best of what they do – picking up women. You need to be able to escalate your game and bring it to levels that, maybe at first, you’d be uncomfortable with. Is your personality fit for a more direct approach, where you can speak confidently for yourself about all the things you have in mind; or are you more of an indirect individual, where you beat around the bush just enough to keep your target intrigued and wanting to know more. To make up for their lack of charisma, they undergo a tedious and many times downright frustrating trial and error period.

Their techniques will empower you, boost your confidence and help you become more socially accepted.
Attendees are first provided virtual training where they will learn a solid routine stack before ever entering the bootcamp itself.
Learn what really matters when in the field, such as delivery, body language, recognizing windows of opportunity and knowing when to pull the trigger.
While you might think that you have all the essential concepts down and that you’re well on your way to becoming the next Master PUA, without real life interactions from a pickup artist professional you’re still a long way off.
You’ll prep with your instructor(s) for one hour and then you’ll have three hours for intense infield time. Thousands of men undergo intense PUA bootcamps every year and learn what it takes to become more comfortable while talking to beautiful ladies, while empowering themselves to become better and more confident men. Each of these ideas, techniques, concepts and tactics are clearly and effectively delivered by our master PUA team and professional instructors. People learning these skills realized it gave them a statistical advantage in all walks of life, from women to lifestyle, business, sex life, relationships with friends, work, the list goes on. A founder of the Venusian Arts, Mystery exploded onto the underground pickup and seduction scene in the late 1990s with his groundbreaking contributions to the art, and he was the first pickup instructor to offer live, in-field training.
Known and respected for their talents, following in the steps of these veterans will make being an apprentice Pick-Up Artist an intimidating feet; but if pay close attention and learn from them, twisting your game into something that fits your style, you my find yourself amongst the greats rather than looking up to them. With a certain routine or approach in mind, these artists take it a step further to show their target that they’re 100% in it without coming off as needy or agenda-driven.
Don’t hesitate to take tips from somebody else’s game, especially if it means that, at the end of the night, you’ll be going home with some animalistic companionship.
While you can talk to beautiful ladies day and night, without the right techniques and knowledge of how women think, you’re not going to get too far. A ‘Routine Stack’ is a structured list of routines that can help you initiate your opener and aid you as you progress in conversation with your female target. Bootcamp instructors will help you apply everything you’ve learned thus far and help you understand what has been holding you back. Seminars, videos and books can provide valuable information but you’ll never achieve social mastery without the help of a coach. The best coaches in the world didn’t become masters of their craft from videos or books – they learned from other master instructors. These renowned master pick-up artists include Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop – all co-founders and master trainers of The Venusian Arts.

Find out how PUA will change your life by getting more serious and taking the necessary steps to get a real coach, get involved, and learn from the best. When creating a message you want to back it up with video testimonials, reviews and tons of fans wanting more of your product. Most of the challenges on the first season on Vh1 involved picking up women in different situations, such as on a bridge during the day or in a nightclub. Mystery has trained thousands of students all over the world, including a who’s who of the most respected pickup artists teaching today. During the night session of bootcamp, you can put all that you’ve learned into practice and receive valuable feedback.
While growing and developing socially is not easy, our instructors will provide you with all the tools you need to start bettering your life. Author of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed, Erik von Markovik exploded onto the scene with his underground seduction and pickup artist techniques that he now passes on to students from all over the world.
He has traveled with Mystery for years, coaching students in the field and has co-written The Venusian Arts Handbook with Mystery.
Having a legendary coach can jump you light years ahead of what books and videos can teach you. Creativity is great, but if you aren’t able to track the results then we may have a problem. The process of testing offers two or more items of a single variable to see which one the prospect is more responsive to.
During a high intensity bootcamp session, you’ll begin with one hour of openers and routine stack prep with your coach, followed by three hours of infield practice at a bar, lounge or nightclub. These master trainers are the best at what they do and are offering you a chance of a lifetime to learn the techniques that have put them on the map. Students can learn the answers to these questions and many more when they put their trust into the coaches at Venusian Arts. Even the pickup artist has to track what he is saying and the response he is getting from each message he is putting out there. My answer would be to test out the message, pricing, incentives, and shipping and handling to see if your target audience likes it.

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