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Who wants to spend a ton of time running  back and forth to a bunch of different stores trying to get the best deal on notebooks and pencils?  Walmart decided to challenge the Walmart Moms to buy their shopping list of school supplies at both Walmart and any other store of our choice to see if it was really worth your time to run around from store to store–or if you could just Save Money and Live Better by doing all your shopping at Walmart. Now some of you are probably wondering what they heck I am going to do with two full sets of school supplies.  Well, of course I COULD just hold on to the second set and have extras. Walmart Back to School Backpack Challenge We all know that school supplies are cheap this time of year, but how cheap are they? And as you mention in your article, it is best to buy extra now because prices are at their lowest for the year.

I’m a Mom of two kids from Canada, and this year we shopped at both Walmart and Target (which just opened here and is going through their first back to school season). I know we have higher taxes in Canada…but Target is way off on pricing for back to school.

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