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All this guy has probably done is gone to the equivalent of the Manhattan bar in each country with a wallet stuffed with the proceeds of writing rubbish books for gullible idiots, and now considers himself the ultimate playa.
While I have only personal field studies and anecdotal evidence to support my hypothesis, I would seriously query the Japanese findings.
Shanghai Expat is where people look first for information about moving to and living in Shanghai. Controversial US ?pick-up artist? Julien Blanc has been forced to cut short his Australian tour when his visa was cancelled following a comprehensive protest against his seminars which promote dangerous and abusive behaviour towards women.
Australians were outraged after discovering Blanc, a so-called ?date coach?, was holding seminars to teach men how to ?pick up? women using physical force and emotional abuse.

Venues in Melbourne refused to host his events after protesters highlighted his videos, Twitter feeds and photos promoting violence against women and abuse as a means of ?attracting? them. Blanc?s assistant then attempted to hold a seminar on a boat on Melbourne?s Yarra river on Thursday night, which a handful of men paid to attend.
But protesters rallied along the river and also trailed them by boat, while Melbourne River Cruises cancelled the event as soon as they were told what was happening. Blanc?s visit came as Victoria grapples with the devastating impact of family violence, with the deaths of 29 women and eight children at the hands of violent men in the past year. Victorian police commissioner Ken Lay who has consistently worked to end violence against women, was so disturbed by Blanc?s behaviour that he released a statement Friday condemning it. Some people have been critical to the response against Blanc, saying it only gives him more underserved attention. But Lay said he was proud Victorians had taken a stand, saying ?it gives me confidence that we are moving in the right direction?.
Blanc began his seminars in Sydney last week, but the movement gained significant momentum by the time he reached Melbourne. The #takedownjulienblanc Twitter campaign led by online activist Jennifer Li helped spread word of his talks, and an anti-Blanc Facebook page also emerged.
Protesters holding placards with slogans such as ?destroy rape culture? followed Blanc wherever he went. Can confirm, don't know what is is about American men but many are borderline sexual predators. Through a program comprising online videos and in-person classes, the company has built a business model which preys on lonely desperate men, offering them the promise of female sexual attention through force when it doesn’t exist by will.
Asian women, consistently hypersexualised by western culture, have long been the targets of a predatory, booming sex-tourism industry.
That Blanc can sustain a profitable business out of promoting sexual violence with total impunity is a testament to the extent to which our society accepts rampant rape culture and abusive attitudes towards women.
Blanc has several more seminars planned in Australia this month and again in December, for which the venues are yet to be made public. For now, refusing him yet more platforms for his harmful views should be of the utmost priority to send the resounding message that the promotion and glorification of sexual violence is unacceptable. He travels the world giving dating advice to men and helping them to improve their ability to speak to women. He has been asked how to hypnotise women, he says, and believes he wouldn't get paid if he just taught his clients how to be nice. After controversy surrounding Julien Blanc, the American pick up artist who has is being lobbied against performing in the UK after choking women on camera, Richard told us that people like he and Julien have a responsibility of care not only for their clients, but for the women they subsequently approach.
In May, British born Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree, murdering six people in California after actively participating in forum discussions about pick up artistry, he was also a subscriber to the Real Social Dynamics YouTube channel - the company for which Julien Blanc works.
For Richard, PUA Training is like dating advice for men, he views his job as giving men the confidence to approach women, but ultimately he thinks online forums such as those belonging to Real Social Dynamics can be negative. Julien Blanc's physical acts of aggression against women have resulted in a petition being set up to ban him from performing in the UK.
Pick up artists have a responsibility to help men create natural and healthy relationships with women, according to La Ruina. The co-founder of the company, who simply calls himself 'Tyler', mentioned Elliot Rodger in a forum post on the Real Social Dynamics website last week.
A member of the forum was concerned that the controversy over Julien Blanc's dating techniques could mean that further shows might be cancelled.
Elliot Rodger had written and spoken at length about his issues with developing relationships with women, and the knowledge that people like him could be watching online advice videos means PUA trainers must be careful, says Richard. Pressure has now been ramped up on Home Secretary Theresa May to ban Julien Blanc from entering the country after he took a poster (above) from a domestic abuse charity and posted it to Twitter as a 'checklist' on 'how to make her stay'. The petition to prevent Julien Blanc from entering the country has now reached over 150,000 people.
Last week, comedian Dapper Laughs had his show cancelled by ITV after the Mirror uncovered footage of a performance in which he told a female audience member she was 'gagging for a rape'. A petition had been launched to get him taken off the air by ITV, and had reached 60,000 signatures by the time ITV made the announcement. Bold claim: Maxmilian has shared grabs from his own conversations with women, including this one, during which he claims to have successfully used the 'Apocalypse Opener' Would you?
He is a leading authority on business trends including a€?big dataa€™, self-employment and the social media revolution. The deletion of a user's account and termination of that user's right of access to the site as a result of serious or repeated violations of the TOS.
A limited exception applies to posts made by advertisers with a current paid advertising contract in effect with Shanghai Expat.

General-purpose announcement posts about a business that are not part of a paid advertising agreement with Shanghai Expat will be deleted.
Because of this characteristic of the internet, although Shanghai Expat will take reasonable measures to protect the privacy and intellectual property of its members, the site can assume no liability for third-party reproduction, misuse, or commercial use of any information posted by members on this site. Member information collected at time of registration may be used only for the administration of this site and its activities, but will not be sold or otherwise distributed to third parties without the member’s prior written consent, except where required by law. The real reason it's hard for this guy to bang in the middle east, is because no such establishments exist. The whole of the US is just one big sea of yellow, but we all know there are lots of easy girls and some much more challenging ones. Yet, he has published 14 books (self-published admittedly), & has managed to presumably travel to the places he has, courtesy of the proceeds from his publishing. David Copperfield married super model Claudia Schiffer after all, even though it didn't last.
The whole of the US is just one big sea of yellow, but we all know there are lots of easy girls and some much more challenging ones.True. I've always found better prospects with Japanese girls than Chinese, but I am picky as hell and do not consider myself an artist. Actually they've all had their vaginas sewn shut.But guys can still pull a Clinton, no?Close but no cigar. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. If you’re a hair loss sufferer who thinks that your receding hairline has extinguished your love life, think again! Guardian Australia understands Blanc was hiding at the time, preparing to leave the country.
The instruction and promotion of abuse and the total violation of consent is this company’s stock in trade. White western men travel to Asian countries to sexually exploit women on whom they project their orientalist, racist fetishes. These men epitomise the rabid culture of male entitlement and the toxic social enabling of violent hypermasculinity that puts women in danger every day.
The leading cause of death, disability and ill health for women aged 15-44 is intimate partner violence.
Japanese activists have been warning women and the hashtag #takedownjulienblanc has been circulated widely. And critics have questioned the effects his actions have on men, inexperienced at talking to women, who often have few female friends or role models. Hea€™s the author of the award-winning book, Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley) and a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Labelling women as objects and actively promoting the abuse of women degrades the dignity of our whole community.
Just yesterday it was acknowledged by the nation’s police commissioners that vulgar attitudes towards women are the primary cause of such abominations, and yet men like Blanc are able to commit and even teach sexual violence unrestrained. Most significantly, Hotel Como Melbourne this morning announced its decision to cancel Blanc’s planned seminar this week after an online petition generated over 10,000 signatures and hundreds of social media posts pressured the hotel to refuse Blanc the venue.
The message has been sent to multiple women on the app by men hoping to secure an easy lay Working out his message: The Tinder message dates back to 2014 and thought up by Maxmilian Berger, a professional speaker, pick-up artist, and vlogger'I would treat you with respect and the sex would be good. No.'A The line is thought to have first done the rounds online back in 2008, before Maxmilian mentioned it in his YouTube dating tutorial, however it appears to be experiencing a surge in popularity as men all over the world put it to the test on Tinder, hoping to win over women with their cocky assumptions and crude language.
He has spoken about global mega trends, big data and the social media revolution at conferences and business events around the world . However, we do not confuse the free flow of debates with the unrestricted right to say anything about anybody. This site does not support expressions that encourage racism, hate, violence, illegal activity, or harassment.
I will not judge you or think you're "easy".'So yeah, excuse me if I come across as a little uncalibrated but I think you're attractive, so what do you think?
Men are told that it lays out their intentions immediately and the woman can either accept or decline the invitation to hookup.The pick up site advises men that it 'takes balls' to use the Opener but that the line must be delivered with confidence.

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