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Angelica Schirrick had always suspected there was something deeply disturbing about her family, but the truth was more than she bargained for. If you like engaging books that make you laugh and cry, and leave you with a sense that the world is still a good place to live in, you’ll enjoy In the Context of Love.
Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss a giveaway, important event, or publishing announcement! Below you’ll find three still life paintings that depict watermelons in very different styles. My goal in these pages is to find and share fun ways to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables to children and to normalize healthy foods and healthy eating in their experience.
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Spring in Seattle is when all the tulips bloom, especially the big farms in the Skagit Valley.  Spring on the blog is when the searches for tulips in Skagit Valley exceed the searches for bokeh. I was digging in the archives and came across this.  Check out the date – serious blast from the past! Sienkiewicz is the author of In the Context of Love, adult contemporary fiction, a 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist. Two are by well known artists and the third is a tabletop painted by an unknown Mexican folk artist.

Once Upon a Parsnip is a fairytale rematch between Little Red Riding Hood (a vegetarian) and the Big Bad Wolf (NOT a vegetarian). But the fun is subversive: both books introduce and normalize the idea of eating healthy, fresh-from-the-garden vegetables. Join the Story Queen for readings and veggie fun, including making stamps from in-season vegetables and printing your own veggie stamp art. The Story Queen celebrates the Northwest's natural abundance as part of the Bellewood Acres stop on the 2016 Whatcom County Farm Tour. I worked as a waitress in a upscale Chinese Restaurant while going to art school, and he was pounding nails as a carpenter.
When he learned I was an artist, he paid me to do a huge landscape from a photo he’d taken in Aspen. Interactive Young Author presentations with a focus on collaboration and the important skills that writers use to create a story: observation, imagination and borrowing. Introduce your favorite kids to fresh veggies, the farmers market and Barbara Jean the Story Queen in one fell swoop! We went into downtown Cleveland to see Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein in 3-D (hard to image anyone wearing a corsage to such a movie), and then for drinks after. He’s my love and my mentor, and the logical left brain that compliments my emotional right brain.

Come absorb the veggie vibe and hear my veggie tales, ONCE UPON A PARSNIP and MONSTERS DON'T EAT BROCCOLI.
What I know about healthy food and healthy eating I’ve learned by reading and doing, just like you.
I said I was a fan of the harmonica-honking, gravel-voiced John Mayall, and was impressed Don knew who he was. We briefly saw a counselor, but, frankly, it (she) was a bust that almost drove us to divorce. At some point, on my own, I realized one thing I could do: stop looking at the things I hated and instead spend each day looking at what I appreciated.
I'm thrilled to be the headliner for this two-day festival, the largest of its kind on the West Coast.
Kids will get to meet a number of children's book authors and illustrators along with the Story Queen and a variety of fairytale characters. Get your books signed and your picture taken with the likes of Cinderella--or a Vietnamese potbelly pig!

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