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The thing with flexting (flirting via text messages) is that it’s a great way to jump-start fun, flirty banter as people tend to be more forward with their messages. You may have heard of this acronym the last time you prepared a report or a presentation… if not, it stands for Keep It Short, Stupid. A large part of being successful with flirting using text messages is to be able to retain a sense of mystery plus interest on their part.
Check out this video of TechCrunch columnist Paul Carr at a Zoosk event where he describes, using his own real life example, of how the internet affects the way we meet other people and dating. If your skills are sub-part, then you may possibly find yourself at a severe disadvantage, so take the time to read some of the following tricks to help hone your skills.

If you are constantly replying right after they message you, you lose part of that intrigue.
You want to try and create a roller coaster effect in your texts which you can do by being spontaneous and unpredictable.
Instead, be cryptic, use fragment sentences, and keep them guessing at what you’re really saying.
Try starting the conversation with something playful and flirtatious, that gives them a “sneak preview”  to your personality. This type of text is quirky, but also lends itself to a follow-up text as the person will probably be curious as to where you are.

If the conversation reaches a dull point, then get out quickly by sending a text like Something just came up that I need to take care of quick, talk to u l8r.

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