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Could JonBenet Ramsey's murder finally be solved as case makes a return to TV 20 years on? Ita€™s been a while since wea€™ve seen Meg Ryan a€“ so long in fact that she now looks like a completely different person. She looked a far cry from the bubbly blonde we know and love from hit romantic comedies such as Youa€™ve Got Mail.
Despite her changing face over the years Meg has never addressed reports that she has had work done to maintain her youthful lips but others have. Jinger Duggara€™s fiance picks out a ring in Counting On teaser - but has Jim Bob finally warmed to him?
It is not the first time the mother-of-two has raised eyebrows due to her dramatically different appearance. Actress Jane Leeves slammed her a few years ago, stating: a€?We all know who has and who hasna€™t. In 2010 she drew comparisons to Leslie Ash with her 'trout pout' and no one can forget that infamous interview on Parkinson, can they?

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