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The root of the 8 Step Guide to Building a Social Workplace is to provide some of the cultural levers by which an organization can begin to craft an environment that encourages collaborative rather than competitive behaviours.  I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the challenges you might face in your own organization, even whilst using some of these 8 levers.
Change is one of those things that few organizations ever do particularly well.  Hopefully awareness of these three core hurdles will help your own attempts be successful. Overcoming individual resistance is a challenge but by seeing growth instead of change, that magical re-framing will change your life forever. DISC Personality Profile test is an assessment tool based on the research work of psychologist William Marston. For many multi-national companies, it is a way to screen their potential employees, with the belief that certain personality type would be better for certain jobs or positions. Emphasis is on cooperating with others within existing circumstances to carry out the task.
Emphasis is on working conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy. Knowing your profile type can also assist you to identify the best industry that you should be in.

Does it mean that you will not be successful when placed in an industry that mismatch your profile? Therefore knowing your profile is absolutely important before choosing an industry to start your career. Erik’s struggle and his determination not to yield to it produced strength of character that many admire and greatly respect.  This strength he now shares with others, seeing and non-seeing, all over the world, inspiring them to scale their own summits and giving them hope that they might see possibility in the impossible. The same opportunity to make a difference for ourselves and for those around us exists for us every day.  We may not be losing our sight or climbing an icy peak, but none of us lives without challenge, adversity, and struggle. In the ongoing pursuit of the lives we want, let’s be conscious of our struggles, give them the attention they require, embrace them as opportunities to grow, and power through them with the expectation that we will emerge stronger, better adapted, and wiser on the other side. Will we be the ones who choose to fight through pain and exhaustion to hatch to strong, healthy lives, or will we be those who give up and never grow beyond the bounds of a thin shell?  The decision is ours and ours alone. The key is changing your frame of mind, and enjoying change as much as humanly possible, as an exciting period of growth.
His work then took shape and became a popular personality assessment tool by industrial psychologist Walter Vernon Clarke.

The profile provides a framework increasing your knowledge of your unique behavioral pattern. Test your test today and understand your personality type and what kind of career will suit you best. The goal of this practical approach is to help you create an environment that will ensure your success. However, it will just mean that you will experience more stress as you are stretching beyond your natural character to perform your job duties. At the same time, you will gain an appreciation for the different motivational environments required by other behavioral styles.

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