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An alternative Outlook 2013 Calendar view is possible, if you don't care for the default "list" view. Note that the View tab contains a Time Scale option that you can use to control the scope of the calendar. Of the nine security bulletins released for August Patch Tuesday, Windows Server operating systems are only affected by six. The newest versions of Microsoft's Office productivity suite are an interesting departure from the Office of old.
Offering flexibility and minimal lock-in risk, open source cloud tools are gaining ground in the enterprise.
SQL Server licensing is always complicated, and licensing for SQL Server 2016 adds new wrinkles. Find and highlight the desired image.You can highlight multiple images using the Ctrl key and insert them all at once.
Get up to speed with changes and new features in Microsoft’s comprehensive revamp of its online productivity suite. Russell is a technology consultant and trainer specializing in management and security of Microsoft server and client technologies. Microsoft Office 365 is the successor to Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), a suite of hosted server applications including Exchange and SharePoint, and similarly replaces Office Live Small Business. The biggest news in Office 365 is that for the first time Microsoft is offering its Office 2010 desktop applications as SaaS. Microsoft recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all and has subscriptions tailored for different needs.
Office 365 sports a streamlined web interface, and administrators can now manage everything from one site.
If you have onsite Active Directory, Office 365 supports single sign-on via Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) so that users can log in to Office 365 with their AD account. Outlook Web Access (OWA) benefits from a cleaner layout that some users will no doubt prefer to the full Outlook desktop application. Probably the most important change from BPOS is that users are now able to edit documents directly from the Team Site web interface using Office Web Apps. Workspaces can be synced to the desktop for offline access using SharePoint Workspace, a new stand-alone application that debuted in Office 2010. Behind the scenes, Office 365 allows custom web parts to be added using SharePoint Sandbox, and users can set up simple public-facing websites.
Live Meeting and Office Communicator are combined in Office 365 in the form of Lync 2010 Online, providing PC-to-PC audio and video calls, and web conferencing with the ability to share a desktop. For now, Lync in Office 365 doesn’t support calls to standard phones, but this feature has been promised in a future update.
While a lot of progress has been made compared with BPOS, there are still a few shortcomings.
There’s no customer relationship management feature, but this also has been promised for the future.
Offline access to documents and e-mail is provided through the Office desktop applications, so if Office 365 cloud services goes down or your Internet connection gives up, you will need to have Office Pro Plus — which is only available in the more expensive plans — to continue working.
If you have onsite Active Directory but don’t plan to deploy ADFS, users will have to manage an AD and Office 365 account. SharePoint Workspace is a little cumbersome, and many of its features would have been better used as a common panel in the main Office apps. Wire2Air a leading provider of online business Text message service for USA, Canada, and international networks.

The Wire2Air sms gateway is a text messaging application and internet server that represents a set of API calls and HTTP interfaces and allow our partners and clients to develop text messaging application according their needs and requirements.
2-Way Interactive Text message Application: Wire2Air text message services is a great tool for enabling rapid development of interactive SMS text message applications and services. Outlook text message service allows users to send and receive text messages from Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 etc. You can send SMS text message to over 800 operators in over 200 countries around the globe. To see your calendar items as an actual calendar, you can navigate to the View tab and select the Change View icon. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. If your image is larger than some 640x640 pixels, consider shrinking it to more handy proportions. Office 365 is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution that has been engineered to scale from the get-go and is based on the company’s 2010 line of server products. The ability to utilize the full power of Office on the desktop will be a bonus for many, and the apps are licensed per user for installation on up to 5 devices.
At the most basic level, a sole proprietor can subscribe to e-mail only or, if desired, have their own hosted SharePoint site.
Some management tasks can even be performed remotely from the command line using PowerShell. POP3 and IMAP support has been added, and e-mail can be imported from a Windows Live Mail account. Lots of templates, themes and styles are provided, with the ability to set custom backgrounds and borders so that anyone can quickly create a professional-looking site.
A Silverlight-based web app is available for free, so you can invite anyone to join your webinars. Office 365 for Enterprise includes the ability to connect two domains to enable communication between Lync users in different companies. Setup could be integrated, rather than requiring three different installers on the desktop. A lack of support for calls to standard phones is a serious gap, but hopefully Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Skype will provide a solution for that. Moreover, some advanced features, such as co-authoring, are not available in the Office Web Apps. We offer enterprise and business text messages delivery and SMS gateway connectivity to over 800 mobile networks. Wire2Air SMS Gateway supports low level protocol details and allows it easy to switch between different providers, and making it easy to add additional connections where it is advantageous to route messages for different countries via different providers.
When Wire2Air SMS Text message Gateway receives an SMS message, it can be configured to dispatch that message to a script running on an HTTP server, to a local executable program, or local script or batch file. Wire2Air SMS Gateway handles the low level protocol details, and makes it easy to switch between different providers, as well as making it easy to add additional connections for situations where it is advantageous to route messages for different countries via different providers. You can view calendar items as a calendar, a preview, a list, or choose to only view active items. Drag and drop the image from the web page in your browser to the desired location in your email message. Desktop software and licensing will be maintained and updated using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and the Office 365 Desktop Service Connector. The Service Health Portal has been integrated into the admin site with RSS and other alerting options.

ADFS 2.0 provides a direct link to AD, unlike BPOS, which relied on the DirSync tool to create a copy of AD accounts in the cloud (taking across a limited set of parameters and no passwords, requiring users to manage BPOS credentials separately). It’s also possible to access another user’s mailbox, if the necessary permissions have been given.
The web apps allow users to work with documents on a variety of different devices thanks to multibrowser support (including Firefox and Safari).
As the place where users spend most of their time, bidirectional synchronization of SharePoint task lists, contacts and calendars to Outlook is also provided. Microsoft Access database applications can even be converted to SharePoint sites using Access Services, providing an easy way to enable a web front end for Access applications and making business data more accessible.
The Office Web Apps don’t currently work offline, so it’s likely most organizations will need the more expensive plans that include Office Pro Plus.
Similarly, despite improvements to the Team Site web page, users may need some orientation, as it’s not as intuitive as it could be.
Communicate with staff, customers, field sales using Wire2Air suite of online business text message tools in a simple ways. This provides a simple way to get received text messages into an application, so that the application can perform custom processing on the text message. Further improvements include the addition of role-based access with five different administrator categories, as shown in Table 2. Some self-management features, such as group management and the ability to wipe mobile devices, are available to users under Options with shortcuts to wizards that expedite common tasks. Utilize number of tools for text message alerts or 2way communication such as outlook mobile service also known as Outlook SMS, Web SMS, Email to Text message, Mass Text message broadcast, Group Texting, Wordpress plug-in or you can integrate your website or an application using our simple to use 2way SMS gateway HTTP or SMPP APIs to send and receive text messages.
The application can generate a simple reply back to the received text message, or perform more advanced application specific logic.
I googled about it.The FactsAccording to a report on the BBC, digital payments exceeded cash payments in 2015.
The article goes on to predict that cash payments will drop another 14% by 2024.But not all sectors are equal.
Obviously things may have changed some in the last year and a half, but probably not drastically.Looking into things further, I read a Bank of England report that said while digital payments are increasing, so is the value of the Bank of England notes in circulation.
They even created a short video to go along with the report that makes it clear they don’t expect cash to disappear at all.
Why let customers go to the pub down the road when you can give them a great deal in yours?
They also carry their mobiles wherever they go and love to get a deal from their favourite pub.Discount stores can alert customers of new stock, flash sales, or special events in store to increase foot traffic. These shoppers also carry their mobile everywhere and will see your SMS message virtually the instant you send it. Travel agents can raise awareness of new travel opportunities by sending messages to previous customers. SMS messaging is a tool you can use in your business because just about everyone uses a mobile in the UK.
We’re a mobile society now, and SMS messaging is still the best way to reach almost everyone quickly and inexpensively.

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