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Do you have an open mind?  I thought I did, and through the course of my life, I have come across three theories or experiences that challenged my open mindedness.  I’m going to share those theories with you and you can judge for yourself whether you have an open mind and are willing to accept things outside of your current belief system.
This isn’t one of those silly internet tests.  This is simply an opportunity to evaluate yourself, just as I evaluated myself when I experienced these theories for the first time.
Before we get too far, it’s going to be useful to understand what is meant by the term “open mind.”  An open mind is simply a mind receptive to different opinions and ideas. My first mind opening experience occurred during 2nd grade Sunday school.  I’ll give the assignment to you, as it was given to me.
Did you draw your picture or get the image in your head?  Here are the results from that 2nd grade Sunday school class.
Every single person, with one exception, drew Jesus with a beard.  To say that another way, we had one young open minded student, in a class of twenty that drew Jesus beardless.
Although I didn’t realize the full scale of the impact at the time, the experience taught me to not always accept the popular image, but to make my own analysis and come up with my own decisions. I’d love to hear from you.  Did you picture a bearded or a beardless Jesus?  Do you have an open mind?  Could you accept a beardless Jesus as a possibility?  Let me know in the comments section! Hi Eric – I imagined a guy with shoulder length hair, a goatee, jeans, and a leather vest.

Hi Patty, Sounds like rather than being influenced by the church, you had a little influence from popular culture. I was involved with Christianity for 17 years taking in a lot of what was considered truth. Paul: I noticed that you stated that you feel you made a choice to experience this physical existence. Having an open mind doesn’t mean accepting everything as truth, but rather being open to new possibilities.  Then taking that new possibility, applying it to the known facts, and deciding whether you interpret it to be true or false.
Fear that they might get something wrong, and that the source of life will hold it over them. Beards are not popular in the ideal protagonists of today’s society, so my Jesus was beardless. Its purpose is to enable employees to test new builds, making sure they work as intended before releasing new builds to Windows insiders.
Maybe I envisioned that because I wasn’t churched as a kid or brought up in any organized religion, which I think probably has something to do with the response a person gives.
Carmen Crincoli, Storage IHV partner manager at Microsoft stated that-“Canary ring is already providing happy surprises.

The downside is, I now have to be careful about using my Surface during this conference in order to prevent inadvertently revealing things” Although the first Redstone 2 build should arrive soon, Microsoft stated that no new features are to be expected.
The company issued a statement that reads- “With the new builds we release from our Development Branch, you won’t see any big noticeable changes or new features just yet.Just like we did after the release of the November Update, we are focusing on making some structural improvements to OneCore. If you recall – OneCore is the shared core of Windows across PC, tablet, phone, IoT, Hololens, and Xbox. Web Driver directly talks to the web browser whereas Selenium RC needs the help of the RC Server in order to do the same.
Step 2: Click on Create a new project, select Test project from the right panel, and then select Unit Test Project.
You can choose from 9 different shapes, any RGB colour you want, custom borders, custom connecting lines and text or images in each bubble.
Open Mind also lets you print your document, save it so you can come back and edit it* another time or export your mind map as a JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF so you can Share IT with friends and colleagues.

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