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Fondo de escritorio de Naturaleza con el nombre Bosque Rayo Sol y publicado en la fecha 4 septiembre 2013, esta imagen de escritorio tiene un tamano de 1920x1150 pero abajo vera que la puede descargar en tamanos inferiores y resoluciones, tambien puede usar los paisajes como portada de facebook u otras redes sociales como Google+, en hd y sirve para celulares y moviles, hasta diria en el whatsapp de fondo.
En nuestra web podras descargar fondos de pantalla estupendos y de muy buena calidad para adornar el escritorio. Wallpaper of Naturaleza with the Bosque Rayo Sol name and published on the date 4 septiembre 2013, this desktop image has a size of 1920x1150, but below you will see that you can download it at lower sizes and resolutions, also can use the landscapes as cover of facebook and other social networks like Google +, HD and serves for cellular and mobile, even I would say in the Fund whatsapp. On our website you can download Super and very good quality wallpapers to decorate your desktop. Click HERE to get real-time info about campus closures, extreme weather, and other emergencies - sent straight to your mobile via our new text messaging service.
The Associate of Science degree in Pre-Engineering is designed to provide students a set of skills and courses that will transfer into a four-year engineering program, mathematics, or related field.
SPCH111 - Public SpeakingThis course is the study of the theory and practice of public speaking. MATH116 - Intermediate AlgebraThis course is the study of linear equations and inequalities, linear functions in two variables, systems of linear equations, polynomials and rational expressions, factoring and its applications, solving quadratic equations, evaluating and simplifying radicals and the quadratic formula. CS105 - Introduction to Computer ScienceThis course is an introduction to computer science and computer information systems.

CS121 - Introduction to ProgrammingThis course presents computer programming language along with a model of how a computer works as a problem-solving machine. MATH190 - TrigonometryThis course is the study of trigonometric functions, radian and degree measure, graphs, basic trigonometric identities and inverse trigonometric functions, study of conic sections and basic geometry principles. MATH195 - Calculus IThe study of finite and infinite limits of functions, finding the derivative of a function, applications of differentiation (such as curve sketching), finding relative and absolute maxima and minima of a function and solving related rate problems.
STEM250 - STEM CapstoneThe capstone course is a self-directed,integrated, learning opportunity.
The intent of the program is to develop student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), expose students to STEM curriculum, and foster the pursuit of advance degrees at the university level.
Emphasis of the course is on the development of the multi-paragraph essay and includes practice in selection, organization, and development of topics. Emphasis of the course is on research-based intermediate exposition, and exploration of argumentative strategies. The intent of this course is to prepare students and provide them with the terminology and a brief understanding of concepts within the computing field. Basic programming concepts such as variables, flow control, and functions will be explored. Integration and simple integral formulas are also introduced, as well as application to finding the area beneath a curve.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their LCC advisor for proper advising and course selection.
Attention is given to library research, source evaluation, analysis of written materials, interaction with other's ideas, and the ability to use critical thinking and reasoning to pursue a point. Topics will include computer history, algorithms, computer architecture, programming languages, applications, social issues and ethics. Introduction to programming with C++, Java, and HTML using variables, loops, functions, and objects.
Students will be required to write several essays demonstrating mastery of scholarly formats such as MLA and APA. This course has a portfolio requirement at the end of the semester, which will be evaluated by a committee of writing professors.

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