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Upon completion of the survey, giving feedback to Taco Bell, you can participate in the sweepstakes with a weekly $1,000 Cash prize. We are keen to hear from you so please share your thoughts, tips and suggestions on our site and social platforms.
Argos is the largest general goods retailer in the UK offering a huge variety of products in over 8,000 stores nationwide.
I was served by Joanne a nice pleasent bobbly young laidy, Very helpfull with a wonder way with people. I do a lot of shopping at the leek store and I have always found the staff happy and helpful.I have never had cause for complaint in all the years I have shopped here. I went to argos on thursday the 3th of may to buy present 4my nephew…i was served by Linda she was very nice and friendly. Disgusted with Argos this time, reserved a floor lamp on line chose Chrome colour but when I got it home it was black! Vindale is a market research firm that has paid our members more than $5.5 million for taking surveys, evaluating products, and more! As long as it is something which is under the acceptance of my religion i would literally eat it !! It just has to be dead already, with out a face, fur, teeth, and not really fond of organ meat.
2 old 2 b saying the things he’s saying against other people; learn 2 STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!!!!!!!!! MUST be really into his 100’s cause i sure believe he came from the same household as Hitler! 69 but still young enough to show how he could get this country out of debt, he’s a master at it!
Yes, he or she is the top representative of our country – not only to our own people but to the world. Finding jobs for 16 years old is much easier since teens at this age don’t face any restrictions on how many hours they can work during the school year. CashCrate users earn cash by taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, completing cash offers and referring friends to CashCrate. MySurvey members complete surveys to earn points, which may be redeemed for cash via Paypal or Amazon gift cards and other store gift cards.
American Consumer Opinion members earn cash by completing online surveys and participating in focus groups.
Points2shop members complete surveys to earn cash and points, which may be redeemed for prizes and online gift cards.
Toluna members take surveys, complete member profiles and participate in other activities on the site to earn points.
Treasure Trooper members earn money by surfing the web, completing surveys, playing online video games and referring their friends and family to the program. GlobalTestMarket members earn points by completing surveys and referring friends and family to the program. YouGov members earn points by completing online surveys about politics, public affairs, products and etc. Swagbucks members earn Swagbucks by doing tasks such as playing online games, watching videos, surfing the web and even shopping online. Seoclerks is a website where users can offer their freelance SEO (search engine optimization) services, such as building backlinks, providing social media followers, posting blog comments, etc.

Slice the Pie members earn cash by listening to short music clips by unsigned artists and then rating the clips. Mylikes members earn cash by setting up their own custom domain, posting content on it and then sharing their new site on social networks. Revenue sharing websites are sites where writers can publish articles and earn a share of the advertising revenue generated when a reader clicks on an ad on their article. A job at a fast food restaurant is a typical first job for many teens, especially 16 year olds.
To find these types of jobs, you can go to your local movie theater, retail stores and fast food places and ask if they have any job openings and ask if they hire 16 year olds. Enjoy browsing the Argos Catalogue at home before going in to order your home wares, gifts, gadgets and jewellery? Argos want to hear from their customers and give you the chance to tell them honestly what you think about the product and service offered at your local store. I was well pleased with the service i recived and got a bargen as well,i’ll well be back. As I wanted to match the colour, staff were more than happy to let me look at 2 colours before making my choice.
Went to their website again to check and found that the item is listed twice with two different order numbers for the same item. As a result, your choice of jobs and chance of getting hired dramatically increases at age 16. You won’t make a lot of money with online surveys, but you can make enough for some extra spending money. The minimum payout is 33 points for prizes, 550 points for gift cards, $10 for cash withdrawal. Treasure Trooper members are not required to download a toolbar to complete these tasks because they are completed directly on the website. The points may be redeemed for cash via pre-paid Visa card, gift cards, movie tickets and gift certificates.
Members earn Zoombucks by watching videos, surfing the web, taking surveys and completing tasks such as assigning categories to products and giving feedback on search engine results.
Minimum payout is $15, which can be redeemed via Paypal, Moneygram, Payoneer or Payza account. To find customers, Fiverr members post gigs offering to perform a task, either offline or online. The bands use these ratings to help them decide which songs to submit to record companies, use for radio promotion and etc.
Payments are made monthly on the 15th of each month via Paypal, Western Union (both of which you need to be 18 to sign up for an account) or check.
At 16, employees are legally allowed to work the grill, dishwasher and other kitchen equipment.
A retail job is similar to a fast food job, since they are both service industry jobs, but retail doesn’t involve working in a messy kitchen or cleaning up after customers. Duties usually include selling movie tickets, serving candy, soda and food at the concession stand and sweeping up the theaters after a showing.
If you have recently shopped at Argos why not tell them what you think by visiting the survey below. By giving your feedback you will not only be helping Argos with the improvement of their services but you will get the chance to win ?500 Cash.

Upon completion you will be entered into the prize draw for your chance to win the ?500 Cash prize. I am sorry I don’t remember the person name who served me but I must say she knows very well what is CUSTOMER SERVICE.
I only waited a minte and my order was ready and the ink cartridges were cheaper than asda’s. In the excitement of finding exactly what I wanted I managed to leave my debit card in the store, but it was kept safely until I returned to collect it. It’s about time we see that the country is moving forward and not being stuck but going forward and march!
The site also offers online coupons, which gives members the chance to earn double Swagbucks for the purchases they make online. Examples of micro jobs include following a specific Twitter account, liking a Facebook page, listening to and rating music clips, etc. Popular Fiverr gigs include building backlinks, proofreading and writing articles, designing logos and etc. And since fast food places are busiest at night and on weekends, the hours work fit in perfectly with a teen’s schedule. If you have a special interest, like music or fashion, a job at clothing or music store would be perfect for you. Much like retail and fast food, working at a movie theater is also a service industry job, so you’ll have to work with the public and develop good customer service skills.
After hearing so much about the site, I decided to give CashCrate a try so I could give it an honest review and help others decide if they should sign up for it. Some of its famous brands include Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers and A&W. For every survey each member completes, their account is entered into a sweepstakes drawing.
Member earn between 2 and 12 Zoombucks for conducting searches and between 50 and 80 Zoombucks for completing surveys.
The hours for a job at a movie theater are usually nights and weekends, so the schedule works well for a teen. In order to start, you need to have the Taco Bell restaurant number in the front of your receipt. Many Slice the Pie members have noted that the longer and more detailed the review, the higher the rating.
Working in a hot, messy kitchen and serving the public can be difficult, but this type of job is a great way to get work experience and hone your people skills.
Since stores are also busy most at night and on weekends, the hours fit in well with a teen’s school schedule.
Payouts are made via a Fiverr revenue card, Paypal or one of Fiverr’s other withdrawal providers.

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