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Maybe I am a dope but I still see this as winding down the store traffic and eventually the majority of the stores.
As customers use up the trade in credits for online games, the need for them to use GME as their primary game center diminishes. As I have said repeatedly, I’m not sure $GME evaporates like a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, I just think if they survive they do so at a fraction of their current size. The online marketplace saw sales and profit grow at a faster rate than expected for its first quarter, thanks to strong gains in the company’s Marketplaces and PayPal businesses.
The first quarter saw eBay’s online marketplace receive a surge of new users with transactions through mobile devices reporting strong growth.
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Once the stores are gone, they have no advantage over any other online vendor and if anyone thinks Bezos and $AMZNwon’t be willing to make pennies on games to squeeze $GME out, I think they are fooling themselves.
Employees should see how good service relates to your profits and to their futures with the company. If that is the case, then the SSS decline we are seeing ought to accelerate as this is rolled out in the US eventually. Games cost the same wherever you buy them, GME captures customers with the trade in program and then when they are there they buy hardware also. Of your experience with your products, and being able to help customers make the best choices for them. Meet with your employees regularly to talk about improving service, they’re the ones who are dealing with customers most often.

With the precipitous SSS declines we have seen in the last two quarters and GME offering customers yet more reasons to avoid the stores it becomes even more confusing as to how they will achieve the aggressive FY guidance they have issued given Q1 and Q2 were both below expectations.
This digital option will be available at more than 1,600 store locations in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Customers in those countries will have the ability to purchase DLC with any form of payment including trade credits, gift cards and cash. Last year, GameStop returned more than $ 1.2 billion in trade credits for pre-owned games, and those customers are eligible to apply their trade credits toward any game purchase, including DLC.

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